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China mulls in-person event to mark normalization of ties with Japan


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Normalize your relations and be closer, be friends, do not let US interventionism and greed, cause the instability and war that the the weakened and power hungry US needs to continue to strengthen itself..

Ummm civil war-- you mean the Chinese Revolution?! SMH. Why don't you just say what it was? it wasn't some little civil war nobody heard about.

It was a big civil war, revolutionary or not, like it or not..

Anyone who welcomes any celebration to mark the anniversary of "normalization of ties" between Japan and China is a fool.

No, fool are the people that are full of prejudices and do not know things as they are and whine asking for more separation and hatred between countries..

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Nice gesture and all, but probably not the time to be holding face-to-face events of any type. In any other time this wouldn't even warrant a news story, honestly.

Hold a ceremony by all means, but I think most attendance could easily be done virtually.

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Is there any country that does not want anything in return???.Pls name that country.

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Any association with China is a NO NO they can not be TRUSTED. If china wants to associate with ANYONE you need to stop and ask this question? WHAT IS IT THAT china WANTS IN RETURN!!!

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It sounds like when somebody is way too eager to shake your hand just so they can try and crush it.

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A Big No n Blame China Virus its the win win situation forJapan

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The move indicated China, which has been at odds with the United States over security and human rights issues, is eager to stabilize relations with Japan,

And yet it continues to sail and fly over and around Japanese territory in the Senkaku Islands. These actions speak louder than words on what China wants. If such provocative actions on a nearly daily basis are an indication of "normalization" of relations then Japan is in trouble and should not be celebrating such things. China needs to show it is a good neighbor and until it can do that then it cannot say relations are normalized.

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Anyone who welcomes any celebration to mark the anniversary of "normalization of ties" between Japan and China is a fool.

The only people who would celebrate this are greedy, money-hungry grubs with no ethics, who look the other way from mnass genocide.

Japan should be moving to sever ties with this totalitarian, evil regime - and restarting full diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

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