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China rebukes Japan, South Korea lawmakers visiting Taiwan


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China on Tuesday scolded Japanese and South Korean lawmakers for visiting Taiwan

Scold away. As long as there are no attacks from air, land or sea, I’d say Taiwan has done pretty well for itself.

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Taiwan President Lai Ching-te, who won a January election,

'Election' might be a word Xi and the CCP do not understand; it's a shame that in global anti-democracy circles elections are seen as negative. Countries like China and Russia are doing what they can to undermine electoral processes around the globe, and are aided by some far right groups like the US GOP, assisted by their global media.

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A big middle finger to the Middle Kingdom

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It said Japan is inaccurately portraying China as a regional security threat 

No, the enture world recognizes that China is a regional threat. Mybe even a gobal threat. Nothing inaccurate about it.

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i can tell someone is angry he is not invited to the ceremony.... chicom : how come you all can go there partying while i need to stay home alone....( because nobody wish to be your friend ! )

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China’s never happy when it comes to other Asian countries taking an interest in peace, stability and self defense.

I wonder why.

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China mumbling to itself again. Yawn.

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Nothing happens..

Reunification is unstoppable..

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If you look at government competence, you would naturally think that Taiwan should rule over China as well.

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China urged South Korea to take "practical actions" to safeguard overall interests

Which basically means the entire free world must subjugate itself to their absurd double speak, notions of history and reality and of course communist (with Chinese characteristic) ideals. Authoritarianism and dictators, by their very nature, demand everything for nothing. Dangerous and delusional, the only way to deal with them is to put up a massive wall of resistance.

No body wants the conflict guys, just focus on your own internal challenges and stop trying to Sabre rattle and ‘scold’ the world as a diversion. The old Chinese sages told us to look within after all.

People make themselves the brunt of jokes and mockery through their own behavior. Nations are no different.

The goal should be the big global banquet, not someone’s victory one.

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So were there rebukes from any Asian countries when Diktator Xi visited Europe recently..........umm! No, not one, and why, because they did not care?

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Xi Jinping is a dictator, the Chinese government wants to control, to dominate, to take, not share

All neighbours be subservient, to kowtow, to have complete authority over waterways, or over shipping routes, over East and South China Sea, most of all its ideology snuff out democracy, any rules based western style trading, Global human rights, freedom of opinion, expression, speech. religion.

To aid this clandestine "war" Xi Jinping regime will take every opportunity to divide harass bully, faint cajole on its neighbours.

The issue here is appeasement, our leaders fall into the trap of fawning obsequiousness, yes sir. no sir.

It is this white flag cowardice that eventually leads to war.

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The delusional Chinese leader thinks he rules Taiwan. He does not.

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Oh, yeah?! We rebuke your rebuke!

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Beijing has an opportunity to learn from Taiwan, which is a safer, freer, richer by any measurement, country. Beijing could slowly copy Taiwan - slowing spreading their 1 country, 3 systems. Start in Hong Kong. Then from the eastern coast provinces, move more and more towards the systems in Taiwan, slowly adding more and more provinces every 10 yrs to give people time to acclimate to the changes.

The biggest changes would be cultural, since a huge shift in honesty is needed in the mainland, especially by the leaders there.

But Beijing is stubborn to the point of stupidity. They have a plan that works right in front of them. They write and speak mostly the same language. It wouldn't be THAT hard to take the best ideas in govt from Taiwan. Heck, much of the world can learn how to govern from Taiwan.

Oh, yeah?! We rebuke your rebuke!

So there! ;)

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Beijing has an opportunity to learn from Taiwan, which is a safer, freer, richer by any measurement, country. 

Taiwan's wealth and freedom are a standing reproach to the rigid orthodoxy and controlling nature of the CCP. Taiwan is proof that the CCP is not as the CCP contends essential to China's success and this very clear fact drives the CCP absolutely crazy.

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China urged South Korea to take "practical actions" to safeguard overall interests

That one sentence sums up the danger in doing business with China. They will try to leverage business interests to coerce other nations tp do China's bidding. Free democratic nations need to divest from China.

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