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EU bail-out fund chief says 'no deal' with China; Japan visit next


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This "deal" will be like all the previous ones - it will fail, and this time I hope it takes the Euro out, and that it also results in the disintegration of the United States of Europe, one of the most undemocratic and wasteful conglomerates on the face of this earth.

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Hey if China wants the Europeans to by all of their cheap MADE IN CHINA crap, they have to also come up with a few good ideas to keep the EU afloat. This in the end will bring more $$$ to the Middle Kingdom, right??

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Hmm. I think these are very interesting times. Seems everyone is connected.

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What will happen if the Euro does indeed fall? Everybody lose?

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Irrelevant to the subject :

This the first headline since ages that JT puts China & Japan together for the same cause ( not conflicting issues )...

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Ridiculous indeed, while asking Japan for help seems justified, but the Rich EU is going after these BRICS for help amid economic depression ? How about the USA ?

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How about the USA ?

IMF and US are not helping as of today.

But things may change any time after yesterday's agreement. That's the reason US Secretary of Finance Mr. Geithner was in Europe 2 weeks ago expressing that the problem has to be contained within themselves in Euro..

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Spot on!

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EU and especially Greece, it is not the time to demonstrate against cutting wade. If IMF actually intervenes the case, it is certain that their wage will amazingly plummet.

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China wants to help because they will expect the same when their day in hell comes and they break up into little fiefdoms

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As old saying that you learn wisdom from someone else's mistakes.

Many European leaders will come to Japan for a financial assistance. Stay humble as you always have been.

Japan needs to start focusing on its own sovereign debt and to stay cautious for TPP talks.

GDP and GOOD job growth is a key to stay competitive in globalization.

Hope for Japan

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“If the Chinese, who have 60% of global reserves, decide to invest in the euro instead of the dollar, why refuse?” said the French president.

Won't happen as the Euro is a baby currency, plus China would be using dollars from its reserves to buy the Euro.

China will buy up America instead. Would buy up Japan, but there is nothing left here to buy.

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keeping the EU afloat is essential to China, otherwise the huge influx of european refugees spreading across to China will be a terrible nighmare, you know they speak more than a dozen languages and they dont use chopsticks to eat! By the way, I think Mr Sarkozy has been bowing too much, it was not the way to ignore a 'guest' who is the representative of a maasive desperated populations in eurozone!

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@global watcher

If IMF, headed by a European technocrat C. Lagarde, is not moving a finger, the rest of the world should double their vigilance then !

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The Europeans were unwilling to put up money to save the euro. Why then would any else want to invest in a fund which buys distressed bonds.

China may end up buying some to park someof its money and to suppress the value of the RMB, but I suspect like Japan,they would prefer to buy European Companies.

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"the Chinese, who have 60% of global reserves"

And yet the vast majority of Chinese are still dirt-poor.

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China is only a bit richer than India, because China was smart enough to control it's population to that only 1 baby per family law, but still too many Chinese and too many like Serrano says working it in Roppongi, Shinjuku, Ogikubo, Ikebukuro hmm almost in every major Tokyo train station we can see young and not so young Chinese girls that have still not achieved the Chinese dream so they are working here in Japan, my guess is that maybe soon we can also see nice hot EU chicks coming to work it here in Japan too??

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I have put one thumb down to your comment above on the last sentence. Nothing personal amigo !

Issue about comparison between India & China : my view is the contrary, India has, since centuries, been richer than China thanks to its fertile arable land area ( much bigger than the latter in absolute terms within a smaller country ) & infrastructure built by the British ( railways etc ) & of course the brilliant brains in this country. Political ideology & governance ? No idea how to choose between a corrupted democratic government versus another also corrupted communist / socialist governing regime..

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