CDPJ leadership contenders remain committed to opposition alliance


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It needs more than sound bites. Japan NEEDS creditable opposition. Use common sense, appeal to the Japanese electorate with good sensible policies, abe spent billions on abenomask and you still couldn’t beat a collective that favour higher taxes with each election..

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Opposition parties are all for show in Japan. Japan is a fake democracy, ruled by one party led by the far right extremist Nippon kaigi.

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Japan needs a youthful opposition. It needs 20-40 year olds to propose policies that benefit the young, women and the elderly poor. It needs education, housing, child rearing and tax policies that distribute more wealth whilst allowing businesses to grow. The status quo is not going to be beneficial to Japan in the long term.

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Division among opposition parties only cause advantageous situation to ruling parties' candidates at present Japan's election system.

During election period, ruling parties were so scared of opposition parties alliance that they were spreading even falsehood repeatedly to discredit opposition parties.

Causes of opposition parties' defeat at this election are wide variety such as voter turnout that didn't raise despite many social crisis or mainstream media who assisted to revive its support rate by spent immense hours about ruling party LDP leader election September or Labour union "Rengo" who hindered opposition parties alliance in variety of ways despite support group of CDPJ.

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Am I the only one or the photo of these politicians of the opposition party look more humane and relaxed compared to the old LDP lords?

I wish them well and hope that someday the country will be less apathetic and will for a change.

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I wonder if the token females lack of a smile is because she knows her chances of getting elected as the boss...

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Lost cause, they aren’t from the list of special families.

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Candidates vying for the leadership of Japan's largest opposition party suggested Monday the alliance with other opposition forces should be maintained ahead of the upper house election next summer but changes should be made to how they cooperate.

They should aim for a majority without getting any help from anyone else, or they just shouldn't bother. They can invite members of other parties to join them as opposed to just collaborating with them, but they should only be thinking about alliances if they win the most Diet seats but fall short of a majority. This strategy just makes them look weak.

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Junya looks like a character out of Star Trek, the original series.

They should run the woman as that is the only way to stand out. However when I read that Ozawa was still involved in this party after all these years I knew that this party remains doomed.

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These "contenders" have "charisma" written all over their faces, lol. Oh and look: they, too, have discovered a token woman to nominate...

Not to worry, I'm sure Kazuo Shii of the "partner" Communist Party can rescue these nobodies' imaging and branding crisis, right? I mean, that dour guy is all sunshine and lollipops, for sure. After all, nothing says "democracy" quite like a communist running his party for 21 straight years without a challenge, huh? lol. The "people's party"...

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold: the Eternal Opposition. And so the CDPJ Wilderness Years begin...

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Get your masks on and set a good example.

Well said

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They should be dressed in red blue green and yellow suits.

Power rangers go!

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The typical posts from the in-house political scientists - an array of cliched understandings or smarmy dismissive wit.

The future will involve numerous crises - environmental, which will require 'changes' within infrastructure - economic and a systemic & institutional refashioning - resource shortages, including agricultural and numerous pandemics & plagues. To name a few. The current ruling junta will not be able to respond and the consequent pandemonium & bedlam will be exponential and change will either occur or the disaster to unfold will destroy the underlying corporate structures and cause untold misery and suffering. A new order will emerge and more likely than not it will be totalitarian, but by chance it may be more under the category green & sustainable within a functional & sustainable social ecology, maybe. But large order change is on the horizon, no matter or in-spite of the LDP and its lackeys.

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They even don’t recognize afterwards, that alignment with the commies alone is already the disqualification per se.

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I am praying for the day when I have my representative Parliament, some one I can speak and relate to, Japan needs to start allowing mixed racial Japan born men and women into Parliament to represent it's non Japanese population.

Certain Issues and laws needs the representation of all citizens and NOT just the Japanese population.

That day will come but it it's taking much longer than most other nations.

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