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China condemns Japanese plan to release Fukushima water


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China condemns Japanese plan to release Fukushima water

china does have a point but......." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black " ! Who released covid 19 on the world ???

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Sorry, but it’s time for facts instead of hysterical fiction.

The long, slow tritium release from Fukushima will be limited to 22 TBq per year.

The Heysham reactor in the UK has released 1,300 TBq of tritium per year for the last 40 years.

For those mathematically challenged, 1,300 is 60 times more every year for the last 40 years.

The Fuqing reactor in China releases over 52 TBq of tritium per year.

The Kora reactor in Korea releases 50 TBq of tritium per year.

The Fukushima release will be 22 TBq per year.

For those mathematically challenged, they release double the amount every year than to be released from Fukushima.

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The World Condemns China for Releasing a Deadly Virus on the World Killing Millions of Innocent People

What world do u mean? The part of the world where I live nobody doubts that America did it.

You take on too much

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Japan : The Pacific Ocean is not a toilet bowl in your backyard. Ocean currents will carry your nuclear contaminated waste to all oceans in the world. Nuclear contamination can last a thousand years. Japan! Get it?

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Not Only China ! The Whole Planet Earth Condems Japan Releasing Nuclear Contaminated Water Into the Waters of the Pacific Ocean And, Ocean Currents Will Carry This Nuclear Contaminated Water To Contaminate All Water on Planet Earth And, All Fish Eaten By Us Will Be Contaminated To Sicken Us All.


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Nobody cares what china thinks….regardless of the topic.

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What about the higher concentrations of tritium released throughout the world every day, including China and Korea, than the final concentrations to be released over a decade from Fukushima?

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@itsonlyrocknroll: My humble advice is: Japan don't runaway it using some unprofound reasons to blame first on China. Nobody from China is using the radioactive water for political or propaganda purposes. It was Japan trying to runaway for the responsibility and pollutions the sea of this planet.

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China has the HIGHEST priority to condemn Japan's reckless pollution of the Pacific Ocean with radioactive water. Because Japan using biological & chemical weapons attacked Chinese people in WW2. Until 1990s the Japanese chemical weapons buried in Chinese soil was uncovered. They have been polluting China's soil 80 years ago not until the history of Japanese chemical/biological exposed in 1980s.

I think America has the least say in this incident because that nuclear reactor wrecked in the 2011 disaster was produced by GE, a product of U.S.

That was also your fault for the entire pollutions!

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Awa no Gaijin

My humble opinion is to analysis/understand the Government of China actions and policies since Xi Jinping became President.

And provides the reason and logic behind Xi Jinping jumping on every opportunity to use political diversion

tactics to throw a blanket of misdirection over his global ambitions/time scales

Taiwan, South China Sea and Japanese/China relations

Chinese Power capabilities South china Sea


The Paradox of China-Japan Relations


CIA chief warns against underestimating Xi's ambitions toward Taiwan


Finally ......Why Taiwan semiconductor Dedicated IC Foundry business model is so important to Xi's ambitions

About TSMC...


TSMC is moving a significant proportion of its new next generation GIGAFAB® fabs to off shore manufacturing subsidiaries.

I have selected a number of links/balanced opinions.

I suspect the Government of China will continue to politically drive a wedge between neighbours, to buy time to create a military force capable of securing these three main objectives

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China is not qualified to be making any comments on the issue.

"China’s Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province released about 52 trillion Bq in liquid form in 2020."


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Two wrongs do not make a right!

I never said that, but compared to China...

They are the last nation to point the finger at anyone.

The US too.



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Almost all comments is talking about China as if it is the only country condemning the plan.

Apparently South Korea, several Pacific Island nations and Japanese fishing communities have also objected to the planned release, as stated in this article.

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It’s okay for China to condemn the release of nuke water. Who knows what the long term affects will be on health. Would eat sea food and not worry? Even better why put the water in pet bottles and give everyone a free couple I’d water bottles to drink if it’s that safe

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It’s an act of war and China has the right to attack.

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China ought to get it's own house in order before it begins condemning others....

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China emissions exceed all developed nations combined - BBC


The motivation behind all the false indignation is to sow the seeds of division.

To stir up belligerence between allies and neighbours.

To divert attention away from the Government of China true intentions Taiwan, to create the political environment for invasion and subsequent seizure of the countries advanced microchip industry.

"Home to 92% of the production of logic semiconductors whose components are smaller than 10 nanometers (fitting more processing capacity onto a smaller area while also being faster and more energy-efficient)"....Forbes

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Who cares if it is CHINA or whatever country complaining about it, the point is about dumping radioactive water which is bad period. Can't blame people for focusing on CHINA because the article is written in such of way, to divert from the main topic. I find the demand "demanding that Tokyo first receive the approval of neighboring countries." to be fair and respectful, I will also include also the local resident and fishermen.

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Of course China has pollution problem, every industry country does. Have you seen the smog pollution over Los Angeles area?

Many western countries including U.S, E.U. has "NO" pollution environment in their own soil because these countries export rubbish and toxic substances to third world countries especially Indonesia by shipping in cargo containers. Yes dumping rubbish to poor countries was right, good for your country and very "Eco Friendly", selfish enough!

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Japan should stop willfully polluting the Pacific Ocean.

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Having spent quite some time living in China and living on the coast I have to say they have a cheek. The amount of plastic & other waste they just dump into the rivers & ocean is unbelievable…..& the air pollution was even worse.

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Disillusioned is correct.

Adding more waste to the environment is not the way to go at all.

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China, one of the biggest polluters on the planet is trying to scold Japan about treated radioactive wastewater??! Seriously?

The US too.

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China is the most polluted country in the world.


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bass4funk - China, one of the biggest polluter in the planet is trying to scold Japan about treated radioactive wastewater??! Seriously?

Two wrongs do not make a right!

South Korea, several Pacific Island nations and Japanese fishing communities have also objected to the planned release.

This statement proves the headline is just media sensationalism. There are many countries that disapprove of the release of this water. There are also hundreds of millions of people who disapprove of the release of this water, myself included. So much information is being swept under the carpet for the release of this water. A few years ago TEPCO openly stated that a lot of this water contains more than just tritium from the early years of treatment due to not have proper filtering techniques in place, but this water will be released with the rest of it anyway. There is also the fact that this water will continue to accumulate for decades and once they start releasing it will continue. They are not talking about a few buckets full. They are talking about hundreds of tons of water that will be released every week for another 30-40 years. Nobody knows what effect this will have on the environment and it is one heck of a gamble. It's too late after the fish become too irradiated to eat and the east coast becomes a no swimming zone due to radiation. There are great swaths of land in Fukushima that can no longer be lived on. This water should be stored there until they can develop better filtering techniques. A team of scientists at UCLA successfully removed tritium from water but the process is exepensive and time comsuming. It's easier and chaeper just to dump all this water into the great pacific radioactive waste dump. We, the planet, should not let this happen,

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This is what you call ‘opportunism’’ , with Chinese characteristics. ‘Mounting’ is another term that would work too.

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China should deal with its own very serious pollution problems before it starts complaining.

“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye”

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The World Condemns China for Releasing a Deadly Virus on the World Killing Millions of Innocent People

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Japan has a peculiar knack for blighting its coastline with tetrapods like this.

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China, one of the biggest polluter in the planet is trying to scold Japan about treated radioactive wastewater??! Seriously?

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