China-Japan dispute spills over into U.S. newspaper ads


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They should buy more add.. Definitely good for business in USA.

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"China has opposed the backroom deals between the Unites States” over the islands, read the text of the oversized advertisement, which also appeared in Friday’s Washington Post."

So China actually put ads in two US major city newspapers stating that they "OPPOSED" United States actions? In an ad that sounds like anti-imperialistic Red Guard propaganda? They just wasted all their advertisement money and made more Americans dislike them. Well done guys.

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Didn't Japan also waste our tax money recently with an ad of their own?? Why isn't that mentioned here?

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" , and China has indisputable sovereignty over the islands,”

Obviously not indisputable, is it?

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So the blather from Communist China goes on and on. Think could Japan could deal with the Republic of China if they were not close to surrendering.

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"Beijing claims that Japan tricked China into signing a treaty ceding the islands in 1895" ....Could you define "Tricked" please.

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Well, I suppose if China is going to waste money, might as well give it to the US.

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Yuri: Think could Japan could deal with the Republic of China if they were not close to surrendering.

LOL, don't worry about Taiwan. worry about about Japan self! Japan did surrender to ROC and you better pray JP won't surrender to PRC this time! I heard it's kind of habit!

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China was not tricked into siging. They were forced by threats of further slaughter. Just like the muslims did with the Christian Middle East Kingdoms like Iraq, Persia, Turkey, etc. It was either you converted to Islam or they would kill you. But not much of a difference of what the Catholic Church also did with muslims and other polygamist religions.

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Yuri, your country has done the exact same thing recently. What are you going on about with surrendering? You're a war monger plain and simple. Easy for you from the US.

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Yor, so is Japan.

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"Has been china since ancient times." Ummmmm by that argument I guess we should hand north America back over to the Indians. What about Austriala. Ummm, the rest of the world? Oh less we forget about Taiwan? Taibet? Hong Kong?

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How much did they pay for the spot?

That page is probably lining a lot of birdcages now. As many if not most Americans dont care. Unless they have stock in the airline companies over in China and Japan.

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Japan should donate the 26M$ to the needy Japanese ppl instead paying to the Private Japanese owner who violated the Anti Squattig Law. Besides the so call Private Japanese owner is so questionable...........

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Japan's Gross debt as percentage of GDP has reached 204 % of GDP. 110% of GDP is considered the redline. Japan is running on fume. Hence Noda diverts attention by fanning the national furor on Daioyu Islands! This is good. This provides the Chinese a reason to conduct open financial warfare. Chinese should drop the Confucius crap and get real. No more talk, no more harmony crap. Flex your muscle!

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chronologically, I just will review.

Sino-Japanese Friendship trade treaty was established on September 13,1871.That year a tragic incident AKA Miyakojima Islanders Incident happened in Taiwan. A Japaneses ship was wrecked and the wrecked ship swept to Taiwan then 54 Japaneses were killed by the people who lived the area the ship got reached. Japanese government complained to Sino. How they made an excuse to Japan then could be one of the circumstantial evidences that Sino did not govern the area then.

But the bottom line is that Japan has owned Senkaku based on the international law nomatter what China says. Japan began an investigation in 1985 for 10 years. Japan did not jumped to the conclusion. After Japan confirmed that that was no one`s land, even Japan made sure with Sino as well.Then Japan registered Senkaku as Miyakojima Okinawa iunder the rule based on international law. Okinawa Island to Senkau in 170kilo. China to Senkaku is 330Kilo.

As soon as it became Japan, the business man from Fukuoka prefecture, Mr. Tatsushirou Koga established a dried bonito factory, It was handed down to Zenjiro who was his son in 1932. There were 99 households, 249 Japanese lived in those days. Even China gave Japan a letter of appreciation when a Chinese ship was wrecked in the area in 1920, Japaneses helped theme out. The letter from China states as Senkaku Japan. In those days there was no claim from China.China must have recognized the islands as Japan.

The people on the islands came back to the mainland because a war broke out in 1941. After the war in 1945, it become under the management of allied powers by Potsdam declaration, Cairo declaration.Basically Japan lost every small islands and its colonies. Then after the International Military Tribunal for the Far east between 1946 may 3rd and 1948 November 12th. The court decided the responsibility for 1068 men and gave the capital punishment,1951, Japan came back to be a world member again based on the acceptance of San Francisco Peace treaty. The article 2 shows what Japan has lost or separated. The article 3 shows what Japan may keep or being ruled by allies. The dispute island Takeshima was clearly became Japan and Okinawa include Senkaku became America then it returned to Japan in 1972 from America. I do not think America was using Chinese island then .And no Americans have any such a knowledge that the US occupied China till 1972.

Periods from October 12, 1968 to November 29, bottom of the sea investigation in the Senkaku area by ECAFE. The possibility of the oil reserve becomes clear in the area. China, Taiwan which said nothing till then started to say their sovereignty. A lot of evidence that that China used to recognize Senkaku was Japan. A textbook, a map are published in China showed Senkaku as a territory of Japan.Even Chinese communist news paper Jinminnippo on January 8, 1953, said Senkaku as Japan as well.How China could explain these facts?

However since the oil and gas are found. A claim from China began. Then 1978, over 100 Chinese fishing boats with a machine gun came to Senkaku territorial waters. A problem becomes clear for everyone in Japan from that moment.

From 1994,anti Japan education started by Jiang Zemin to take a political advantage from Japan and may be the Tiananmen incident scapegoat. He said in his speech in 1998 how China should use the history as a weapon to Japan forever.There is a clear evidence of his intention and we all can see the manifestation of it today so conspicuously.

Around the same time, Chinese lobbying to the foreign countries becomes active, too. China Japan relation ship slowly surely got worse since then.

In 2010, a Chinese captain's collision case by his intention to the Japanese Coast Guard made things worse.

China says a story of the 15th century? as the base to say Senkaku is China. If the world start to say this and try to take other countries territory, the world will be chaos.

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Has been china since ancient times

Sounds like a weak argument. It would gain credibility if supported by documentation of e.g. Chinese communities having settled there.

Beijing claims that Japan tricked China into signing a treaty ceding the islands in 1895

Oh dear, these sneaky Japanese. You could laugh about that, but the Chinese are dead serious.

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Ha ha ha hee hee hee! What the hell going on in the stupid head of Communist leaders? They can put ad as much as idiot Communist leaders wanted. United State is not Communist State so no one will arrest these stupid Communists and put in the jail. Poor Idiot Communist leaders do not have a clue who created Micky Mouse.

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China needs to do this to shy away from the real problem. One of the politburo member is in the hot seat that is creating havoc, power struggle that may transform to over throw of the communist party., Oh well, that's my take on this.

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China flagrantly lies to the entire entire world at the UN., they freely lie in foreign newspapers in other countries.

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China is not too smart. They are telling the world China is not a place for investment.

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No Chinese ever lived on those islands, not one. Japanese have lived on that island and would again if the central government would let them. Japan could be work out a compromise on the EEZ but those islands belong to Japan. A reason for the Sino-Japanese war is China wanted to control Korea as a vassal state. When they moved troops into Seoul it broke the treaty they had with Japan. One of the terms was they notify Japan if they send troops into Korea. Remember Japan gave back Port Arthur to China but the Russians moved in and that was the cause of that war. While Japan was not 100 percent innocent unlike the 30's they were not 100 percent guilty.

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