China tells Japan it opposes unilateral N Korea sanctions


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China hasn't done enough in the Six Party Talks. They're opinion no longer matters on this.

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“China is willing, along with the international community, to fully and completely enforce Security Council resolutions, and opposes unilateral sanctions imposed outside the framework of Security Council resolutions,” China’s Foreign Ministry cited Wu as saying.

Since when? I really needed a good laugh today. I doubts these words were uttered by a Chinese representative.

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China doesn't care about North Korea, they won't allow resolutions just because they don't care about it. Just seeing North Korea videos it only reminds me of old James Bond movies where a Villian do as he likes only because he have big allies.

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China has long feared that cutting off North Korea completely could lead to its collapse, pushing waves of refugees into China’s poor northeast.

that's a stupid fear. The much more realistic scenario is that they would flood into SK and unify the peninsula. Not a bad idea.

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“The situation on the Korean peninsula is complex and sensitive. All sides should work hard together to maintain the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula,” Wu said.

Well, your side is not doing it's fair share is it? Aargh, more garbage from the CCP.

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Japan is not a country involved with the Korean war armistice, where is their legitimate ground to express their concerns over the Korean peninsula.

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China needs to buy coal from NK and NK use money to create missile. But it is not targeting Japan. Japan can donate food to hungry NK people.

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