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China-led bank adds urgency to Japan's pursuit of TPP deal

By Linda Sieg

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Can't we talk about AIIB or TPP in a way it should be? Those should not be mere pawns of political games, for those could change lives of people in various countries. Ideally speaking, though.

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Meh, I don't think there is that much money to be made lending to the 'stans and that new Silk Road idea was never really going to amount to much, either. It is cheaper to send goods by sea that don't have any urgency. Lol at "create a rule-based regime that would eventually draw in China". Will never happen with the CCP in charge. They like to think they are the rules.

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Rather see a Butter Coalition formed over TPP. Perhaps China could be a world leader in Butter Production Plan.

Would be known as the BPP

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How can anyone believe what Reuters or AP or AFP write about the TPP? What they really should be doing is attacking it and investigating its secrecy. Corporate media on display!

regional clout?

They can't even say PetroDollar.

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Yelnats: Perhaps China could be a world leader in Butter Production Plan.

Because nothing's tastier than "butter" fortified with melamine.

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The only people who benefit from TPP are the few top executives and investors in behemoths like Monsanto, the people who gave the world Sarin, Agent Orange and Aspartame.

At the beginning, items like rice would be cheap and housewives would be very happy. This is how it was with supermarkets at the beginning, if anyone remembers. The supermarkets destroyed the grocery stores and butcher's shops where we used to do our shopping because they couldn't compete with the low prices of the supermarkets. And then the prices started to go up. Nowadays, it's much cheaper to shop at a farmer's market, but TPP would destroy this.

Following a similar line to the supermarket, unable to compete with mass produced genetically modified meat and produce, whole farming industries would collapse. With no jobs and no money coming in, public safety will suffer, muggings and burglaries would increase. Yes, in Okinawa, as well as japan.

It's not as if it would benefit the U.S.A. American farmers don't want it either.

Nobody wants it.

This is why TPP is being negotiated IN SECRET.

And we, the people who would be directly affected are not even being consulted.

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It is funny the 2 countries talking about competing for the clout of China, Russia, Brazil, and so on are the 2 biggest debtors in the world.

Prime Minister Abe just says Japan will "borrow" $110 billion to fund Asian infrastructure projects despite Japan's external debt is more than 240% of its GDP. What a financial genius !

What about those Japanese who are victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster, earthquakes, floods, and so on ? I guess they have to wait behind the other Asians and US citizens for financial help.

The USA's external debt is already US$18000 billion, over 100% of its GDP and is increasing by hundreds of billions of US dollars every year. It is already paying higher interest rates to borrow. It is running a current account deficit, trade deficit, budget deficit every year for many years.

I think Japan needs a regime change.

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The reality is that the tide is shifting away from US global control of banking and finance.

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WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT SUPPORT TPP. We are NOT represented by your corporate sources.

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Rather see a Butter Coalition formed over TPP lol the thing is there is a coalition on alomost every agriculture product in Japan, its just the brainwashed cant see it and have been taught to protect J farmers no matter what the cost. I saw a show on TV last night with somebody buying a 5kg bag of potatoes for 3Euro/ about 400yen in the Netherlands. and the Netherlands consumption tax of 19%. and people say Japan doesnt need a TPP wake tfu please

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This new bank proposed by China is indeed a threat and is just one more way of China trying to increase its power and influence across the world. And anyone that disagrees seriously needs to ask themselves why Taiwan - the same country that China covets and already considers its own - is the only country that has not been invited to join this new bank.

The TPP has been set up to try and counteract China's grab for increasing power and influence. So don't criticise it without understanding fully what it aimed at providing.

The 5 countries that China is initially strategically looking to control, and who are directly in the firing line, are Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam .... and they won't stop there.

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If you chase 1billion people you may as well chase your own shadow.

Of course every opportunity has its timing. Bubble has been now its dragon time.

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Japan does not need TPP or the US. Chindia has 3 BILLION people. Japan will become a niche economy integrated into this system, along with SE Asia. Japan will be prosperous in this role. After China overcomes the new boy on the block combative attitude, things will go more smoothly. US can tilt back to the old world.

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let face it, japan opposes TPP, or at least slow down its progress to the brink of falling apart. now, japan also opposes AIIB. and what exactly are they creating? not sure. well then, let oppose everything for we are so special.

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Policy makers, though, are betting strategic benefits would outweigh any economic downside by helping anchor the United States to the region

This hardly sounds like an economic deal now. For whatever economic gains the TPP will give, it'll only be benefiting the multinational corporations (most likely based in the US and Japan) by giving them so much power they can challenge a country's sovereignty. What are these talks about "establishing fair rules" to begin with?

On another note, comparing the AIIB with TPP is pretty wrong nonetheless. But how the US and Japan responded to it by confusing it with something it's not, shows what state they are in.

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TPP must be stopped at all cost.

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TPP must be stopped at all cost. unfortunaetly your wish has little chance of coming true. and when Japanese see the avantages of the TPP through better variety and increased competition itll be as good as done, cant wait

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