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Caroline Kennedy says she is humbled to carry father's legacy


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What a joke. Obama puts a total lightweight into one of the most important diplomatic positions there is. Given the tensions with China, North Korea, nuclear issue, and so on, is this really the appropriate time to appoint another fundraising buddy? I don't think so. The current ambassador, Roos, is an embarrassment.

Surely the US has some professional diplomats available who could better serve their country. What an insult to Japan that the US thinks so little of their bilateral relationship.

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It wasn't mentioned in this article, but during the confirmation hearing Kennedy was asked about the Hague Convention and the issue of child abductions by Japanese citizens. Let's hope she gives needed attention to the problem.

Here is a video of that segment of questioning (1:44): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfE7JiCOx18

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Im not American, and therefore its really none of my business who the American ambassador is.

However its pretty stinking clear to me that she's just a figurehead. She will obviously have a team behind her who are actually doing all the work and making all the important decisions that goes along with the job.

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How on earth is she "carrying her father's legacy"?? This is such a "celebrity" appointment with little concern for the nuts and bolts of what binds and also divides the US and Japan.

And this??

“You have a good sense of what national interests are,” said Sen Bob Corker, the senior Republican on the panel.

The continued dumbing down of US politics and government is a tragedy. Maybe all dfemocracies are destined to follow this path?

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Thanks for the link Sensato. I thought her answer there was a bit wishy washy if truth be told. On this issue I would like to see the US use much more direct language, tell Japan directly and unequivocally and resort to punitive measures if necessary. She didn't sound like she was going to do much at all or even cares.

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She will fit right in... in Japan, kinda like that very pretty overpriced fruit you see at the market, looks beautiful, but tastes mediocre at best.

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Amazing that in a so-called democracy, we still have these feudal family dynasties like the Bushes and Kennedies. It's galling enough to see it in Hollywood, with all the nepotism and cronyism, but to see these entitled fools use money and connections to walk into positions of massive power, control and responsibility for sale, makes me sick. What experience and qualifications does this clown lady have to hold one of the most-coveted and important ambassadorships the US has? The extent of the selloffs by US politicians and blatant, pay-to-play corruption...it's mind-boggling.

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Readers, please refrain from posting vitriolic remarks like "clown lady."

Caroline Kennedy has no experience in foreign policy and is not a Japanologist. However the Japanese people will welcome her as she bask in the reflected glory of her famous father, John F. Kennedy. She'll be a good female role model and present a positive image getting treated like a celebrity and receiving the VIP treatment.

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feudal family dynasties

I do see what you mean. On the other hand, nobody criticizes a family filed with generations of, say, firefighters, teachers or police officers. On the contrary, they are admired. Nobody would suggest that the younger is a bad copper. And nepotism is alive and kicking just as much in those professions if they stay in the same city or area.

Children follow their parents into a career because they grow up with it in their lives, they know what it's about - both the pros and cons. You can't assume they'll all be bad.

It's just that in the case of the Bushes, they are...

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All readers back on topic please.

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Former first daughter Caroline Kennedy on Thursday coasted through a Senate confirmation hearing to be the next U.S. ambassador to Japan, promising to carry forward her father John F Kennedy’s legacy with humility.

Ha! That's funny, since JFK was a well-known womanizer and a-hole.

“Japan is enjoying a period of political stability and economic renewal

She's going to fit in well here...

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Whether or not she has proved herself capable and competent to do the job I have no idea but she has to stand up to scrutiny. On other hand I think some people are making assumptions that she just got the job through connections. They should be able to prove their point.

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The World War II connection is interesting and needs to be highlighted. Her father fought the Japanese, suffered a permanent back injury, and lost some of his crew. But Japan and the US are now the best of allies, and Caroline will be contributing to that relationship.

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Japan's Nikkei Shinbun reports that the State Department has provided Caroline Kennedy with a special personal room in its Japan section and intensively lectured her on the U.S. diplomacy toward Japan.

It's also said that the State Department will send an advisor deeply versed with Japan-U.S. relations even after she took office, thus supporting her ambassadorship with great care.

That may mean Okinawa cannot expect much from her as new ambassador to Japan. Will she be a mere figurehead and sit on the post only in name? I hope not.

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I am looking forward to Caroline coming here as U.S. ambassador. I think she will prove to be much better than what the above posters think she will be like.

Over the past years a number of U.S. ambassdors to Japan have been experts on Japan, yes, but they were rather old men and their visibility was rather limited.

In brief, John Roos is a young ambassador, and he was quite visible. He handled a lot of hot issues, and was there in person as a representative of the United States. I think he did a great job here.

Caroline Kennedy, being a young person, too, should be able to follow in Roos' footsteps quite well. I expect we be seeing here not only at special functions, but also out in front in handling difficult U.S.-Japan issues.

So ... let's give Caroline a chance and see what she can do ...

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Granted, Caroline Kennedy is no Mike Mansfield, but I think she may be up to the job.

I've invited her to dinner at my extremely modest Tokyo home. Incredibly, she hasn't responded yet, but give her time...

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her mom was a fashion icon so she'll fit in well in Japan

... how much did she donate to Obama's campaign?

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Amazing that in a so-called democracy, we still have these feudal family dynasties like the Bushes and Kennedies.

So true!

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Now, she has protection. All her mails will be inspected. People who give invitation of dingy dinner in humble houses wilkl have FBI and othes members nosing 24 hours a day. Just protection against potential assassination plotter. Unlike previous ambassaders, she does not have biased opinions about Japan. This could be good or bad but she will try her best to be Ambassader to Japan. How she will handle base problems, we don;t know yet.

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One of the reasons why people are disengaged with politics and many countries have such a low turnout in elections is a view that it belongs to the rich and connected. I'm sure many posters here can name a parent/grandparent who served their countries. I'm not knocking her personally but I don't think this is healthy.

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Jimizo: So you think the connected people should be discriminate to get into diplomacy and politics? Like kchildren of corporation founders who succeed parents' business, these people might not know anything except what they learned from their parents, etc. they might not know how to become something else.

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Give her a chance. Ambassator Roos was an unknown quantity when he arrived, but among Japanese his good repuration was made by his quick response to providing help during the earthquake-tsunami in 2011. Also, he went to Hiroshima atom bomb commemoration. Well Kennedy go to the atom bomb commemoration? That would be interesting because JFK fought against Japan and wanted to be the first US president to visit Japan but was killed before he could come. It would add extra meaning if she went.

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As an Okinawan concerned with the base issue, I am also looking forward to her for her liberal iealism and sense of justice. But because of this very reason, the State Department must attach a "special advisor" for her so that she would not deviate from the current U.S. policy toward Okinawa and various base issues.

Everyone is a novice until he or she takes office as ambassador. Roos and his predecessor Baker were no exception. Why is Caroline Kennedy so special?

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She is a great choice for both US and Japan. I was watching the Senate hearing and was very impressed that none of senators raised fists and voiced against her nomination as an Ambassador to Japan.

She has been viewed as a princess of United States or a grand daughter among Americans, and Americans will do everything for her to succeed as we grew up with her.

She has a law degree, and she has once tried to run for a Senate seat for NY. This is actually a better and a perfect position.

The bottom line of her assignment to Japan is a great ACCESS she will bring to the White House and/ to Japan. She will be playing a great role in this assignment.


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