China summons Japan, European envoys over G7 statement on Taiwan


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Sometimes people are called and just need to say "I hear what you are saying" in the interest of diplomacy. That doesn't mean anything.

Any statements made by these non-Chinese people will be edited into lies for domestic use inside China. They've done this a number of times even in 2022. Each is easily proven.

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-26/un-corrects-china-on-human-rights-chief-s-actual-words-to-xi is one example. Of course, they don't say "lie", they use "mischaracterized", since it is more diplomatic.

When I consulted for a huge company, we'd call it "riding the bear". Sometimes you have to ride the bear and take whatever they want to say, but as long as they didn't put it into writing or alter the contract, it was just part of letting "the bear" get their frustration out. Saying "I hear what you are saying" was always what we were coached to say - never admit any fault or provide details which could be used against partners. That was part of the goal. In 1 hour, it would be over.

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Hope your not confused and think the Marco polo incident was in korea.


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The colonization of Taiwan was part of Japan's expansion project of Asia .

The colonization of Korea led to the marco polo incident which caused ww2 and after the Japanese surrendered became Taiwans current predicament.

Oh its all relevant and connected.

China hasn't forgotten nanjing either !

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China needs to have a good cry in front of international ambassadors. Have pity on poor China.

It is too bad for China that other nations practice honesty and free speech. This hurts the CCP image and must be cried over when it happens.

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China has not forgotten the atrocities committed by the Japanese army , navy and airforce

Yes it has, or at least is trying very hard to forget it, because it has done exactly the same thing, even worse in having supported the genocidal Pol Pot regime killing millions. Closer to home it is carrying out genocide right now on its own Uyghur population.

Every single CCP member goes home every night and tell themselves they gaslighted the neighbour's kids today, some even admit they gaslighted their own kids. That is the natural order of psychology in China and other authoritarian regimes.

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It’s time to treat China less like a civilized country and more like N. Korea. If China invades Taiwan, then let China embrace Russia and treat them both like pariahs.

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Kyo, all of which while true, have no relevance to China’s behaviour today.

Taiwan is a free and democratic country, it’s people have a right to determine their own future free of state terrorism and Chinese bullying. What “West Taiwan” is threatening them with is no different to what russia is seeking to do in Ukraine or the NAZI regime imposed on its subject peoples, the Jews especially.

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Historical guilt

China has not forgotten the atrocities committed by the Japanese army , navy and airforce .

The chemical and biological war crimes they were never held accountable for.

Lets not forget it was the Japanese invasion of Manchuria that started ww2

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The G7 are right China. End your drills now. Stop threatening the people of Taiwan. Hope the ambassadors don't give you the time of day.

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