China casts doubt on reports of Abe-Xi handshake


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Sorry but this guy Hua is a dique. Whether Xi and Abe shook hands or not doesn't change anything but reports of them being simply cordial to each other affects the entire world, including their view of China. As long as blowhards like him do anything they can to keep tensions alive I don't see any prospect of a return to diplomacy.

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"If you pay attention to the news released by the Chinese delegation you’ll discover that there are no reports on this. So what problem does this show?” she told a daily news briefing in Beijing."

Maybe that the Chinese would NEVER admit to a handshake.

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Oh BOOO HOOO China. Grow up. Sometimes a handshake is....just a handshake.

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China sounds like a damn whining child. Always have to complain about something. Why don't they fix their own internal problems first.

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Ossan, Hua is a woman. She seems to be the mouthpiece for every ridiculous comment from the party. Pity, she seems above the level of the drivel she announces. I guess she is China's equivalent of Saeed al-Sahhaf. That guy was a classic, so is she.

The good news is a lot of mainland Chinese openly denounce their government, at least online. Let's hope any new government focuses fixing their country, rather than causing trouble abroad.

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“If you pay attention to the news released by the Chinese delegation you’ll discover that there are no reports on this. So what problem does this show?”

That the Chinese control the press carefully?

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So the PRC is denying a simple show of politeness. Says a lot.

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ReformedBasherOct. 09, 2013 - 10:42AM JST Ossan, Hua is a woman

My apologies. She is a...

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How rude! Surely just a bow to each other would suffice and is the traditional way of showing mutual respect.

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It would have been too embarrassing to Japan for China to tell the truth and that is; that Abe was waiting outside the Men's Room patiently waiting for Xi Jinping to finish his business and quickly grabbed his wet hands when he emerged before he could withdraw them.

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We wouldn't want Xi to appear to be polite to the Japanese, would we. Wouldn't play well with the nationalist claptrap that the party is pushing....

And heaven help us if Xi actually bowed! I believe the sun would fall from the heavens, according to Xinhua.

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The point here is that Abe's been telling people he's a friendly guy and your always welcome to the party but in actual fact Abe didn't even want to shake the hand of the Chinese leader. The Chinese are saying "WTF". While Abe's trys to be a nice guy..... Abe pls grow a pair, meet the Chinese as a Man since your representing Japan.

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