China says it lodged repeated complaints with Japan over South China Sea


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The Government of Japan for the sake of maintaining 70 years of peace must stand fast against the bullying Government of China from creating a new imperial order in east Asia.

Enforcing a Chinese regional bloc economy, through the militarization of islands that would allow the Government of China to dominate major trade routes.

The Government of China is the 21st century equivalent of the very Japanese imperialism the Government of China cynically exploits by emphasis on national victim-hood..

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They seem to inhabit some kind of parallel universe.

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China is quickly becoming infected with a rabies like virus & sadly like a rabid dog may have to be out of OUR, the WORLDS collective MISERY!!

China, your outta control, be careful or you will become your own WORST enemy!

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China is arrogant. They still have not apologized for the millions Mao killed and put under slavery.

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The Chinese Communist Party have a very poor track record of operating in the people of China's best interests. Without listing it all, it's a pretty shocking roll of shame. They are a very poor representative of the Chinese people who deserve better and they are dangerous in terms of international relations with their neighbors. This increasingly bizarre episode is a very good example of that.

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It was a big mistake the Philippines got rid of U.S. Forces decades ago.

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Is the collective force between India, maritime Southeast Asian countries, and Japan large enough to rival China? If not I hope they ready themselves. When the time comes the US will probably come in to aid, but if the regional countries can handle this themselves that would be ideal.

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Let China complain. A barking dog never bites.

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There is no if or buts the Government of China is committing upwards of $40 billion plus on land reclamation, this is not to have some beach front BBQ, it is to enforce an exclusive economic zone by seizing South China Sea maritime lanes vital for the economies of East Asia with the threat of military force.

The US Government will not allow this to happen, there will be some political 'Hoki Coki' before unleashing some firepower afforded by a $612 billion defense budget.

The Government of Japan must impress upon the Government of China that a diplomatic solution is the only course, because otherwise it will be hell on earth literally....

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Don't complain to Japan, it's the US told him to do so!

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Friday that Japanese officials’ recent remarks on the South China Sea have “seriously damaged the mutual political trust between China and Japan” and hurt the overall improvement in ties.

Excuse me. What has damaged political trust? Does Hong believe his own BS? Who is changing the situation in the SCS? Certainly not Japan. Is China thinking to replace economic clout with military clout? It won't work. Distrust of China in the world is building. Japanese companies are pulling out of that country one by one. Still many countries are attracted to the great bully as long as China is the big financier. Let's hope for our children the Chinese aggression won't blow up into a major military conflict in which there are only losers.

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Translations, China doesn't want anyone exposing it's hypocrisy and invasions!

Keep up the good job Japan, Communist controlled China is just but a sneeze away from being free from the Communist oppression and happily all it will take to free the Chinese people from their oppressors is the right spark and 70 plus years of Communist tyranny will end!

Imagine how great a free China can become!

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China would be funniest country on the planet if they weren't the world's most heavily armed dictatorship.

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From European perspective we do not see a difference between what the Chinese are doing and what the USA are doing.

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

Translations, China doesn't want anyone exposing it's hypocrisy and invasions!

Does anyone in their right mind actually think that China cares?

From European perspective we do not see a difference between what the Chinese are doing and what the USA are doing.

Really? Your part of Europe must be somewhere near the Kremlin. Where pray tell has the US started creating an entire island in a disputed area?

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China added some ground to build artificial island making Japan's accusations not groundless anymore....

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China needs to shut up. It is a bully. Japan and other nations need to bind together to fight this awful bully.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

"...warning Japan not to undermine improving relations between the two Asian rivals."

LOL. "improving relations." China's economy is in deep trouble, China desperately wants Japanese investment so it pretends it is trying to 'improve relations." Sure, I believe that. I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too.

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The problem is that the Chinese empire was not the only empire in pre-modern Asia and the world. There were other empires and kingdoms too. Many countries can make equally valid “historical claims” to lands that are currently not a part of their territory. Before the 20th century, there were no sovereign nation-states in Asia with clear, legally defined boundaries of jurisdiction and control. If China’s claims are justified on the basis of history, then so are the historical claims of Vietnamese and Filipinos based on their histories. An acceptance of China’s version of history is seen as rejection of other countries’ history and the notion of equality of sovereign nation-states.

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What China also needs to do is just read up on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and take the cases to the International Court of Justice.

These are complaints just silly and posturizing for its own people.

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Oh sorry, China, did you say something?


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It is time for China to realize that it has aggravated every Asian Country with their stance of Bulling in places they have no right to be, China is Looking to start a war which is very close to happening and I for one am Voting as an American to have that war because China and all who run it are Greedy and it is a Poor shame that it is the people the citizens of that country which will pay a very dear price for this conflict,

they will lose Trade agreements and all countries most importantly the U.S. and will place a Blockade against any goods coming into their countries from China, sending China into an economic depression and in the end China will pay the price in Dollars for equipment used and people Lost, and lose Dearly for their false charges and statements, making claims for land more then 800 miles from their cost Line, which they have no right too, they want to have an agreement with each country as they hold a Gun to their heads, this is a way of Terrorist not any Working Government, the day is coming and is on the horizon where this will turn into a reality! China will Lose!

I also predict that the Chinese government will fall and the people will change it to a democracy, which that Government does not want! This will happen and it is close to be happening, the Chinese are upset with their own government, they Know anything can Happen, including camps for all Chinese if a conflict breaks out, Just like in WWII with the Japanese..

This is not far fetched as we all see how aggressive the Chinese are with their hackers, making the US and all other countries having to protect themselves from the Electronic Wars too. This will also open the Door when Russia stands with china for the European countries, the UN to take back Ukraine and close the doors on both countries crippling them to the point that their own people will revolt against their governments as their food Lines will be cut. You watch and see if this prediction will come true,

remember it is china and Russia which stops votes against bad government or stands up for each other when they are in question, the two are a team and will always throw the wrench in when the time is needed to stop some Arrhenius government. Both Governments want disabled countries so they can walk in and make cheap deals for them to survive.

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Why China didn’t goes to International Maritime Court for Islands in South and East China Sea ownership dispute?

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Vietnam & the Philipine gov'ts have gone to the U.N. to stop this expantionismin what have been traditional fishing waters & were told "You're on Your Own!" Next stop should be the World Court,Japan has to hold it's own in part because of the U.S. paying only "Lip Service"on any issue involving China.

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Oh sorry, China, did you say something? yawn

I don't think you get it. Take this attitude about China and you had better start learning to speak Chinese because they will not stop there.

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Typical Chinese Government reaction - ignore the central issue, in this case and project the blame onto the Japanese.

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China has no business to complain about Japan when it acting like a big bully in South East Asian Waters. One way to deal with this strong "imperial Chinese" military/naval power is to band together to face China's brash intimidating acts in these waters. The US, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and other concerned nations in the region should seriously consider a Defence Treaty to safeguard Peace in the region. Those who believe that China is a peaceful nation must have their heads examined. Just observe their assertive strategies in their 90% territorial claimed South China Sea, & not wanting UNCLOS to do the arbitration involving aggrieved claimants i.e. Philippines and Vietnam in particular. China says it is law abiding & yet it blatantly avoids any peaceful resolution in International Court. China must change if it wants respect. It must not expect the other Asian nations to "kow-tow" to its whims and fancies.

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Stop complaining and Stop trading with China. China has been built on a manufacturing base. The best way to cripple that country is to stop purchasing and importing Chinese made products.

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Make absolutely no mistake, war is coming.

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China, give it a rest!! And why are Japanese news outlets even posting this? IT'S NOT NEWS!! Lol!

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