China's foreign minister may visit Japan as early as October


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Extremely unwise move by PM Suga. The rest of the world is doing all they can to untangle themselves from Communist China. Yet it almost seems Suga wants to move closer to China.

The media should continue hammering China about their unleashing this deadly once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic on the world ; plunging the world economy into Depression; crushing freedoms and autonomy in HK; threatening to invade Taiwan at any momemt; imprisoning millions of Muslim Uighurs and committing the worst genocide since the Nazis ; making economic threats against regional neighbors. Dont forgive ANY of this, PM Suga.

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Please make him sit in his hotel room fir 14 days after arrival.

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We need to prepare for US election anarchy. Making friends with China is vital.

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I told you that Suga will be cuddling up to China!

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Suga had no choice. just like South korea had no choice. Both these nation economy rely heavily on China. Not even counting on the workers and factories station there in China, the tourism alone provided by China also contain a huge numbers. Then you have the export and import goods. Anyone who had experience the 2012 anti-japan riots should know how dangerous it was. A lot of destruction and many Japanese citizens were harmed in China.

Even if we try to slowly decouple and move away from China, it will take years before Japanese companies can find a proper new place and set up a supply chain in other nations. The only option of the Suga government is to buy time and keep the peace in order to stabilize the already wreck economy.

The West might able to weather the storm but not for Korea or Japan. We are the closest and we will be the first one to bear the brunt. Politicians in the west might have the support of the public when it comes to china, but here in Japan the citizens do not have much view concerning what is happening in china. Most rather have stability and Suga in order to win their votes has to take this route.

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bad idea welcoming the chinese

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Suga knows the economy has not and will not recover relying on the US market. It’s been 30 years since the Plaza Accord and the Toshiba Ban.

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All of wang yis european tour ended in disasters he was reminded of human rights violation n hongkong every place he wen so Japan can also do the same to him with Japanese Omotenashi thats the best solution. In Chinas economy will crash when this COVID 19 (china originated viral desease)pandemic gets over

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Show me the money!!!

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No one can change the fate of Japan, except Japanese people, assuming Japan is an independent state with freedom of choices.

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No one can change the fate of China, except Chinese people, assuming China is an independent state with freedom of choices.

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The Chinese must be getting desperate. Their public perception is in the toilet and nobody in the world wants to deal with them.

I dont think Suga is that dumb, he knows that the only way to deal with the Chinese is with a big stick.

Its the only way feral dogs learn.

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Any deal with the CCP is not good either way. In the end they will take Japan and Suga is only handing it to them cleanly.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi may visit Japan as early as October, a government source said on Sunday, after the leaders of the two countries agreed to pursue high-level contacts to promote regional and international stability.

What a joke! China's the main reason why we don't have regional stability.

If ever this Wang turns up, make sure to mention Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Uighurs will you?

While we're at it, how covid got out.

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Suga hopefully will not forget riots in 2012, this is the same villain country who wants now to make a friends with Japan. It is obvious China is getting desperate

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