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Candidates make final pitch ahead of Sunday's election


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As of 3:35 p.m. Saturday not one politician has passed my place with election campaigning in the two weeks since the process began. In elections past we always had one after another driving or walking past my place ... but, strangely enough, not this time. Really peaceful here.

Guess all the action is taking place on Shinjuku Dori where there are more people on the streets.

In the meantime they all have until 8 p.m. to make their pledges, promises, etc. Can't wait for the official counting to begin tomorrow night. Sure hope there are some big surprises out there ...

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I wish Noda took to the streets Gangnam style. That'd be awesome.

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The media seem to be the biggest campaigner for the LDP, I wonder Why ?????

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The media seem to be the biggest campaigner for the LDP, I wonder Why ?????

perhaps to strengthen capitalism (cement & concrete) and weaken social structure.

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Less promises = less to be broken.

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If the polling results are anything to go by:

Good night and good luck!

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Japanese media polls have proved wrong in the past, partly because some voters switch sides when they see forecasts that the leading party is headed for a big victory.

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Voting for Noda tomorrow ! can't stand Abe coming back to power with the LDP!

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Zeeebra, please take all your like-minded friends with you!

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