China says Japan's defense paper 'ignores facts'


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It "deliberately ignores facts and plays up 'China's military threat'", the state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Chinese defense ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng as saying.

Yep. And Vietnam, the Philippines and India must all be "ignoring facts" just to play up China's military threat. Or just maybe, China actually is a military threat and all those countries around China are building up their defenses in response to China's aggressive behavior.

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both sides are equally right or equally wrong, win-win !

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Countries often send planes and warships to an island due to a peaceful development path.

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I think China and Japan need to talk - really talk - and LISTEN to the other WITHOUT US "advice" or "assistance."

In truth there isn't much of a problem there.

Talks that lead to understanding will resolve it.

Military aggression or the threat of it only makes it worse.

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I think China and Japan need to talk - really talk - and LISTEN to the other WITHOUT US "advice" or "assistance."

agreed but then US is not NPO, profits first !

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too many troubles in China and all she cares is about those tiny islands.

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too many problems in Japan and all she cares about is those tiny islands.

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I am utterly unclear on how this can be twisted into a US instigated thing...

China is clearly on an expansionist path. Japan is clearly a target, and one of many, I might add. Japan clearly doesn't care to be a target. Japan's signaling is extraordinarily mild, IMO, when one considers that China represents an existential threat.

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I have a suspicion the Senkakus gambit is a diversion for China's real goal: the South China Sea. The SCS is vastly more important to China in strategic terms, on par with what the Caribbean does to the US.

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What a pretentious statement by the Chinese.

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As usual what China says contradicts how China acts, Nobody is buying the "peaceful rise" lie anymore.

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"China says Japan's defense paper 'ignores facts'"

And sharks don't eat anything that gets in their way.

The PRC is the greatest threat to world peace, you would have to be blind or brainwashed not to see it.

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Well, everybody knows J only kowtow to whoever can beat them up badly, like US or Russian. So until that day, China can stop bitching.

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Well, everybody knows J only kowtow to whoever can beat them up badly, like US or Russian. So until that day, China can stop bitching.

US defeated Japan in the last world war not Russia. In fact, Japan defeated Russia in 1904.

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U.S.A. truly the "Paper Dragon" in any contest now: Oil addicted and oil starved and ready to plunder for oil. My question: will Chinese thorium quest come to fruition and change the face of the Global Energy Quest enough to bring economic relief to Japan, China and the U.S.A. and open a new trade era or will there be war for riches over Japan's head between U.S.A. and China? Relevant because a Thorium powered China will far over reach an oil fired U.S., Military and all, and the first thorium reactors are due in 2017 in China?

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China needs to work more closely with the US so that Japan cannot be a wedge.

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US the main culprit behind the scenes. US wanna makes japan and china fighting each others and they gain in economy.

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China needs to work more closely with the US so that Japan cannot be a wedge.

The idea of G2 as well as the suggestion by the Chinese to administer the Pacific Ocean was shot down by Obama. Maintaining control of Senkaku is important in maintaining the first island chain. The increase in budget to accomplish this will no doubt be passed by the Diet in the next session.

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The radar lock would be a threat the Chinese polticians cannot admit happened. It is kind of like pointing a gun at your apartment neighbor.

The pilot of the American eavesdropping plane that crashed landed on Hainan Island is running for Governor of Nebraska. The incident happened early in Bush's first term, and he paid a million dollars to get the crew released.

Obviously the American plane was considered an intrusion, but the Chinese pilot did not have to die. Sometimes military and security folks have their own agenda. I doubt Bush ordered Shane Osborn to crash in China, and I doubt Hu Jintao ordered the Chinese pilot to die in a crash with his jet.

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Dern commies got their panties on too tight, thats all. Relax the dress code and the world relaxes with you. Peace.

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More childish, diplomatically unsophisticated drivel from China. The actions have consistently spoken far more clearly than their words, because when it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.....it's clearly a duck. Ya just can't window dress her any other way.

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What is the whole Senkakus dispute about? For so many years, there was no argument and they were unimportant.

I believe Japan, or more specifically Abe and the rest of the right wing have escalated the dispute to promote their agenda of constitutional change.

It is also being used to support the continued presence of the U.S. forces in Okinawa. However, knowing their island's history, Okinawans probably see Tokyo as more of a threat than China.

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I hope the US don't play the fools behind continue saying china is a threat to japan and japan don't act like a child! neighbour must trust each other not fighting each other. US presence at Japan is a disaster. did China ever invade japan before in history? did China bomb japan before? japan, please grow up and behave gentlemen not like you allies US always play the fire behind!

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Japan is of course the target here- even though Japan has been good to her neighbors they still lack trust- trust that a country like China will ensure to break apart.

so if you look at the pan pacific region you have only two countries who are in good enough of a state to do anything to China's aspersions- S.Korea and Japan. and South Korea is too worried about the North.

so that leaves Japan- and Japan is following the rules set forth by the Constitution that was given pretty much by the US after the war.

China is playing an isolation game- if they can isolate Japan, drive the US out of the pacific they can take everything. then they will move on the main islands.

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Like any other nations both Japan and China have the right to build up their defense force. Japan should not expect a non vocal reaction from China if it specifically single out China by name as the reason in its Defense White Paper.

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Since coming to power in December, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has cast doubt on Japan’s commitment to pacifism enshrined in a constitution imposed on the country by the United States after the Second World War.

Was this written by someone in China or SK?

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Let's ignore China.

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China is the one who has been aggresively moving not only here but all over the Pacific Rim to try to seize territory and has similar attacks ongoing with North Vietnam, the Philppines, Japan, Thailand, and elsewhere. The Japanese are the only nation to stand up to them effectively so they get the focus of China's ire, but it is China who is the aggressor and acting like a 19th century imperialist power. Time to join the rest of the modern world and learn restraint and respect. Since they seized Tibet illegally they seem to think they can get away with it elsewhere at whim.

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This should be circulated to the world. Chinese aggression needs to be stopped for stability in the Asia.

A Chinese naval fleet was Sunday spotted sailing for the first time through an international strait between northern Japan and Russia's far east, the Japanese defence ministry said.


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What a pretentious statement by the Chinese.

Would you like a list of pretentious statements uttered by American politicians?


GW Bush?

It would be a VERY long list.

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Any logical persons will agree that Japan’s white papers ignored facts. China has never been a threat to its neighbours. All along China has been reacting to the situations or issues that were created by belligerent neighbours such as Japan and Philippines. Of course with free patrol ships and financial aids the Philippines would surely go along with Japan for the time being, but in the long run Japan will be the only nation that "cries wolf”. The US, S Korea and other neighbouring countries to China have been seeking closer ties with China, and once their trusts and relationships become more solid Japan will be isolated politically.

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I wonder what world you live in. During the past couple of years China has been a threat for most of its neighbours. It's expansionist policy has attracted international attention. The government claims any territory which they believe would be beneficial for China either in the near or the distant future on the bais that once upon a time said territories (might) have belonged to China.

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This all started with Hilary Clinton's speech against foreign minister Yang on what US sees as our own national interest in the SCS. That's what shifted China's focus to the SCS with such force and determination. Meaning Hilary poked too soon. We weren't ready for the pivot back to Asia and she showed our hand.

That Ishihara thing is just an excuse for China to step in and really try to take the islands by their own version of administrative control. They didn't send the PLAN navies. They sent civilian ships. That means internal control versus international dispute with the disputed islands in East China Sea.

With SCS, China often sends navies. So their stance on SCS is weaker than East China Sea. At least that's how they perceived it. Or on another level, China wants SCS much quicker than the disputed islands in East China Sea.

Of course the Chinese are assertive and coercive. Every country's military should be like that. Or why else bother. Japan can also whack China or anyone else with this claim since Japan is a SDF. Basically anything non-domestic can be called coercive against Japan.

But this is where no matter what Japan says, no one cares. Because what Japan claims often conflict with its own. SDF is probably one of the most power military in the region. Just the fact that a SDF can develop such force is coercive to everyone else in the region. And with all the weapons grade plutonium that Japan can produce each year, no one in the region really trust Japan. Basically everyone sees Japan as a dormant wolf living in its own den waiting for the right time to pounce.

That's why Japan doesn't want to push on the article 9. I'm in favor of the amendment but everyone else in the region will see it as a life altering change for everyone. But does it matter though? Why depends on others when you can do it on your own?

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