China, Japan show united front on 'free and fair' trade

By Emily Wang

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"I believe we need to take to a new level a free and fair trade system," Abe said after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

I wouldnt hold my breathe waiting for anything positive!

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Obviously you didn't read the article. It is full of positive developments. These 500 business agreements are all going to fail? I won't hold my breath waiting for that.

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To Japan does free and fair trade mean agriculture, cars, electronics and phones?

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China and Japan...united against Trumps great trade war.

Wow, I would have never imagined this before the US election, but here it is.

Nice to see us being all regular human about it, meaning that money Trumps all else and that if it came down to it the fighting would be put aside for more “cooperation” (lol)

This is much better than threats and calls for violence so it’s good by me.

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China, Japan show united front on 'free and fair' trade


good on the title for putting ""marks on 'free and fair'

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@Matt Hartwell

China only seems protective to foreigners (especially western world) who don't understand the culture and how to do business there.

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The USA just signed similar deals with Mexico/Canada. The EU has common market. Why would Japan and China still play the 19th century politics? They have many differences, but they arn't stupid

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With our dear leader we can only lose. USA will tariffs us for helping China. Goodbye Toyota.

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Thank you, Trump! Make Sino-Japanese relations great again! Tee hee hee!

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Abe is becoming a great actor.

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Dump more made in China to Japan. Soon all quality Japanese made things are already vanishing.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

Soon all quality Japanese made things

Quality japanese made? You mean like the quake shock absorbers currently lining Tokyo sky tree's basement? The airbags that maim instead of save lives? You mean that quality?

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Soon all quality Japanese made things are already vanishing.

all those Quality Japan items that have had their data manipulated!?

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With our dear leader we can only lose. USA will tariffs us for helping China. Goodbye Toyota.

70% of Toyota sold in America already made in America.

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My guess is that the Chinese are wasting their time.

Abe's Japan is an occupied country.

Trump says 'jump' and Abe says 'how high?'

Abe was scheduled to travel to Iran to drum up business this summer. US places an illegal embargo and sanctions on Iran (contravening US' own signature and related UN resolution) for whatever reason (i.e. even the Pentagon says Iran is in compliance with its commitments) and Abe cancels the trip and foregoes the business! Just because US said so.

In the meantime, it is the US that is demanding Japan pay more for the bases, placing tariffs on Japan, threatening Japan with more and saying Japan is taking advantage of it. Abe is a disgrace of sycophantic proportions.

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Fail to see how this gonna work - both sides have protectionist economies.

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Neither China or Japan have been interested in fair trade at all, be interesting to see if anything comes of this, not likely tho!

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2 of the top trade violators agreeing on trade? Okay....

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So China is finally going to implement fair trade! That will be a novelty.

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PM Abe finally made a Japan First Policy independent from the whims and caprices of the virtual colonizer.


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High palm for Abe. He did right thing at the right time in a right way and got right result. Wise leaders promote friendship among people, insane leaders spread hate. Cooperation is much better than competition, it is more positive, it is more peaceful, it is more efficient and it is more beneficial. Only when you are in China ,you will feel the beat of your heart. Wish Abe visit China soon and again, next year and each every year.

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I spent 10 days in Japan and only saw 2 USA made vehicles. This is fair and equal trade ? I think close to half the vehicles in USA are Japanese.

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