China lodges protest against Japan over Taiwan's bid to join TPP


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Maybe "if" China becomes a TPP member, they can complain about current Members' positions on memberships. Until then they should keep their mouth shut. However, China is incapable of dealing with Japan in any manner other than to talk down to it like a child, threaten it with nukes or tell them to "correct" their thinking. China "could" become a great country, but not with Xi Jing Ping and the CCP at it's helm.

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You’re not a member of our club yet, who joins is up to us.

Taiwan, come on in :)

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Reading about the constant complaining of the ccp reminds me of living with my parents.

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Xi is the CCP,all of you whining over China,when Xi is the big cheese,maybe launching a campaign to undermine his leadership of China,will bear some fruit

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And we urge China to keep out of internal matters that doesn't concern them and that they stop threatening the peace in the Pacific area.

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Japan should let local government levy taxes on local real estate property,and use the money to finance local government need

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No one will even listen to this so predictable "protest" by the commies. Japan will laugh at it.

Taiwan has every right as a free and fair democratic nation to be in this exclusive free trade club. Communist China does not. Simple as that.

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Eventually, every coutries will give support to Taiwan.

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Your protest is noted. And ignored.

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China, there is the door, tell your story walking.

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The world saw very clearly on Friday when China released the two Canadians held hostage a few hours after Meng Wangzhou was released from prosecution that the CPP has different values of the international world.

This protest is just a part of this "different values" philosophy. Japan and others need to send clearer messages that the agreed international values (UN etc.) need to be followed if the CCP wants to work within the international community.

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they just dont get it, do they...

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TPP. Apparently, though Trump put a stake in the heart of that mis-guided entity, it has arisen from the dead.

The people of Taiwan, should thank China. The PP does nothing for any but large corporate, multi-national entities and allows companies to act like thieves and violate national/state standards and regulations. It is a completely undemocratic entity.

Free Trade is code for stealing & looting via legal means.

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The Free World. That's an amusing trope. Only folks who 'believe' such a fallacy are dupes in the USA.

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Richard Gallagher: If your statement is correct, The USA would certain joined. But you are incorrect and is the reason the USA would not join.

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This agreement was originally set up for twelve nations to counter Chinese trade. The US pulled itself out under the short sighted president No 45. The remainder continued on and achieved the trade agreement. They must not forget it's main purpose. They must allow Taiwan and the UK in and continue its original goal to counter Chinese trade. The more China protests the more effect it is having on them and the more it shows its value to the world.

CPTPP, Taiwan in, UK in, China out!

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Come on TPP time to show some spine and let Taiwan in.

The former guy with his uneducated and narrow minded world view pulled the US out, but it’s time to rejoin.

China can whine all it wants!

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The Free World. That's an amusing trope. Only folks who 'believe' such a fallacy are dupes in the USA.

Not at all sir, almost all countries other than the brutal dictatorships like Russia, China, N.Korea and a few other derivatives believe in it!!

The CCP might not be saying that, but then they rarely ever speak the truth!!!!

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China should get out of Japan altogether. Tokyo should extend full diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Period.

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In WW1 Japan seized German assets in China because it saw Westerners as a threat to Asia.

A little historical correction is in order here. As a member of the Allies in WWI, Japan was awarded all of Germany's possessions in the Pacific, which were substantial and included about half of of what is now Papua New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, Rabaul and many other islands the US would have to take during WWII. This also included Germany's possessions in China. No sinister conspiracy, just how the spoils of war were divvied up.

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The Free World. That's an amusing trope. Only folks who 'believe' such a fallacy are dupes in the USA.

It's so fashionable to be cynical about everything. Compared to most of the world, the US is indeed a place a great freedom. Don't believe me. Ask people who have immigrated to the US from truly repressive places. They know the difference even as some cynical well fed westerners are blind to them.

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