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China constantly coerces Japan and Philippines, U.S. envoy to Japan Emanuel says


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LegrandeToday  07:28 am JST

Yes of course only China does this lol

On such a large scale, yes. That's correct.

China has disputes with multiple countries. All of which copuld be settled amicably in a civilized manner through the International Courts.

Howver, China has declared that it will not recognize or abide by any ruling under International Law that affects it's sovereignty. So instead it relies on pressure, econmic, political, diplomatic and physical to force it's will on other nations.

So yes, only China does this.

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Emanuel telling it like it is!

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He’s absolutely right!

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Real power is having the ability to sway the consensus to your own point of view. What China has been doing diminishes its own real power. Let them.

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China has been really on the front of bullying since Xi took over.

They bully countries to stop trading with Taiwan.

They bully countries to prevent truthful, free speech, about China to be blocked at public sporting events.

They tried to bully Italy into not hosting an art exhibit because part of the art shown didn't show China in the best light.

America is nothing like China in their "coercion." The Americans don't have 1 person at the top who can dictate how all Americans interact with other countries. There are many different govt departments and since passing a law in America isn't only 1 person's control - 536 others are required - a single person cannot trivially wake up, fart, and change a law that everyone else in the country must follow.

The Pro-CCP people here will claim I'm wrong, but the Chinese Constitution has pro-CCP mandates which make all laws in China controlled by the party leader, not the people. Those pro-CCP mandates override any other laws and can be interpreted in any way to make an office either a warning or life in prison or death, at the desire of the chief dictator.

That cannot happen in the US.

I didn't say anything about made up claims that China does constantly. Just look at any of their propaganda. They routinely steal images and poorly modify them to appear to be pro-China, only to be embarrassed in a few days when the source of the image is learned and proven. While I'm sure there are beautiful places in China, rather than showing those in the CCP propaganda, they steal images from Europe and America, then reverse the image, add high-contrast and claim it is in China. Only people inside China, who can't easily check the fake images might be convinced. OTOH, Chinese people aren't dumb. They know their govt is full of lies and simply do their best to avoid having to deal with the govt as much as possible.

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office -- offense

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Mr Emanuel, what China is doing today in the world, is No Different from what America has been doing since the end of WW11. America just executes it better, propagates it better.

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Salesman of military industrial complex says something.

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What a whiner. Why not coerce China to stop?

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Yes of course only China does this lol

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This guy only run his mouth,he did accept responsibility for policies,that led to death of a teenager,that the police planted a gun on the dead teenagers body

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