Casino lobby prepares to submit bill during current Diet session


A pro-casino group of Japanese lawmakers plan to submit a bill to the Diet during the current session, aimed at opening the world's third-largest economy to casino gambling.

The cross-party group includes members from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, its coalition partner New Komeito, the major opposition Democratic Party of Japan and other opposition parties such as Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party), Your Party and the People's Life Party.

Although casinos are illegal, Japanese are already active gamblers, and a pinball-like game called pachinko generates some $200 billion in revenue each year - about the same as Toyota Motor Corp. Japan is often touted as the next major casino market after Chinese enclave Macau, the world's biggest gambling hub, which raked in revenue of $38 billion last year.

A large and wealthy population coupled with a proximity to Shanghai and Beijing has the potential to transform Japan into a lucrative gaming center, providing tax revenues to shore up the state's ailing finances, analysts say. Broker CLSA estimates Japan's gaming market could be worth at least $10 billion if two large-scale integrated resorts are approved - more than Singapore's $5.9 billion and Las Vegas' $6.2 billion in 2012.

The cross-party group aims to have casinos up and running by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Submitting a bill would mark progress for a pro-casino camp that has struggled to gain traction for more than a decade even as other Asian countries develop multi-billion dollar resorts to attract tourists and investment. A major roadblock in Japan has been the near constant change in political leadership.

The group's chairman is Hiroyuki Hosoda, a veteran LDP lawmaker and former chief cabinet secretary. Hosoda will have the ear of the administration, an important piece of the puzzle that has been lacking in recent years, Iwaya said.

At the very least, a bill would face resistance from the Communist and Social Democratic parties, both of which worry about crime and other harmful side effects on society, representatives from the small opposition parties said.

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From what I've read and heard some form of casino gambling is a done deal.

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I understand that the gambling industry and pro-casino Japanese politicians have absolutely no ties to organized crime syndicates, and only want the best for the common people. I feel assured that gambling is just the cure for this country's social and economic ills. It's such an obvious win-win proposal.

Just look at all the positive benefits of pachinko.

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The Yaks will be chomping at the bit for this. No doubt they'll run the show...

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I have no real objection to this, so long as the monies raised are taxed appropriately. Gambling is a form of idiot tax, and if handled right this might take a bit of the onus off the rest of us when it comes to digging the country out of the hole we're in.

But obviously, it won't be handled right. Another mess of corruption just waiting for the yaks and parasitic politicos to sink their teeth into.

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Build it they will come, tax it and politicians, yaks will come...farcical or facial

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This is indeed a done deal. The need to raise revenue will ensure so. Casinos in Singapore and Macau are jammed with Japanese weekend visitors already. Plus pachinko and bikes and horse and boats already allow gambling. this will a much better way to further tax the punter in the street.

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LV Sands, MGM Entertainment and Wynn are proposing to build casinos in Japan. They succeded in Macao, Singapore and Hong Kong and currently luring Chinese multi millionaires and billionaires from China. Las Vegas used to be the top legal gambling city in the world, but now it changed its slogan to top entertainment city in the world. Macao is top now. Taxing? Since Nevada was only one State in USA to have legalized gambling, no State Income Tax, No sales Tax, etc. Yaks must be very mad at this news. Their customers in their illegal gamble business will go downhill. Well, their customers are not Chinese, anyway. If Japan create Nevada type Gaming Control board, it may be successful, Japan is close to China so my guess is that Las Vegas will become No. 3.

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Everyone study up on Poker, Black Jack and Baccarat. It's gonna be a wild ride.

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If you are going to casino to play one of table games, never play Black Jack. Monthly report of casino profits, always Blackjack tops. Others, some, Casino loss, some wins. Casinos in Vegas are profitable when tourists suckers play blackjack. Also, roulettes are for tourists. Make sure you are very good in probalility theory and statistics if you want to gamble. Stay away from table games unless you already have been experienced in Macao, etc and you are loaded. . Pokers have more chance than oichoi-kabus or Mahjonggs and you don;t have to pay tera-sen in casinos. Just pay tips to servers. . Sands owner Sheldon Adelson has been trying to have Japan legalize casinos for years. This time, he might have better chance. Gaming Board in Nevada has many divisions and each division has departments. Top is commissioners. They wiped out Teamster financed Mafioso casinos sold their casinos to Howard Hugh etc and un-arrested Mafiosos either retired in Florida or died with natural causes. Sounds like Japan has eyes on Chinese gamblers.

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As long as they serve free alcohol while you milk the slots, I'm all in.

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Yaks back in business !!! Good news !!!!

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@DevilsAssistant: Satisfy yourself with diet cola if you play slot or video poker machines. .

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If you are going to casino to play one of table games, never play Black Jack.

All casino games have a built-in house percentage (combined with table limits) guaranteeing them a profit over a period of time and guaranteeing that nearly all regular players will be losers, unless they find a successful way to cheat. Blackjack has the lowest house edge. If you really have to play in casinos, the one game you should play (with simple established player strategy) is blackjack. Check out respective house edges for each game here:


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There are about 60 table games in Vegas. BJ? songle, double, five, eight decks. House %, form ,2 to .7 % Trouble playing BJ is that you probably don't know which one is Math and memory genius sitting on table Or you don;t know which one is Boxxman or floorman. These math genius, they memorize dealt cards and compute odds of will be next card. Years ago, there were people who had note pad to write dealt cards but they disappeared. We figured they were politely kicked out to go to the casinos. Edge or no edge, monthly report on business section of KLVGJ always show BJ the table games Casinos make.

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Edge or no edge, monthly report on business section of KLVGJ always show BJ the table games Casinos make.

Casinos make most total profit on BJ because it is far and away the most popular casino game (and that's because it has the lowest built-in house percentage). To reiterate, if you really have to play, that's the one game you should stick to. However, whatever game you play regularly in a casino, it is a mathematical certainty that, eventually, you'll end up losing (unless you cheat, which includes card-counting on BJ).

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There are about 20 different craps and Craps are most popular games as you can choose In every casinos, dealers complain if they are assigned to BJ because they prefer to deal in craps. BJ, tourists love six deck and eight decks. House edges are high like over 6 % and over 7%. that is where casino make money. Even craps are popular, they play pass + 10 X type craps that will give players more win. That is why way less BJ tables and full of craps tables opened in casinos. BTW in Vegas, pre-shuffled cards are used only once. Dealers distributes, but do not shuffle. Go to Vegas to watch dealers face. they are bored. Best place in casinos? All you can eat buffets. Sushi counters, expensive caviars and Unis, if you ask, you will get about $500 worth on deep dish. There are eyes all over in casinos. Station Casino hotels abolished Boxman on table years ago after eyes were installed. We used to laugh that Eyes can not arrest cheaters.

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