China, Japan must be careful of 'zero-sum game trap': Wang


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Lets look at the last 20 yrs. China was having explosive growth, lots and lots of freedoms, Chinese were traveling the world for business and vacations. Life was pretty good. People wanted to live in China because of the openness and opportunities.

Then Xi was selected and started causing trouble with neighbors and bullying different Chinese people inside and outside the country. He broke promises to leave Hong Kong's system of govt alone for 50 yrs. He started a massive military build up and started placing military on disputed "surface features".

And Xi created a new level of state surveillance against all Chinese people. which is being used not for the good of China, but to keep him and his close friends in power.

So ... there isn't a zero-sum trap being caused by anyone, except the CCP against the Chinese people.

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Perfectly written.

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Zero-sum my rear-end. It is not “cooperative prosperity” or even a zero-sum game that China wants. What China wants is a “China takes all” game.

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If any country seem fixed on a zero sum game (where one side can only profit by making the other side lose) that would be China, most of their international interactions are aimed at decreasing the influence or value of another country.

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People who wholeheartedly believe in accelerationism are the most irresponsible revolutionaries and deconstructionists. They are eager to change the status quo, but they have not thought about what kind of path to choose after changing the status quo.

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The fact that the right-wing government, non-government, and corporate forces in the United States are so keen to promote neo-accelerationism is one of the results of the inability and lack of effectiveness of the left.

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At present, China is relatively stable compared to the United States. The idea of "unlawful and aggressive" proposed by "accelerationism" is actually a conspiracy of the United States.

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Time China stopped trying to tell Japan what it should or shouldn't be. China needs to accept Japan as it is, and realise Japan makes it's own decisions based on its own morals and needs. China could learn much from Japan if it could reign in its self importance and assumption of its own superiority based solely on the number of citizens the nation has.

Japan has no need for "reeducation" centers, unlike China that tries so hard to change minorities and eliminate cultures not Han Chinese.

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This sounds like a divide and conquer statement!! The Chinese can't be trusted, I see this as saying our military will be stronger don't forget we will be neighbors forever if not.....

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Its a known fact that China pushes around every neighboring country that they think is weak that has no strong ties to the US as allies. They push around the Philippines, they try to push around Vietnam, every war they have fought involved border wars they don't like neighbors they try to conquer them. Look at the border war with India! They went to war with Russia and lost land their and I can bet you Xi is looking to recapture that knowing Putin is a rabid dog who is on his way out. Its just a matter of time China looks to reclaim that part of China that they lost.

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