China labels Japan a 'troublemaker'


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China, I have but three words for you. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Japan, please shut up the moronic old men you have put in power and stop giving, though in this case extremely hypocritical, others basis for their propaganda.

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"China on Tuesday labeled Japan a “troublemaker” that is damaging regional peace and stability, firing back at earlier criticism from Tokyo over a spike in tensions in northeast Asia."

China is a psychotic country which points fingers at Japan while it itself is guilty of those charges. Maybe they should try reading some news outside their own censored country.

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I was thinking of a good analogy for the current state of diplomatic relations between the US, Japan, China and SKorea – and I think I’ve found one – Kindergarten………

Players: Ms Smith (teacher - US), and Sato-kun, Kim-kun and Zao-kun……

Zao-kun: Ms Smith, Ms Smith, Sato-kun has taken my very, very small toy truck, and he won’t give it back – it’s mine, I received it many years ago (even though I haven’t complained about it much until last year). I’m going to go over there, hit him, and take it back unless you tell him to give it to me……

Sato-kun: Ms Smith, that’s my very, very small toy truck, it’s been mine for a very long time and Zao-kun is just being a big bully (he’s gained a lot of weight recently….). Ms Smith, please stand over here near me and help me hit Zao-kun when he comes over to take the truck.

Ms Smith: Now Zao-kun, Sato-kun; you both need to play nice and sit down and talk to one another and try to come to an mutually agreed to resolution – no poking fingers at one another……..remember, not only for you two, but it’s important for all your other friends that you both have a good relationship…..

Kim-kun: Ms Smith, Sato-kun is a bad boy – he stole lots of my trucks many years ago and broke them all – I’ll never forgive him for it (even though he has somewhat apologized several times and has paid me back and helped me when I needed it….)

Sato-kun: What, here we go again……..yes, maybe I did steal some of his trucks many years ago, but I’ve said I’m sorry (somewhat) and I’ve given him lots of money and help since then. And if you really ask me, I think we improved the trucks when we stole them……

Ms Smith: You two – you live so close together but just can’t seem to get along – don’t you know you have that big bully, Kim-kun’s very poor step brother that lives very close to you both – and that guy really is crazy…….you both need to put the past aside, and start talking and cooperating with one another – there’s so much good that could happen for you both, and all your friends, if you’d just stop arguing…….

Zao-kun, Kim-Kun, Sato-kun: Ms Smith, Ms Smith, take my side, please, please……….

Ms Smith: you know, if you three don’t stop fighting with one another, you’re going to cause a big problem for the whole school……..

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Oh voted down... I never said they are right just that the people at the top are not helping this situation at all.

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CCP, shut up and zip it.

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China on Tuesday labeled Japan a “troublemaker” that is damaging regional peace and stability, firing back at earlier criticism from Tokyo over a spike in tensions in northeast Asia.

Okay, that is as far as I got before I started laughing my.A.off.!

Communist China continues in their attempt to make the world believe that Japan is the one threatening it's neighbors.

Propaganda, fall for it or wake up, it's up to you.

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@NZ2011 - Democracies have this little thing called 'freedom of speech', which gives even our most odious and ignorant citizens the right to a point of view - but those views can be rebutted by other citizens with evidence and facts. Japan has its share of revisionists but I suggest these are a small and shrinking minority. The thing to watch is how Japan as a nation conducts itself as a global citizen, and since 1945 its behaviour has (and continues to be) exemplary.

China under the CCP on the other hand has an 'us against the world' mentality, is in a constant state of belligerence with most of its neighbours, conducts its diplomacy at the end of a gun or under threat of force, while repressing its own populations freedom of expression and access to knowledge that are harmful to their grip on power and propaganda narratives (including portraying Japan as an evil empire).

The only regional 'trouble-makers, are the CCP/PLA and their friends in the DPRK.

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Hua told a regularly scheduled news conference that China’s military posture is purely defensive and Japan is stirring up trouble with its own moves to expand its armed forces and alter its pacifist constitution.

US Navy officers have different assessment of Chinese Military. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/19/inside-the-ring-china-readies-for-short-sharp-war-/

Navy Capt. James Fanell, director of intelligence and information operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, said during a conference in San Diego that the People’s Liberation Army’s large-scale war games last fall showed that the island of Taiwan is no longer Beijing’s lone major target.

"In addition to a longstanding task to restore Taiwan to the mainland, we witnessed the massive amphibious and cross-military region exercise, Mission Action 2013, and concluded that the PLA has been given new task: To be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea, followed by what can only be expected [as] a seizure of the Senkakus, or even the southern Ryukus," he said.

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zichi, Thanks. http://www.japantoday.com/category/politics/view/u-s-general-urges-china-japan-to-talk-to-avoid-miscalculations

On Wednesday, Japan's Jiji Press quoted Captain James Fanell, intelligence chief for the US Pacific Fleet, as telling a forum that China has tasked its military to become capable of conducting "a short sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea".

Odierno, however, dismissed such reports when asked to comment. "I've seen no indications of that at all," he said.

But he also said,

Beijing and Tokyo must enhance communication to avoid "miscalculations" amid a simmering territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea.

What "miscalculations" was he talking about if he was not talking about China sending troops to Senkakus?

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China lives in a world all of its own. They mindset with these Chinese leaders with its new found power is just unbelievable. I am wondering after reading this article and China's remarks, I have to wonder if the people themselves of China ever take a moment and wonder to themselves.... Why do we think so differently and see the issues so differently than the rest of the world..... Then you have Chinese leaders making these stupid statements that are in total contrast in regards to the rest of the world.

“I think everybody will agree with me that Japan has already become a de facto troublemaker harming regional peace and stability,” Hua said.

Are these people for real?????? Is it just China that believes no one knows what is going on in the region, or are they just speaking to the people of China that they have conformed to believe such nonsense and will just go along with all the ignorance these leaders of China put out to the public..

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Japan: heavily responsible for WW2

Japan: heavily responsible for WW3.

Yeah, I would call that a troublemaker.

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@Tessa... Japan was responsible for the war in the Pacific and Asia in WW2. They attacked Pearl Harbour and brought America into the war (2 years after it started in Europe)... they did not start WW2. They added another dimension to it.

As for starting WW3 - either NK or China will start that... or Israel... or Iran. Or it'll never happen in our lifetime. Oh, and in WW1 they were on the side of the British and Commonwealth forces, attacking German positions and ships at the request of the British government.

That's all beside the point, point is... who does China think it is calling Japan a trouble maker? China bleats on and on about Japanese actions in WW2 at every opportunity... almost as if the ruling committee wake up every morning with a list of things they can shout about before lunch. I do sincerely wish that an enormous sink hole would open up under the CPP rulers and their Fortress of Evil, sucking them away. Do the world a favour!

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Lol, this is a nation whose nationalists and hate mongers have, from day one, baited, goaded, and insulted all Japanese.

What was that about glass houses?

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Chinese should look at the themselves - there is no trouble in the region that has not been caused by China.

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Japan was the troublemaker, aggressor, the bad egg of the world but now Japan is a good citizen of the world.... On the other hand, China is currently the troublemaker, aggressor, the bad egg of the world. I like to say the US should put China in its place but the US has no balls now. It's unfortunate.

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If I could quit laughing I might be able to read the report and not just the headline, ROFL.

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China is a society that went directly from feudalism to communism. Chinese are still highly influenced by the rules and philosophy played in wartime. These rules are still valuable in politics and military, but they create negative side effects in business, where you are not fighting but collaborating with each other for own benefit. The Chinese government officials are appointed by superiors rather than elected by the citizens, and they only need to work for the interests of their superiors. The objective is to not to find the truth but what’s right for you. Your superior is always right in China.

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sfjp330FEB. 27, 2014 - 09:19AM JST

The objective is to not to find the truth but what’s right for you. Your superior is always right in China.

It is very true in US congress, white house and Virginia house of delegates. They have been heavily influenced by powerful lobby groups NRA, wealthy business men and cashed up Korean nationalists for winning votes and donations.

In US, many powerless citizens lobbied for safety of children for not being butchered . However their truth has not been prevailed due to the superior mentality of NRA intervention.

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The Chinese government officials are appointed by superiors rather than elected by the citizens, and they only need to work for the interests of their superiors. The objective is to not to find the truth but what’s right for you. Your superior is always right in China.

So good to know that this doesn't apply at all to Japan!

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Does China actually think the world sees them as the victim?

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Any country that resists or obstructs China's territorial expansion and intimidation is to China a "troublemaker". China labelled the Philippines a "troublemaker" and resisted sending humanitarian assistance after the Typhoon. So yes, from China's point of view, Japan is a troublemaker.

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