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China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War


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China "should not harm a third party's interest or endanger regional peace and stability"

China last month passed a new law authorizing its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels and destroy structures on features it claims. 

Not much of a cold war.

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Wang did not directly address the criticism but said the islands were "China's inherent territory."

Same argument they use for the whole South China Sea. As soon as China lands on the Moon and Mars we'll be hearing the same line.

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China's threat of invading Taiwan is a product that is a thousand worst than Cold War.

It's bordering on the level of Holocaust and the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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This imperialist madman in Beijing can have a hot one as far as i am concerned. He is looking for one.

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Dear CCP,

Look at your actions in the past 10 years. It's not the peaceful rise as you promised.

Killing 20 Hindu soldiers at the boarder with India. That was not peaceful.

Building islands armed with weapons and jet fighters. Not peaceful.

Being more aggressive against Taiwan and next to Senkaku Islands, that's definitely not peaceful.

What's happening in Myanmar is terrible and China is supporting the wrong side. That's not peaceful.

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Every other country out there is doing or trying to move forward via business deals involving breaking down outdated principles and trade practices for better of all humanity except one "CHINA". They are bent on continuing rhetoric, encroaching on their neighbors, blatantly announce they are preparing for WAR, in the pretense of research (actions speak louder than words) and the list continues with all fingers pointing to CHINA. There isn't a single country today outside China even close to thinking of conquering it militarily or economically. That was proven when the majority of countries welcomed them to the WTO. China came with empty promises and instead militarized and weaponized themselves. They broke agreements and have caused troubles while blaming everyone around them without blaming themselves. The ones that should make the changes are the Chinese people themselves, CCP has too much control.

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China can do anything they want coz USA and Japan loves the communist PROC.

Solid proof: Washingjing and Tokyojing have robust diplomatic ties with Bejington but both adamantly refuses to have one with like minded, democratic and peaceful Taiwan.

These three silent partners are just playin a da-kine charade.

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Why don't you stop constantly trying to blame other countries for China's behavior?

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China's prehistoric attitudes must end. Making claims in modern times based on prehistoric adventures of sailors is unacceptable in any court. China's attitudes of ownership of people and putting them in coersional correction camps to alter their behaviour and thinking belongs to a time well in the distant past. China needs to modernize its thinking and approach to life in the 21st century. They cant go along led by bumbling barbarians and aspire to be a world leading nation. That does not compute.

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OssanAmericaToday  01:09 pm JST

> Why don't you stop constantly trying to blame other countries for China's behavior?

OA, It's not blamin. It's called just tellin the plain truth!

Why can't you see?

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lets not forget the peaceful transition in HK

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China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War

We are facing the Second Cold War. Further upgrades on security arrangements against "the Evil Empire" is necessary.

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Ha...this is china !

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I strongly believed the Japan must have Nuclear weapons for peace. Because, the China and Russia are bullying on the Japan and disrespect Japan sovereignty. The nuclear weapons can be detered nuclear war. If you have nuclear weapons and then no one will start to attack with nuclear weapons.

Look at Taiwan problem with China, the China has already invaded Taiwan if the Taiwanese Government and American Government do not have treaty.

The Japan must think seriously about possession of own nuclear weapons and ICBM and SLBM systems. At least, Japan must have technology for ready to produce nuclear weapons and delivery system. If ever Japan test Nuclear weapons and then must test ICBM and SLBM system at the same time.

Owning Nuclear weapons will protect Japan from another Atomic bomb attack from Rogue States. China and Russia are always invading Japan teritory water and airspace. North Korea always testing missiles over Japan and threatening to Japan. South Korea and Japan must have their own nuclear weapons in 2025.

I am anti-nuclear weapons but my view was changed after North Korea test Nuclear bomb. Now I accept nuclear weapons can deter future nuclear war.

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The Cold War was a confrontation between two antagonistic ideological blocs spearheaded by the Soviet Union, on one hand, and the so-called free, democratic nations spearheaded by the U.S. So when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, I thought the Cold War had come t an end at last. But I was wrong. To our chagrin, the U.S. took this as a good chance to expand its sphere of influence all over the world and so continued its arms buildup as a sole superpower, planting a missile base even in a former Soviet bloc country. 

So the Cold War was not simply a confrontation between the two ideological divides. What then is today's Cold War?

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