China slams Japan for resolution on air defense zone


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What a joke. Well China can certainly say whatever it wants but it does not change reality. Japan owns the Senkakus, and always will. Japan is resolute in maintaining its rights to the soverignty of its territory as any nation is and should be. China had no rights in the matter, and should withdraw not only this but all of its other extra territorial attempts to grab land and territory belonging to other nations. That is the only way for it to co exist peacefully with its neighbors. Otherwise it will create a situation of constant conflict and the world will go on ahead without China, for it is only one nation among many. The choice is theirs, peace and mutual respect or being shunned and condemned by the international community as a rogue state.

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Hong Lei has never talked anything but nonsense so far as I've heard. Outside of China I don't think any nation except perhaps North Korea would actually think they are rational.

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China now constantly whines that it has a right to have an ADIZ, but they bypass the fact that they established one that overlaps those of other nations, and that they require all aircraft to register with them. Neither the U.S. ADIZ nor Japan's has such a requirement. They continue to act like they still don't "get it" why so many nations have raised an objection to their actions. It is a clear attempt to expand territorial control and escalates the risk of conflict.

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What non-sence! Just scrap the Air Zone or whatever you call it, starting with the Americans who unilaterally declare their air zones, then the Japanese, then the Chinese will follow..... Law makers in Japan stop talking nonsence and wasting our tax dollars, your making the Chiense talk non-sence......

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The mighty dragon now cries foul, ROFL!

Just send a joint fleet of Japanese and American ships with an American carrier for air cover loaded for bussiness and see how much they cry then.

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USA adiz doesnt overlap with other countria and also nobody complained since its far away from other nations.. but chinese adiz is almost over japan

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The tactic for the CCP is to always blame everyone else.

How quaint.

Also, this resolution is merely an opinion. An opinion that differs from yours, China. Somehow that seems so ...violating to you. I'm not going to go into right and wrong, that's another school of thought ...that would take several lifetimes to wade through.

I pity you, China. Once extremely cultured and pioneering long ago, now degenerated into adults with sub-par IQ who foam at the mouth once when they hear the word "Japan".

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I love how the Communists unilaterally and without warning establish an internationally unrecognized air defense zone over territory already owned and administered by another country, then demand that all flights through "their" zone register without fail to the Chinese government...BUT THEN turn around and say that it's Japan who should be the one to "stop its provocations!" Really!?

Does anyone in the world even pay attention anymore to the endless nonsensical tantrums spewing forth from Beijing? Granted, some Shanghai 15-year-olds might've scored high on a test, yes, but their government sure sounds like a bunch of clueless dummies!

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China lit the fuse first.

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I find it to be an interesting formulation from Hong: Japans politicians has no right to talk nonsense. I wonder what they have a right to talk about then? I guess only China has the right to determine what other countries politicians has the right to say. I fear this may be a glimpse of the future if China is allowed to rule.

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"China lit the fuse first."

I thought Ishihara lit the fuse first.

"Japan owns the Senkakus"

Not according to the Chinese or the Taiwanese. They're pretty far from the main island of Okinawa...

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Why did J-congress pass resolution asking China to do something? They have no jurisdiction outside their fancy J-land.

It'll more reasonable and better off for they to pass some resolutions to stop white washing their WW2 war crimes modifying history?

It'll be much more constructive and useful too.

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Someone above mentioned "They're pretty far from the main island of Okinawa..." regarding senkaku ownership. That really throws the wrench into the fan in regards to Alaska and Hawaiii, doesn't it?...

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They're pretty far from the main island of Okinawa...

How does that argument work with the UK over that little place at the tip of argentina?

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Nonsense issues!

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Japan’s lower house of parliament might as well pass a resolution demanding Beijing and Seoul to hand them sovereignty of Korea and Manchuria.

I am one hundred percent sure the resolution just as effective and they will comply.

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A resolution passed in Japan has no effect on China. However it now goes on record, for when some PLA Airforce hotshot pilot decides to shoot down a foreign plane and starts a conflict that invariably will end poorly for China.

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I’d doubt if the resolution approved from Japanese lower house of parliament is able to make any difference at this point except scoring some political face-saving values.

The deal is done already. It’s true we, the US and its allies do not recognize the Chinese ADIZ, but it’s impossible for the Chinese regime to retract it as China entered its own version of international rule defining stage. The genie is out of the bottle already.

For quite a long time, we, Americans, have been defined international rules from recent flying drones in the skies of other countries to when and where to send our troops to other countries. Now the balance of power has titled although we do not like it and don’t want to accept it.

Please don’t put your bets on the nonrecognition position of US on ADIZ since odds apparently are not on your side. :)

The history of the US should be able to provide you some clues. For instance, 60 plus years ago, when the Chinese regime first toppled its incumbent government, we, Americans, didn’t accept it and didn’t recognize its legitimacy. But years later not only we recognized the regime but also helped China to get the permanent seat in UN by scarifying our ally.

Geopolitics is no difference from your local politics itself – it goes where money goes. Last week our ally, UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron went to China to get a piece pie of business. The French and Australia will soon follow. Given 6 months to a year, Chinese ADIZ will be sights in the back view mirror.

If the US and Japan have to blame someone, we should be the first to be blamed for the mess. In addition, when dust finally settles, Japan might be a fresh sacrificial lamb. That is what usually things are.

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So, what do you do? Spank both the kids or tell them ones is right? Personally, I'd ignore all the shit from both sides Snd tall them to grow ip! But, if the wanker in front of me drops another somen fart I am gonna punch him in the face!

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I wanna see what is going to happen when Japan starts to take a more assertive position on this. Up to this time Japan is paciently hearing China and accepting its provocations. But patience has a limit.

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China will slam Japan for anything short of total capitulation. This is not a surprise.

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Yawn, up next, destruction of Japanese businesses and assaults of Japanese citizens in China, take 45.

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What Japan should be doing at the moment is to stop these kinds of wrong actions, stop quibbling and stop its provocations," Hong said.

And China by no means is being provocative by saying "this is my new air zone. Screw you guys!"

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if China doesn't want countries to think their ninnies, then they will have to refrain from their nincompoopery.

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China has really painted themselves into a face-loosing corner with this one, over reached and have been called on it. Now they try to cover up their foolishness by more bluster and hyperbole. Nobody is going to officially recognize the Chinese land grab or their efforts to force Japan to "negotiate" away Japanese sovereignty. The constant drum beating of "70 years ago the Japanese did awful things," while true, have no relevance to the issue today; it is just a way to whip up support of Chinese nationalism. In fact, the Chinese government has killed more of their own people with starvation and "cultural revolution" than the Japanese ever did.

The Chinese are repeating the Japanese and European mistakes of the 1930s. But since the US, Japan, and Europe have learned that lesson there might be a chance for peace. But not if China continues down this path. China should learn to live with their neighbors in peace rather than trying to grab territory. Grow up already!

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It is true that Japan has no right to “talk nonsense,” how can Japan demands Beijing to scrap its air defense identification zone over the East China Sea? China had mentioned before that Japan should scrap its ADIZ first then China would consider it after 44 years. So, go ahead Japan, scrap its own ADIZ first. It is also true that China had every right to establish its East China Sea ADIZ in accordance with international law and practices. Even the US couldn’t say much about it, remember the news in Japan that said the US would force China to scrap its ADIZ, now not only the US couldn’t do anything it’s also willingly ask its commercial airlines to comply. Now, you see that China is very nice to S Korea when Hong said, “China is willing to maintain communications with South Korea on the basis of equality and mutual respect.” China can talk to S Korea to mitigate any disagreement, but it can’t with Japan because Japan insists that the islands dispute does not exist, so no talk. Sooner or later, when the US realizes that there is no way to contain China, it will turn against Japan and according to the Business Week Japan will become a “sacrificial goat”. Can anyone tell me what benefits Japan would gain from going against China besides getting Abe in power and the constitution changed? Remember that since the beginning China has said it’s willing to shelve the islands issues again if Japan wants to talk. Japan must have realized that it has no legal ground to stand on that is why it’s kept insisting that the dispute does not exist and sought provocation instead. Is it a smart political move while scarifying the safety and well-being of its people?

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The problem with Japan's refusal to unequivocally own up to its past speaks to the failing of its culture of shaming - it's seen as a weakness rather than a strength to admit wrong. This is where I prefer Western culture that emphasizes forgiveness rather than regret. Unfortunately, China may be asking for the impossible from Japan and may need to lower their expectations.

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From China's perspective, U.S. maintains a double standard towards China. The U.S. and its allies like South Korea and Japan are allowed to have ADIZs; China is not. There are currently no rules that forbid China’s declaration of an overlapping ADIZ. Even with th U.S. commitment to its allies, Japan increasingly harbours insecurities that the U.S. and China will either bury the hatchet or that China’s growing strength will cause U.S. to remain on the sidelines if China-Japan maritime tensions escalate.

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USA adiz doesnt overlap with other countria and also nobody complained since its far away from other nations..

USA's ADIZ does overlap with the ADIZ of Canada. And Canada did complain about it.

but chinese adiz is almost over japan

Japan's ADIZ is huge as compared to the Chinese one as can be seen here:


Japan's ADIZ is only 50km from the coastline of Russia and it overlaps with almost every other ADIZ in the region.

I wanna see what is going to happen when Japan starts to take a more assertive position on this.

Any assertive move taken by Japan will simply be met with even more assertive move from China and this situation will carry on until a restarting of WWII.

By the way, what assertive move can Japan take on those disputed islands when they are fully covered by Chinese WS-2D and WS-3A rockets which have a max range of 400km and 450km respectively?

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U.S. has fully nurtured Japan's dual identity by aligning it with the West and alienating it from Asia. Behind this manipulation also lay a deep-seated fear of Asian nationalism that was expressed through the demonization of communism. For China its all about the U.S. Why do you think the Chinese ADIZ overlaps with South Korea? What has South Korea done to China?

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This is insane . A thief is shouting at the homeowner:" Why can't you just lie down ,sleep ..let me take whatever I want!!! With this kind of mentality the world will have a very hard time to teach China that it is in the WRONG.

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I just don't want to see any Communist Country; especially Communist China, trying to expand its territory (ADIZ or via any means) and push Communist Despotism anywhere in The World, The Moon, Mars, or Beyond...

The thought of Communist China's assertive behavior just disgust me to the point of nausea.

Communism is such a disgusting form of Government.

Despotic Maoist Ideology silences its populace irrevocably.

Its a disease that needs to be vaccinated!

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Communist China always claim their actions are within China law, justifiable under their claims, matter of internal policy... More we look into communist China law and its practices, we 'll only see: dictatorship, mass control and manipulation-exploitation against basic tenant of human rights. This nonsense unilateral ADZ is an example of abusing's game that communist party used to toy with Chinese. This model only works in China for now, until peoples' backs are against the wall, and you will see a better China as part of the world community. It will not work anywhere in the rest of the world. Not just Japan, most nations start to see the ugly faces of communist China.

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As usual the pro-China comments are avoiding the crucial point. The right to set up an ADIZ has not been questioned. It's a non-issue. The right to set up an ADIZ over the Senkakus when the political tension is high is the real issue here. As a political move it can only be understood as hostile and aggressive, an act from someone that is trying to increase the tension, maybe even looking to start a war. No rhetoric´s or pseudo discussion can change this fact. I still haven’t seen a reasonable answer.

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Yes i see a vast number of intelligent and rational posts now on this issue, in a way China has helped reveal its true nature with its flagrant actions.

The Senkakus are Japanese. Period.

China is making attempts to grab territory from EVERY nation that borders on it. Period.

The unilateral aggressive actions of China with this fantasy "defense' zone have not been accepted by any other nation other than North Korea. Period.

China invaded and conquered Tibet in a bloody take over aimed at mineral rights and vast placer deposits of Gold, the world did nothing. What happened since shows what China is capable of. Period.

So we need to be vigilant and attentive and support Japan which has been amazingly reasonable and calm about this entire matter, a model of how to deal with such confrontations. And I am sure all of the other Pacific nations that have been attacked by such similar moves by China are encouraged and given strength by Japan's stand.

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