China calls on Japan not to host Uighur assembly in May


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Hey China theres a thing called free speech! You might like to try and control everyone within your borders but out of them not a toffee of a chance!

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Shut up China!

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Messing with Japans freedom. How about a solemn representation to PRC to stop persecuting loyal Roman Catholics, Falun Gong practitioners, all non Communist human rights activists? The day cant come soon enough for the revolt that tears down the CCP dictatorship

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restive [ˈrɛstɪv] adj

restless, nervous, or uneasy impatient of control or authority [from Old French restif balky, from rester to remain] restively adv restiveness n

Does not sound like they are having problems there, so butt out of Japan's business to freely choose what we want to do.

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URASAI china!

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I for one WELCOME our future Chinese overlords...

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They (the WUC) carry out activities undermining China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We're all aware of China's concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity. We've seen it play out in Tibet.

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Free speech also gives China the right to complain, and their request is understandable. Being that China is Japan's next door neighbor, Japan might consider asking the Uyghurs to kindly find another place to convene, like somewhere in the Middle East which would be more culturally appropriate.

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Japan can host the Uighur assembly if it wants, China is in position to tell them not to do so.

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Ironic, though, that theyd've chosen to hold there confab here, a nation notorious for its inflexible attitude toward refugee issues (Japan has accepted what, something around 400 refugees in the past decade?), with a reputation for cluelessness when it comes to public diplomacy...

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Heheheh, China should stop interfering with other countries.

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Lol, uigurs should go to mongolia and ally themselves with the nation of the great khans again. Lol

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