China's Xi says Silk Road plan boosts finance, security ties


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There is one major concern about this new Silk Road--it goes through some of the most politically unstable parts of the world and the sea route goes through areas with serious sea piracy problems. I'm actually surprised China didn't sign a major deal so its good travel through mostly Russia instead, for example paying for upgrades to the Trans-Siberian Railway to increase freight capacity.

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Hehehe. while everybody else is going to war, smart China, like a sleeping dragon, is very busy growing and growing. Just look how they took over African trade while the west was busy blowing up a handful of religious wackos and destabilising the world.

@Raymond Your idea about Russia sounds good on paper, but Russia would want control, and the Chinese planned route would bring it into close range of many markets, both to buy and sell. Don't forget that NK and Afghanistan have the worlds biggest reserves of rare metals for instance.

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As one of the closest neighbours to China and the nation benefited greatly from the ancient Silk Road about 2000 year sago, Japan might be the last one to join the new silk road.

What a stupid policy that Abe brought to Japanese people.

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Ignoring Japan, and making detours around India!

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So the US is not in it yet or not allowed to be in it? I laugh when people have fear of China using it's influence in the region, when the US as well as the UK have done it for years. Of course China is trying to influence it's neighbors.

Even before this, when they would go to foreign nations to build they would not demand any special coditions or very little to my understanding, minus security for it's workers and or China in general. When the US does it, they demand that the country they are working in generally change their stance for human rights, or how it trades with it's partners, etc. China is/was much more laid back.

Japan is too much like America, trying to influence other nations around them and probably is not ready to give that up yet, for the better or for the worse. As far as the rest of Asia , I can not tell you.

I am interested in what China plans for anti-terrorism though? Kick or remove all Muslims from countries as China is trying to do in their own? How will this work for Muslim majority nations?

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