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China says Japan trying to 'confuse' South China Sea situation


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One simple question. Which side created the 'situation'?

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China's comments would be funny if they weren't so bent on territorial expansion.

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Why be surprised?

Communist Semantics: Manipulated Distortion


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The situation is very clear: China has no territorial rights in the South China Sea, no matter what its unelected dictators claim.

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This "situation" doesn't sound confused at all, Japan has claimed the islands. Japan is now exerting its control with the U.S. in joint patrols of the area. Nothing confused about the situation.

In reality, China is confused with the situation. Why hasn't taking another's property worked by now? The answer for those in China who are confused, Japan is not your territory and Japan does not need to obey you.

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"confuse" = "not the same as my assertion"

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The leadership in Beijing are the ones who are gravely confused!

It's now clear to all that Japan wants to provoke China to possible confrontation as proven by Abe's Government to insists on meddling in the SCS despite the fact that the PH and China have agreed to talk.

Stop dreaming President Xi! You should reinforce ties with North Korea and forget about Abe's Japan!

Provide massive economic, technological and military aid to Pyong Yang to help their starving population.

Abe is continuously pinching Xi's nose that it's no longer funny!

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China has serious mental problems!

China on Monday accused Japan of trying to “confuse” the situation in the South China Sea, after its neighbor said it would step up activity in the contested waters, through joint training patrols with the United States.

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The PCA ruling of July 12, 2016 has told it all whoever was the villainous aggressor in the Southeast Asia Sea. Let's hope that the world leaders will have proper measures to rectify the situation. Xi Jin-ping and Zhongnanhai should pay for the damages they have caused to the Southeast Asia Sea as well as in other countries, such as Tibet, Xin-jiang, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Manchuria, Mongols, etc.

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For China its Empire Expansion time and to get all other Nations to submit to their ways and accept what they say as a word from a God. China is flexing its muscles and is doing the same as Japan did in the wars in the 1930's. They believe thats the right way and its the only way. China is the new Tyrant in Asia and has broken out of its shell now. war is coming prepare now

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