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China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians


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It seems obvious where this is leading. China wants territorial expansion and all there small islands are a step in that. There are disputes between China and Japan, S. Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam. It is not only Japan. Sooner or later, a base will need to be created on the island and I would not be surprised it is a joint US/Japan base. Where it goes from there depends on China but they are building up their navy and I don't think a typhoon will save Japan. Japan will become totally depend on the US as Germany was during the Berlin Crisis. The question is when and how hot.

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the nanging masacre would never have taken place if the chinese soldiers would have fought or either surrendered instead of hiding between commoners they should have protected with their lives instead they used them as a shield to run from their fate of defeat. let the chinese wage war and let us as the whole world community teach them a lesson and destroy this evil communistic regime who constantly violate human rights and free manchuria, tibet, yunnan, quanchi clique, xangshi and let those chinese who fled this regime from taiwan return. china never won a war from a foreign nation and if they made their own weapons and material then it could be a funny war too, their biggest enemy will be their own weapons, made in china hahahahahahaha

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There is a section on the Nanjing massacre at the Yasukuni Shrine museum. It questions the number of people killed, but does not dismiss the whole event. I wonder if the Chinese government is aware of this? I have never met anyone who denies the massacre - just ignorant people who don't know.

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" China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians…"

Says the pot to the kettle....

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OssanAmerica Oct. 30, 2013 - 05:38AM JST Come back when Taiwan gets the nerve to declare sovereignty. Taiwan has already reached an agreement with Japan to share resources around the Senkakus.

For Taiwan, the Daioyu/Senkaku islands are part of their inherent territory. Taiwan's sovereignty is the premise for renewing fishery talks with Japan and they will back out of this stance. China’s denial of the Treaty of Taipei signed by Taiwan and Japan has made it difficult for them to work on their issues. The treaty signed in 1952, Japan renounce all rights, titles and claim to Taiwan, Penghu, the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands.

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yosunOct. 30, 2013 - 12:20AM JST Therefore Japan should support Taiwan's claim of the same instead of flirting with Philipine or Vietnam and breaking >legal agreement!

Come back when Taiwan gets the nerve to declare sovereignty. Taiwan has already reached an agreement with Japan to share resources around the Senkakus.

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China is acting like a self-righteous obnoxious loudmouth.

Part of me want China to send some drone into Japan's airspace, just so Japan could blow it out of the sky. Just for the nice cup of STFU China deserves. The problem, of course, is China would freak out.

But then again, the more powerful China gets, the more overly sensitive she will get. And the worse she will bluster, preen and cry-foul. And freak out when she doesn't get her way. I think the Republicans are bad, but in comparison, there is no comparison. Because as bad as the right wing in America is, and they are that bad, at least there is more to American politics than them.

In China, the nationalists are the only ones who have a voice.

At this point, I don't see any way to deal with China. Smack them now, and it will injure her way overblown pride. Do nothing and only encourage it further.

The only thing Japan and the US can do it make it crystal clear that any use of force will not be tolerated. And work really hard to maintain strong alliances with the ROK and Taiwan.

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Japanese government really has a way of hyping up its rhetoric. But the fact is China did not break any laws, according to BBC News Chinese aircraft flew over “international waters” near Japan's southern island of Okinawa. It is very shameful for a civilized country like Japan to smear its neighbours constantly and we never even see Xi talked about Japan in a negative way. If you notice responses from China only come from lower level officials, Japan has really stooped down and painted a bad image of its self.

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China is also at odds with several South East Asian states contesting its claims to large swathes of the South China Sea.

All those islets, part of Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands in south china sea, were handed over to Taiwan(ROC) by Japan after Japan signed 1953 Taipei Peace Treaty with Taiwan:

Japan has renounced all right, title and claim to Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (the Pescadores) as well as the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands…

Therefore Japan should support Taiwan's claim of the same instead of flirting with Philipine or Vietnam and breaking legal agreement!

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China wants to remain in oblivion.

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WellSaidOct. 29, 2013 - 09:42AM JST The window of opportunity for Japan to secure the islands is closing, everyone sees it.

Japan already has the islands secured. When have you seen the Chinese PLA land on them and put up the red stars?

karjaiOct. 29, 2013 - 09:10AM JST Abe just an idiot who want ti start WWII. idiot attitude!

This is a forum for discussion not a place to hit and run with pointless and stupid one liners.

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My sympathies for the citizens of China who have had to endure this kind of tortured logic and insane double speak from the CCP on a daily basis for the past 64 years - and confronted by death, imprisonment, or 're-education' if they question it.

The CCP statements are worded like it thinks it's still preaching to illiterate ignorant peasants, and would be squealing like stuck pigs if Japan was running ships into their waters and aircraft and drones into their air-space.

These kinds of statements show that it's obviously impossible to negotiate in good faith with the CCP over anything, when they resort to bellicose gibberish and thuggery when their position can't be sustained logically.

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The more prolonged and escalated this territorial dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands become, the more hardships Okinawa will suffer because it will give fine justification for both Washington and Tokyo to maintain this excessive U.S. military presence, thus making Okinawa a permanent military colony by a foreign power, the U.S.A.

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What two nations are required to solve territorial issues is that they have to make effort to solve territorial dispute even Senkaku island is absolutely Japanese territory as historical evidence shows. Two nations just have been shouting to insist their right not in front of each other. China might choose a way to take back their island by millitary forces someday, or they just keep coming nearby island by battle ship or something. If Japan shoot something to Chinese battle ship when its coming to island, then Second Japan-sino war would be happened. It is worst result of territorial dispute. I am pretty sure that china cannot control themsleves because they cannot even control thier domestic politics. Then Japan has to have a big courage to "NOT" fight back.

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Japanese should read some Chinese news and comments, then you'll see the feelings toward each other are mutual. Nationalist, even fanatical. Very sad, but true. None of this needed to happen, and it started to happen only in the last two years or so. What a turn of events! May be it's the American "pivot to Asia" policy taking effect. Hardly any thing that happened in the last 70 years was not according to some American plan. The superpower is the smartest.

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This is a classic manipulative response from China as always, and I do not have to add anything more to say.

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So when China historically accepted the Senkakus were part of Japan, and did not challenge Japan's right to the islands, were they not self-deceiving? China has no human rights and a belligerent attitude to all of its neighbors and toward many developed countries. Thinking that they are not a laughing stock in the world because of this is not self deceiving? The 1950s ended in... the 1950s. People are better educated now. Sorry China, your audience and what little credibility your "system" of governance had in the eyes of the world, has all gone.

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Now I accepted Communists are stupid idiot. They have only one eye and one ear for themselves. That's why millions of peoples die in their revolution. They do not interest in mending their mistake and believing they are right. Communist Chinese Government accusing Japanese Politicians as provocative is likening to the owner was accused by thief over the stolen goods. There’s no solution for odd behavior of Communist Chinese Government. Communist does not dare to use force on Japan but they will use coward tactic and show off to Chinese peoples as they are bullying Japan.

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There is no end to this problem. This will still be continuing long after we have packed up and left these shores for our homelands. This will still be continuing long after Abe leaves office and is replaced by the next Prime Minister and the next and the next. This will still be continuing long after my kindergarden aged daughter has reached University. Is any one country brave enough (or stupid enough depending on which side of the fence you look at it) to get on these uninhabited islets and start building things? Or is it just going to remain as barren as it is now with boats floating around it with people saying 'that's mine that's mine'

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The window of opportunity for Japan to secure the islands is closing, everyone sees it. With the current economic situation, the U.S. economy can not sustain a growing debt. U.S. would like to see an IMMEDIATE conflicts between China and Japan, thus to boost it's arms sales.

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China wants war and will not stop until it is achieved, they keep pushing and pushing and eventually there will be a response and then china will play the victim again.

Typical behaviour of a bully.

Japan should respond to china's provocation by putting troops on the disputed land building a barracks airstrip and port.

Then go about extracting the resources and thumb it's nose at the petulant Chinese.

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Abe just an idiot who want ti start WWII. idiot attitude!

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Hmmmmmm wonder who the "unnamed" foreign military is ?? If China seriously thinks the USA is any happier about drones flying into Japan airspace and mucking around not so far from Okinawa then they give obtuse a whole new meaning. It's funny how they try to convince the world it's all Japan's doing when they have multiple issues (of the same) with Japan's neighboring countries.

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Except they aren't losing.

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China is such a sore loser.

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