China rules out Xi and Abe meeting at Sochi Games


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China now views Abe in the same light as those he prayed to at the war shrine, i.e., a war criminal. Every single thing Abe does is interpreted to be specifically designed to humiliate China. Even Abe's calls for dialog are interpreted to be PR attack on China, and designed as lip service to the American pressure to "improve relationship with Japan's neighbors."

Under such circumstances, meeting Abe would indeed be a great humiliation to China.

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Good. No reason to meet.

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Brain washed Chinese people like you are the reason why the world dislikes your country. If you think you can change everyone's opinions like your government controls your people, then you are sadly mistaken.

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@Hide rsgz4gg7y2's comments in no way support China's stance, or say that those interpretations are correct. They simply state how Abe's actions are being interpreted in China, not whether that interpretation is correct or not.

YOU, much more than they, are the one who comes across as "brain-washed" and belligerent. You have judged someone when you know nothing about their motives or beliefs.

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@ Hide

Speak for yourself, i don't "hate" China. I don't hate any country even N Korea. The facts are that people in every country are controlled to some extent by their governments. People from any country including Japanese like your good self often take anything negative about their home country as a personal attack.

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China shows again that it lacks diplomatic ability and can never aspire to be a true superpower. In protest at the child like behavior of this unelected regime people around the world are not buying their inferior "products" anymore.

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I don`t blame China. Abe has no diplomatic nous whatsoever

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Aussie, Let's reflect on how China sees the world shall we. MONEY and only MONEY!! They don't give a rats a-- about the enviroment, their own citizens, and the icing on the cake is, they blame everybody else for their problems! Their situation is black and white, GREED!!!!! End of story!

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“The definition of what constitutes aggression has yet to be established in academia or in the international community,”

When someone who has a bit conscience have heard the above remarks made by Shinzo Abe last april, it will be a silly thing and an insult to the country if he/she being the head of state is able to shake hands with! Totally end of story!

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What's there to discuss? Abe says that there is no dispute over the Diaoyus; that. visiting Yasukuni is hie right and he will continue to visit and pray; he wants to rewrite the constitution; he visited ASEAN to gather support against China, etc.. For Xi to talk to him will cast him into ignominy. Russia will know how to handle if both leaders of China and Japan attend the games. Unfortunately for Abe, Obama has decided not to attend, otherwise he will try to cosy up to him. And for goodness sake, not all who disapproves Abe actions are China nationals. My country is a few thousand km from Beijing!

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@Asian2013: Mr Abe is a very hard working sales person, just pity he is selling something causing much resentment from China and South Korea!

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At this point I'm not surprised Xi won't meet with Abe, it would ruin all the bad press China is dishing out to Japan.

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There're some prominent voices among Japanese politicians whom China considers "moderate" and "constructive", such as those that disagree with Abe's visit to the Yasukuni shrine. These people can go talk to the Chinese. Surely China is interested in talking also, but they cannot climb down from their high ladder now.

These "moderate" politicians may be Abe's rivals in politics, but surely national interest overrides that. Being instrumental in improving the relationship with China can ultimately raise their political standing in Japan. Nixon's secret visit to China in the 70s at that time was considered politically unthinkable, but once it actually happened, it was hailed as Nixon's greatest legacy, for having "won over" China. Kissinger still gloats about it these days.

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China's loss. It does no good to stick your head in the sand, when it comes to international relations. Think Iran and half the African continent. Olive branches seem to have lost their purpose, or am I wrong? I wish I was, but escalation of rhetoric usually precludes 'accidental' violence. God help us if that's the case here.

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