China says Philippines stirring tensions after Aquino supports Japan


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China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of creating tension in the region and urged Manila to show “sincerity” in upholding stability after President Benigno Aquino welcomed Japan’s more assertive military policy.

Ossan -- your comments last week on a related topic were spot on in this case -- the Philippines. Good call.

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The Chinese nationalistic rhetoric is rising even further in a scary direction.

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"Beijing claims about 90% of the South China Sea."

"We think that the relevant country should earnestly show its sincerity, meet China halfway,...spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing."

So does that mean China is willing to give up 45% of the South China Sea? What are the chances of that happening?

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China, your alone on this. On second thought N. Korea may side with you and perhaps Russia.

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Jesus, will Chi-Comm government shut its mouth once in a while?

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“We think that the relevant country should earnestly show its sincerity, meet China halfway, rather than creating tensions and rivalry and adding new, complicating factors to the situation in the region,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing.

Meet half way? then stop building on scharborough shoal.

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“We think that the relevant country should earnestly show its sincerity, meet China halfway, rather than creating tensions and rivalry and adding new, complicating factors to the situation in the region,”

The Philippines is showing its sincerity to its claims while China does not know how to even meet halfway. Hmm, so who's creating the tension now? Nobody believes in China anyway!

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The new map “has important meaning for promoting citizens’ better understanding of ... maintaining (our) maritime rights and territorial integrity,”

I.e., the people need to be indoctrinated to believe their evil government's mantra.

people should not read too much into the issuing of the new map. “The goal is to serve the Chinese public.

I.e., the goal is to serve the evil Chinese government.

As for the intentions, I think there is no need to make too much of any association here,” she said.

I.e., suck it up while the evil Chinese government infringes on the territory of other sovereign nations.

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China, your alone on this. On second thought N. Korea may side with you and perhaps Russia.

Russia has a strategic interest in selling gas to the PRC, but doesn't trust them one bit. Russia is said to secure its PRC border with tactical nuclear weapons; it seems to be enough to keep them quiet.

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Aquino said after meeting Abe that “nations of goodwill can only benefit if the Japanese government is empowered to assist others”.

Ouch! Thats got to really sting the Communist Party. A country which has suffered under Japanese occupation is welcoming a more assertive Japan. Pretty much goes against everything the CPC has been saying about Japan for the past two years.

In any case, good on President Aquino. I concur!

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Soo... first was Australia, then Singapore, now the Philippines...It seems to me that Japan has many friends in Asia-Pacific. While China and South Korea are... well... kind of left apart.

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This is like the big schoolyard bully who shakes down the smaller kids for their lunch money complaining that the little kid is "causing trouble".

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Vietnam next?

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They have become swell headed for being number 2. They simply mean to say play with our own rules or else.... They simply wont be contented for being number 2, they want to be number 1. Bro. Joe, watch out!

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The chinese govt is off its friggin rocker & is mortgaging the future of the citizens of China, SHAME on the commie ""leaders"" may the Chinese rise up & dispose of these pieces of garbage!!

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Mr Abe to Mr Aquino: your $500,000,000 check has been deposited in your Swiss Bank Account. All 5 of the last Philippine Presidents have retired (or been removed for corruption) with a billion in ill gotten gains. And with a per capita income half of Botswana, where else can Mr Aquino get his?

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Is it possible that there are traitors and subversives at Global Times? Then why this headline? NEW VERTICAL MAP SHOWS FULL EXTENT OF CHINA’S TERRITORY. Is Global Times actually admitting that there is no more to Chinese territory than what is shown on the map? Really? Is GT’s editorial board giving up all claims to the territories that Imperial Russia stole from Qing China?

Primorye, which is now in Russian hands, has always belonged to China. When the Qing dynasty was weak, Russia stole that peninsula by forcing China to sign the humiliating Treaty of Peking in the mid-1800's. Does GT so easily surrender what was once a third of China’s territory by printing this map? Whether by war or coercion, this vast territory must be returned to China for the good of the Chinese people. One obvious benefit is that the port of Vladivostok will provide the PRC with the access it needs to the Pacific Ocean, without having to sail across the first island chain past Japan's batteries of SSM's.

In addition, much of Russia's Far East, rich in oil and gas and timber, also belongs to China. Don't you think it's time for China to take back these valuable assets for the sake of Chinese industry, instead of engaging in an expensive war with the US, Japan and ASEAN? War for what? For some rocks and reefs of dubious value in the open sea? Do you really want to be mired in the jungles of Vietnam or the Philippines when the US and Japan are providing those guerrillas with the most advanced weaponry and tactical aid possible? Don't make any mistake about it, endless guerrilla wars in these countries would sap China’s strength and will. In the end, all party leaders would be tried as war criminals and hanged.

Why are you so focused on these spurious maritime claims anyway, which you cannot hope to win, when a much bigger and far more legitimate prize awaits you on your land borders. Russia stole unimaginably vast territories known as "China's Northeast" and "China's Far West," all rich in natural resources. In addition, Russia is now in the process of exploiting those regions of oil and gas and selling those commodities back to China. Isn't that embarrassing, even humiliating? How do you feel about having to buy back your own oil and gas from those who stole your energy stocks in the first place?

With our blessing, you can take back China's Northeast without any interference from the US, Japan and ASEAN. None of the European countries will side with Russia either. These lands are indisputably Chinese territory, and China's claims can be upheld in the International Court System. Why don’t your? Are Russians your friends and allies? Or are they taking advantage of you? Are they the ones who, fearing that you would want your northern and western territories back, turned your attention to the South China Sea and the East China Sea, where you had little hope of gaining any headway and every chance of alienating the world? Has Russian propaganda turned your largest customers and benefactors into cut-throat competitors and militaristic enemies, thus stopping China's Peaceful Rise? Is Russia really your friend? Really?

You have only to tear off Russia's sheep clothing to see the wolf lurking underneath, tearing at China's soft underbelly...here on GT.

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Wulfe N. Straat, these things take time. I read somewhere that those lost territories have been more and more populated by the Chinese so eventually they will be returned in one form or another. Remember that China did not start up the troubles, all those territorial disputes started up again by Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam if you’ve carefully read the news. Bullies always gang together and they don’t see themselves as weak or small because they have the support from the big brother US. You mentioned about the Treaty of Peking and you can see that China was the victim of those imperialist bullies. Now China is stronger and some people right away thought that China is out to take over their territories but the fact is those territories all belong to China in the first place. China has always been reactive to the events and Russia has not caused trouble for China, so I don’t see China going after Russia. To answer your question, “Is Russia really your friend?” the answer is China has always considered Russia to be frenemy.

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@flowers Eventually they will be returned in one form? And only China is not to blame for everything?

Typical CCP narrative! What you don't realise, but the rest of the world do, is that if China cannot stop viewing itself as colonial victim and wallow in self-pity, its self image will forever remain that of a third rate country no matter what it does

Also, no amount of being "bullied" justifies taking territories which legally belong to other countries.

Are you even aware that you are saying that China is justified to steal and extort whatever is in its ability to take? That, is the exact same thinking which pervaded Imperialist Japan.

Unlike Japan, however, the next time China loses a war, there will no opportunity for it to rebuild.

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ANewAsiaJ, who is “the rest of the world”? Haven’t you realized that the rest of the world are coming to China and shake hands with China. Read everyday news and you will see that China is taking controls of their destiny and their community. From the new credit rating firm to an investment bank that rivals the World Bank, you see China has been busy. Those territorial disputes are really minor nuisance for China. You should read the news from all sides more and you will know that those territories really belong to China. Those territorial disputes had been put under wrap for decades until the US mentioned about the “pivot to Asia,” then all of a sudden China is being called an “expansionist,” or a “bully.” And, don’t forget that Chinese are everywhere and not just in China. I’ve read an article about why the US can’t fight with China, it would be devastating for the US just to lose one city but China can withstand the loss far greater. Remember that China started off with nothing.

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flowersJun. 27, 2014 - 02:38AM JST ANewAsiaJ, who is “the rest of the world”? Haven’t you realized that the rest of the world are coming to China and >shake hands with China

This statement is about 10 years behind the times.

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State media earlier said China had unveiled a new official map of the country giving greater play to its claims on the South China Sea, making the disputed waters and its numerous islets and reefs more clearly seem like national territory.

Communist Chinese Government is bullying weak neighboring countries and robbing their land. Japan and US must protect these weak small countries from Chinese Government.

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OssanAmerica, glad to hear that you agree with me. One thing about China is they have been consistent about their policies and they plan ahead decades in advance. True, China has been criticized here and there as it is growing. Unlike some country which is still stuck in the past and wants to relive those glory days.

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@flowers. The PRC certainly is stuck in the past and wants to relive the glory days of the Qing dynasty. Pathetic. You should take Wulfe's advice and rid the world of two problems at once.

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scipantheist, PRC has been in existence for only 70 odd years so how could it be stuck in Qing dynasty? But this J government has been around for centuries that is why it wants to go back to be “normal” and able to commit atrocities again. Last time I bet that the “secrecy law” would be passed even though the majority of the people were against it and I was right. This time I will bet again that Abe will have his way of changing the constitutions regardless of what the people of Japan think, you will see. “Peaceful” Japan will turn out to be “pitiful” Japan which is promoting wars all over the globe.

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Just because a country has disputes with its neighbors does not necessarily mean that those claims are false. History is nothing but that, a “history”. If China did not agree with UNCLOS, then China should have not signed it. What in fact is happening is that China is cherry picking when the UNCLOS applies, point in question; why did China pulled out the UNCLOS card with thw Senkaku issue but refuses the UNCLOS when the Philippines brought the issue to ITLOS (International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea). The UNCLOS treaty is fair, it’s only the Chinese that finds it unfair because they have interests in areas outside their EEZ.

Regarding the South China Sea, China has been the least diplomatic about resolving the dispute. Chinese action on the Scarborough shoal was anything but diplomatic. Implementing economic sanctions against the Philippines by not allowing banana imports, suddenly collecting loans and finally the duplicity they played, agreeing to a joint pull out of ships, but then violating the said agreement and now has implemented layered defense on the Scarborough shoal. The issue about the media painting China in a bad light, it depends on which country your from. In China, well we know who tells wha their media says.

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flowersJun. 27, 2014 - 03:42AM JST OssanAmerica, glad to hear that you agree with me.

I do not agree with your view that China today in 2014 is looked upon by the world the same as in 2004.

One thing about China is they have been consistent about their policies and they plan ahead decades in advance.

Yes, they planned a long time ago to get help from JAPAN and the west to improve their economy and make money from them which they would plow into their military to fulfill their dream of taking over all of Asia. So they LIED TO THE WORLD about a "Peaceful Rise" until; the PLA/PLAN felt strong enough to support a territorial expansion program at the expense of the other Asian countries.

True, China has been criticized here and there as it is growing. Unlike some country which is still stuck in the past and >wants to relive those glory days.

The only country trying to relive it's past "glory days" is the Chinese dictatorship.

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OssanAmerica Jun. 27, 2014 - 05:30AM JST So they LIED TO THE WORLD about a "Peaceful Rise" until; the PLA/PLAN felt strong enough to support a territorial expansion program at the expense of the other Asian countries.

When China declared ADIZ, everybody jumps but when Japan declares EEZ, few in the West pays attention. As you know, in 1978, Japan and China to agree to shelve the Senkaku/Daioyu island issue. However, in 1996 Japan declared an EEZ (zone of around 200 miles) around the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands causing further escalation of dispute with China. Why did Japan declared EEZ in a disputed area in 1996 to piss off China?

Japan might have more problems with having agreement with Philippines. The Philippines has been long been affected by widespread corruption and is ranked 105th in International's corruption list. Corruption is endemic in the Philippines. It's likely that some of these officials will take part of the funds to redistribute within their own interest.

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OssanAmerica, sorry for misunderstanding your short comment there. It’s funny that you would think that the trades with China were just a way street. Believe me no country in the world would be that stupid and did not expect something in return especially Japan. Or, maybe I’m wrong and you were right to say that Japan and the West were that stupid.

Check out the link below and ask yourself, who are the bullies here?


Here is the most recent news: “There have been no public complaints from Beijing over the Monday announcement of the discovery around 144 kilometers, or 90 miles, off the coast of Malaysia's state of Sarawak—or over extensive Malaysian-sponsored oil-and-gas exploration and production there going back years, even though the area lies inside waters where China previously has asserted claims.”

So, why didn’t China, the bully, pound on Malaysia too?

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flowers Jun. 27, 2014 - 06:08AM JST So, why didn’t China, the bully, pound on Malaysia too?

They have. China's expansive claim overlaps the coastal waters of Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia as well as Vietnam.

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sfjp330, So you said they had, what did China do to Malaysia for the discovery announced on Monday?

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China has been stepping up its military presence in Malaysia's corner of the South China Sea. Early this year, a Chinese naval flotilla conducted a patrol of the Paracel Islands, claimed by China and Vietnam, before proceeding to the James Shoal, a reef some 80 kilometers off Malaysia's coast in areas claimed by both China and Malaysia. That has led to questions on whether the status quo in the southern part of the South China Sea is under pressure. Malaysia may have to recalibrate its South China Sea policy. Perhaps sooner rather than later Malaysia may have to take a tougher line against China.

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sfjp330, that's old news. You did not answer my question because there was nothing that China did to Malaysia after the discovery of oil and gas by Malaysia. In fact, China let them explore the areas for years. The same with Vietnam, China let Vietnam exploring the areas for years and now China wanted to do the same and they complained and harassed China. If China had the same aggressive policies as Russia, those countries would have been pounded to dust.

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Malaysia always had go slow approach and takes a different path from Vietnam or Philippines in the South China Sea disputes to pursue what their goverment perceives as more important interests and leave unresolved indefinitely. Malaysia prefers its relationship with China on economic prosperity above other interests, including the islands sovereignty dispute. At the same time, Malaysia will continue strong military ties with the U.S., in part to balance against China given the ever increasing presence in Southeast Asia.

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When PRC says they want "Peace" they intentionally make a spelling mistake what they actually meant is they want a "Piece" of your nation not peace with your nation.

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China, she said, hoped Japan would “understand and respect the legitimate concerns” of neighboring >countries.

But that's exactly what Japan is doing right? Many neighboring countries are concerned with the bullying behavior or Communist China and welcome Japan and the US's help in balancing it...

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