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China criticizes U.S., Japan, Australia for 'fanning' tensions


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Our military aint going to make any difference or stop China's territory claim. In this time period, picking a fight with China doesn't benefit our interest, And getting dragged into a war because of our security pact with our allies ain't going to benefit our interest either.

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Who is this crazy nationalist's intended audience? Probably his inmates in the commie party. - FIFY

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Fre Okin, China entered into arbitration, and said they would agree with the ruling of the panel.

No they didn't. They never entered into it and never agreed to abide by the outcome, which they won't

I still think life would be much better for everyone, especially China, for them to give a little and provide the Philippines in particular with significant joint development possibilities. Not something token.

We're going to fight a war over a bunch of rocks. Fortunately, I note the heat has dissipated somewhat. I hope that trend continues.

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One thing is very clear: China should withdraw from the Southeast Asia Sea. The PCA's rule of July 12, 2016 was "final and binding." The Southeast Asian peoples' sacred defense of their sovereignty and territorial integrity will be strongly supported by the majority of the world. Chinh Dao

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Fre Okin, China entered into arbitration, and said they would agree with the ruling of the panel. But when thye unbaised panel came out and said, basically, "China, you have to stop! You are in the wrong!" the little liars backed out. China is wrong. End of story.

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The inconvenient truth is the so called nine dash line first showed up on a Taiwanese map before the PRC existed. There was even an eleven dash line version. Both Taiwan and the PRC claim "sovereignty" over the territory of the nine dash line but neither (especially the PRC) started performing their sovereignty until just recently. Why did they not perform their sovereignty when they first claimed the nine/eleven/ten dash line starting in 1947? Why wait 60 years? This inconvenient truth makes their claims very very weak.

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When I was growing up my Chinese friends were from Hong Kong, Taiwan and a few lucky ones who were able to escape the brutal communists. They hated the CCP with a passion, Fast forward several decades and now we have some 300,000 students from China a year entering US schools to study, Whereas in the past many these young people became "converted" to our way of life, today these young people are going back to China and directly or indirectly helping the Chinese dictatorship grow ever stronger. Today's young Chinese-Americans have confused their ethnic pride with supporting a totalitarian regime, one with an openly declared adversarial attitude towards the United States. These people have no idea what the post WWII generations of Chinese immigrants to the US had to go through to get to the U.S. I suggest all young C-As study the history of China ad Chinese immigrants.

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This was predicted as soon as the international court shot down China's attempt to claim all of the South China Sea. They said China would do a lot of blustering while they try to figure out what their next move will be. Blustering: "Check".

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I see I riled up many people because they don't like the Inconvenient Truth. You make yourself look bad by making simplistic claim I am promoting Chinese propaganda here. If you analyze further, I highlight the bad actors. I highlight the injustice done to China and I put forth my argument. This is not propaganda. This is merely telling the other side of the story. I welcome challenges with serious comments like from Yoshitsune. I am in the Fact Finding Business and I let the chips fall where they may. I think this is the American Way, much different from many Asian nationalist mindset. Yes, I am Chinese American and Very Proud to be one.

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We should give China benefit of a doubt here. You see we’re all led to believe that the arbitral tribunal is Permanent Court of Arbitration backed by the UN. But the fact is it is not even part of PCA nor ICJ. It has nothing to do with the UN. In fact, it was just an ad hoc panel sponsored by the Philippines and not even a court. That is why many countries refuse to side with the Philippines and either sided with China or declaring neutral. If the ruling were in fact binding, we would have seen many countries stood up against China. This is the only chance to subdue China once and for all, yet they refuse to go along with the Philippines. Don’t you all find this strange? Even the Philippines itself tries to reduce the tension and goes back to square one which is to have a bilateral negotiation with China. I don’t think that they are afraid of China though when they have Uncle Sam standing behind. This arbitral tribunal is just a charade trying to fool the whole world.

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Just more sneakiness - not an honorable trait, part of the 'problem'. Fortunately, there are enough posters on this website that do contribute to a good conversation - my 'thanks' to them.

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@Kazuaki Shimazaki

Ya, PCA is an old old institution. Give it legitimacy due to age, So also give legitimacy to Nine Dash Line based on Historical Title which is Even Older. Deal?

Follow Exactly what UNCLOS rules say. Who cares about stability? Everybody is obliged to follow the letter of the law. Nobody is special. PCA adjudicate Nine Dash Line as illegal. Before that ruling get respect, make an intelligent argument that say Taiping Island is a rock first. I gave many many scenarios, not just coconuts to show economic activities that can be done there, not just basic coconut and fishery stuff. How about using one of these islands to generate money as a remote island launch pad for near earth tourism? How about teethered aerostat to see the curvature of the earth? Many many other possibilities PCA judges convenient ignore or have no creative minds to explore.

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While the joint statement from the US, Japan and Australia may not be seen as constructive by the Chinese, it was none the less appropriate. The only country that is fanning the flames is China itself as it continues to construct Military bases in international waters of the South China Sea. Calling on the Chinese to stop construction is not only reasonable, it is required if this situation is to stop heading towards potential conflict. China builds military bases but accuses everyone else of being unhelpful or militarizing the situation. It is fooling nobody but its own citizens who continue to believe whatever the Party tells them to.

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*sigh With so many Americans and Australian taking a hard stance against China, And many mainland Chinese taking a hard stance against American and allies,

another Pacific war will surely come true.

What baffles me is amount stake most people here have to say about the South China Sea and China.

I mean there's so many nations who all lay claim to S china Sea. Many nations who've already established military bases and stations on these archipelago "rocks" and island, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and more.

Now if the Chinese Communist party and the PRC take an aggressive policy and campaign of claiming all areas and disrupts sea lane commerce, than by all means neighboring nations will have to engage with China.

But i believe since many nations have already laid claim and are all grabbing the islands, the best way is to not aggravate or engage in action without meaning.

Japan needs to enforce its claim and uses our military as a protective umbrella. Australia and US dont have claims in the South China Sea, its the nations of the S China Sea who have rights to claim and enforcement.

Why should we get dragged into a war by bilateral security agreements that doesn't benefit us and only benefits the claims of smaller nations?

Hello? ANYBODY remember Korea and Vietnam? Minus the communism? lol everybody has a stake, and I don't think we should start a fight with China.

Now if China's government and military decides to fight first and draw first blood, than there should be justifiable retaliatory responses, But we should never strike first.

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The Philippines has every right in the area, and the UNCLOS ruling went for them.

The 9-Dash Line has no real basis. Really, list the basis for it? Go ahead, think about it.

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A Non UN body got the audacity to demand China to show up in her kangaroo court, the deliberations paid by PH pesos?

You are actually right. PCA actually predates the UN and even the League of Nations, and China was actually one of the founding members of the Hague Convention that established it. Back then, the Phillippines was a US colony.

If it have intelligently rule Taiping Island as an island, I would give her the benefit of the doubt Nine Dash Line is a flimsy claim.

I've checked out your argument with Yoshi.

First, the 9-dash claim is completely out of the bounds of modern international law. Which is why they could adjudicate it and not whether individual islands / rocks are Chinese.

Second, your "coconut" argument is exactly the kind of sophistry that's been running on for decades to the detriment of stability. We all know that no one is really going to trade coconuts or process fish on their own accord on Taiping (if it was such a great idea, it would already have been done, and without government urging), but governments waste substantial amounts of cash installing such artificial state of affairs because the rules suggest it might help in their territorial disputes. The natural solution is to take an intepretation where it doesn't.

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U.S., Japan and Australia - three countries with no territorial interests in the area. The Permanent Court of Arbitration - an administrative organization consisting of four Europeans and one American (no Asians), that the U.S. refuses to recognize when a decision went against them.

Are you perhaps implying that the three countries really are fanning tensions, whilst ignoring the bait that reduces people to responding with blind knee-jerk reactions? How dare you analyse this particular situation calmly with an objective eye!

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U.S., Japan and Australia - three countries with no territorial interests in the area. The Permanent Court of Arbitration - an administrative organization consisting of four Europeans and one American (no Asians), that the U.S. refuses to recognize when a decision went against them.

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Yeah, yeah SORRY about that china.

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@Fre Okin, you're propaganda don't work around here. None of us live in the CCP's stupidity machine.

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Article: Wang said in a statement Wednesday that the move by the three countries came at an inappropriate time and wasn’t constructive.

Certainly not as "constructive" as China's work on the atoll in South China Sea where they are constructing a military base.


You are wasting your time here. There seem to be no or very few Chinese participants on this forum except you so there is no need to protect the "spotless" reputation of China's leaders.

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Since the end of WW2 Taiping "Island" has been administered and occupied by Taiwan not China. Taiwan has a military base there. The only reason the ICJ does not hear this and other South China Sea disputes is because both parties to the dispute must agree to participate. China has refused the ICJ so the PH went to the PAC for justice.

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"The PAC ruling is legally binding."

Say who? A Non UN body got the audacity to demand China to show up in her kangaroo court, the deliberations paid by PH pesos?

PCA can't even get the rocks vs islands act straight. If it have intelligently rule Taiping Island as an island, I would give her the benefit of the doubt Nine Dash Line is a flimsy claim. The Taiping Island is a rock shocker forever tarnish PCA's credibility. I have debunked Taiping island and other smaller islands as not being able to support economic activities, so they are Islands, Not Rocks.


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China: "Do as I say, not as I do!"

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The PAC ruling is legally binding. It determined that China is violating the UNCLOS (The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ) to which China is a signatory. China had a chance to represent it's position but they refused. Now they disregard the ruling and instead go on a global rampage to denounce the ruling and the tribunal. China is showing it's true colors to the whole world.

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"Otherwise, the UN would have ruled in China's favor when deciding China had no claim in the South Pacific and had damaged other country's sovereignty and natural habitat."

Oh my. People are so easily duped. There is no such thing as UN ruled against China. PCA is just a bunch of judges funded by PH which filed a Frivolous Lawsuit against China with no venue to dismiss such a lawsuit. PCA is not a neutral arbitrator and got nothing to do with UN. It is not UN sanctioned like the ICJ. It just pretend to be a UN body because it is housed in The Hague same address as ICJ. It is a deception employed by PH to deceive the public. PCA is just a kangaroo court serving only her PH master.

Japan, US, Australia should criticize PH for not filing the lawsuit in ICJ, the right venue and I wouldn't mind if China lose there. At least that is a real UN body, not the fake PCA.


"The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is an intergovernmental organization located at The Hague in the Netherlands. The PCA is not a court, but rather a bureaucracy"

" It should not be confused with the International Court of Justice which is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations, while the PCA is not a UN agency."

Need I say more?

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Here again the Chinese MONSTER rearing its very ugly head!

Its builds military bases in international & contested waters, tries to implement INSANE maritime boundaries under its control, treats its own people like garbage, lies to them, keeps them from being free...........etc etc

The MONSTER gets called on ITS behavior & the rest of the world is fanning flames, Chinese govt GO GET STUFFED, YOU are the problem here period!

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The world: Guys! Stop building outposts, runways, refineries et al. in waters that aren't yours!

China: Hey! Stop fanning the flames!

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"China should fund UN to investigate"

Go ahead and ask for an investigation, but don't cry when they determine that China is the aggressor. By the way, you can't just buy an investigation by the UN. Otherwise, the UN would have ruled in China's favor when deciding China had no claim in the South Pacific and had damaged other country's sovereignty and natural habitat.

"This will flush out US evil design on China."

If only China could recognize the flushing sounds after the recent UN court ruling that China is a bad actor by forcefully claiming other nation's territory.

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Who is this crazy nationalist's intended audience? Probably his mates in the commie party.

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"“This trilateral statement is fanning the flames,” he said. “Now it is the time to test whether you are peacekeepers or troublemakers,” said Wang’s statement, referring to the three countries."

Wang should go further and seek to insert UN Peacekeepers into the South China Sea, patrolling next to USN ships and observe how US behave.

Furthermore, China should fund UN to investigate what US put in her bases in the Philippines. This will flush out US evil design on China. Why do US need bases in the Philippines? UN personnel are also welcomed to visit Chinese islands to be fair. They should take note the difference between Defensive systems China deploy vs US Offensive systems and can easily conclude what China have being saying all along, that US is the aggressor bar none in the South China Sea and she bring along her two yes men with no backbone to try to make herself look more credible.

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And I mistakenly believed and hoped that China (PRC) had evolved over the last couple of decades along with their economy. But I see that at the core they no better than North Korea in their twisted view of reality.

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This joke made my day!

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It's hard on us that we, the rest of the world, can never do anything right in the eyes of the Chinese. They have so much wisdom. Maybe it is time for us all to join up to the Apologise to China campaign.


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this title makes me laugh.. china is the biggest fanner in the universe..so then logically i guess it does mean something to be called that by them?

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I wonder when the folks in China who make these statements are going to get treatment for their Pot-kettle-black syndrome?

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