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China says it will be good host to Japan during APEC


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Haha, if they can survive the pollution there.

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A good gesture which can go a long way in improving ties between the two countries!

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If I was part of the Japanese delegation, I wouldn't really want to eat any of the official meals I was given....

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Feeling uncomfortable

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Good feeling, ever existed couple years ago for these 2, is gone forever!

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Yea Right!! Well, if the Commies in China wanna sell to the world that they promise "to be a good host to Japan" the Japanese had better think again, and continue not to take China at their word.

Yea we've been observing "the promises" made by Communist China as of late - mainly with keeping their promise to the British regarding Hong Kong.

All World Leaders must understand that any promises made by China is simply a Promise Written On Water

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A real counterweight to US power is a global necessity. Quote from UK

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I agree that the first thing China should do is guarantee that all attendees will be able to breathe. Otherwise it would be a pretty funny sight to see the foreign delegates all arriving wearing gas masks.

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Don't make any annoying to Communist Chinese leader until the APEC meeting was finished. Otherwise, the leader will order red flag for Japanese PM.

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I learned a long time that China's promises don't mean very much.

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Politically and economically China doesn't really depend that much on Japan, not as much as what a lot of Japanese people think. China's economy has structural problems, but those cannot be helped by Japan anyways. China can get just about everything it could want for Japan from South Korea. And it's sitting on trillions and trillions of cash for that purpose.

Just by working on its own economy (and military) China makes Japan nervous. What country wants a strong but unfriendly neighbor? Obama's meeting with China at APEX will hopefully come to some sort of understanding between them with regard to Japan. If not, things will get even more uncomfortable. A cold war of sort already exists between Japan and China. Japan is clearly more worried about it than China.

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@unuepb In that understanding I hope you realize the US will not cede one inch of territory to a non-democracy.

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Both of host CN and guest JP will be polite to each other and hate each other in mind at the same time as well.

@scipantheistOct. 31, 2014 - @unuepb In that understanding I hope you realize the US will not cede one inch of territory to a non-democracy.

R u sure? so why the US cede hundred of miles to Russia except some diplomatic lip service?

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Ukraine was in Russia's orbit before this year. Now it is in the US' except for a few small parts.

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Yes, China is dirty and polluted and the food questionable. Then why are there thousands and thousands of Japanese living in China? They must be utterly mad or just plain greedy for money! Get them all home and ask Abe not to go to China! Is Fukuda still alive? China tries to be nice and she gets nasty snide remarks. This is Jpanese civility at its best!

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Both of CN and JP are not good examples, however they're only piece of cakes compared to US THE SAINT!

scipantheistOct. 31, 2014 - Ukraine was in Russia's orbit before this year. Now it is in the US' except for a few small parts.

Good, just don't speak like a saint, Iraq is also in the US after Saddam Hussein executed however what it looks like now? and the US just ran away and left Iraq people to ugly ISIS! Is that the decmocracy the US promised?

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@yosun Well maybe China should convert to Islam if it wants to stand a chance against the US!

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My guess is PM Abe will not meet Pres. Xi at the APEC in November 2014 for the following reasons : ......................................................................................................................................................... (1) China and S. Korea cooperate in dealing with PM Abe. No meeting with Pres. Park means no meeting with Pres. Xi. (2) Japan's economy is deteriorating and PM Abe's popularity is declining. China has more leverage in dealing with PM Abe and gains by waiting. (3) Meeting PM Abe can help his sagging popularity but has little to offer in settling the disputes with China and S Korea.

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China said on Wednesday it will extend all possible courtesy to Japan at next month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

In other words Communist China's propaganda department won't order it's paid protesters to rant against Japan.

President Xi must be in a sticky situation......

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China won't embarrass Abe. That is a non-trivial promise. Nations are known to embarrass each other's leaders in subtle ways. The US does sit all the time. For example when Israeli PM visited the US, Obama would not gave state dinner to him but at the same time gave a small African country's president a state dinner. Also, when China's former president visited the US, George Bush Jr played Taiwan's national anthem, "by mistake." But everyone knew it was deliberate.

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