China to send vice president to emperor's enthronement ceremony


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Japan-China relationship improved after China-U.S. relationship got soured. China is a very realistic and opportunistic country. Japan has to play very carefully standing in between the two big countries. Japan must have to change the peace constitution and has to build own full fledged military to have her own diplomacy in this difficult time. Abe is right.

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Since Xi is visiting in the spring it’s understandable but he really should be here for good will. Prince Charles is here. The US sends some Transportation Secretary smh.

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In ancient times, kings of China’s tributaries, such as the Ryukyu Kingdom, had to rule their own country with the authenticity conferred on by the Chinese emperor. Japan alone in East Asia was an exception to this tributary system.  

So it’s very interesting to see modern China send Vice President to Japan just to observe an enthronement ceremony.

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Japan was also a part of Chinese tributary system. Infact, Japanese Emperors had deep connections with Chinese Emperors through history. Japanese Era names are alway from Chinese books and Characters.

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And the Little Donnie will send a transportation secretary...


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And the Little Donnie will send a transportation secretary...


And they'll welcome her and be glad she is there.

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A U.S. Vice President is relatively well-known. The Vice President under the Obama administration was Joe Biden. The incumbent Vice President under the Trump administration is Mike Pence.

But the Chinese Vice President is not so well-known. His name is WANG Qishan, in case you didn’t know. Even so, a Vice President is in a different class from a Transportation Secretary Trump. intends to send to the enthronement ceremony.

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