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China says it won't allow discussion on Hong Kong at G20 summit in Osaka

By Isaac Lawrence

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No doubt Trump will read this and have a comment (or three) regarding HK. lol

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The Chinese govt. really act like cry babies at time - We will not talk about this, no no no no WAAAAA

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Whatever you say, Winnie the Pooh.

Nobody ever discusses anything without your approval.

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In my eyes this is called blinking. What’s China got to lose by discussing HK? Let’s come out and talk turkey. Maybe Taiwan can join in. It’s not about China but about the Chinese Communist Party. Go Trump.

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HK is an internal affair and has nothing to do with the G20, just as US internal affairs are not discussed.

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China says it won't allow discussion on Hong Kong at G20 summit in Osaka

And what happens if the other members of the G20 decide that they do want to talk about it? Will China just pretend to go deaf? By doing so, they'd only be admitting guilt, proving that what they're doing is wrong.

HK is an internal affair and has nothing to do with the G20

First of all, Hong Kong is semi-autonomous, so they do have some freedoms to operate outside of the doctrines of mainland China, so it's not strictly an internal affair. Secondly, Hong Kong is a major economic hub. Any unrest that could threaten the economic stability of the region will become a matter of grave concern for the G20. The global economy is fragile, and very easily affected. Unrest in an economic hub on the scale of Hong Kong will have serious implications on the global economy, causing considerable damage. Ergo it has quite a lot to do with the G20, in point of fact. US internal affairs typically aren't discussed because they typically don't have any significant impact upon the global economy, though the G20 has raised concerns about the implications of Trump's Border Wall Policy.

At the end of the day, this is something that the world cannot simply turn a blind eye to, especially if human rights and/or the global economy is affected.

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China can't stop the other members from discussing what happened in HK. There will be also discussion on Iran. Probably, no one can stop Trump from his tweets.

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Some kids have sweets, Trump has tweets.

0 ( +0 / -0 ) found the chinese who blindly believes what their government allows them to know lol.

china is one of the worst dictatorships in recent history. They harvest organs from people while they are still alive. of course HK wants to get as far away from chinese politics and rule as possible, the reality is worse than any horror film.

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