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China signals growth, not political disputes, should dominate G20


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Sounds like a transparently self-serving "signal".

If people don’t feel like they are beneficiaries of economic development, if they don’t think their lot in life is improving, that’s when they start getting all kinds of ideas.

God forbid, they might turn to socialism!

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Watch then grab Scarborough Shoal after the G20 is over.....

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China is signaling they won't tolerate any anything that will embarrass them while hosting the G20. Other countries should ignore the badgering and bullying that will certainly occur behind the scenes.

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China's leaders should take this opportunity to prod Japan in front of all the member nations to have a dialogue regarding the territorial dispute in the Sen/TYT/DY rocks very , very near the Taiwan Republic .

So far, Tokyo have refused to acknowledge the existence of such an obvious sovereignty issue so Beijing would look stupid if their advisers let this chance slip away.

Rocky disputes if left unattended tend to affect world economics in a negative way if not handled with care or even could led to more destruction if it ends in war.

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Well, China's artificial naval- and airbases in the South China Sea, and its fleet of mercenar....sorry, fishermen in the East China Sea, not to mention their jingoistic press, "signal" a quite different message.

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China signals growth, not political disputes, should dominate G20

Rightly so, those who don't agree may not attend this summit.

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Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong did not directly answer a question about whether the G20 was the right place to discuss the South China Sea

China is unilaterally annexing parts of the high seas inside its neighbors' Exclusive ECONOMIC Zones (EEZs), illegally poaching and damaging resources vital to other coastal states' ECONOMIES and preventing freedom of navigation to fishermen in their own countries' EEZs, depriving them of ECONOMIC livelihood. China's continued bullying in the SCS will likely plunge the world into military conflict, obliterating whatever ECONOMIC gains that have been made since the GFC.

It is therefore one of the most crucial ECONOMIC issues confronting the planet at this time.

The G20 Summit MUST tackle the SCS issue, as China's bellicose intransigence will ultimately affect the future of the world ECONOMY negatively, if it is allowed to continue.

The coming G20 summit in Hangzhou is the right place to discuss troubles that China is casuing in the South China Sea.

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Well said. This is another example of China's usual self-serving hypocrisy. The South China Sea indeed is an enormous economic issue for not just Asia but the rest of the world. That one country is trying to take complete control over this vital and huge area through militarization is a global economic concern.

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