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China touts Asia trade pact as Trump vows to dump TPP


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Withdrawing from the TPP is about the only thing I agree with President -elect Trump Isn't it strange that Japan which was initially reluctant joining is now the number one advocate of the TPP why, because Obama granted Japan alot of concessions and exemption Japan , China , South Korea will never practice free trade. To these countries nationalism is what matters and trade matters are judged as a we versus them issue. They don't give a damn whether their citizens are deprived of cheap products and better livelihood.

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Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a name it is hard to believe the Chinese come up with. I suspect some westerner is involved.

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US does not have anything to trade with Asian countries.

Yes, they do! They have beef and oranges, huge gas guzzling cars, hamburgers and polaroid cameras :)

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toshikoNOV. 23, 2016 - 12:17PM JST US does not have anything to trade with Asian countries.

Besides agricultural products, U.S. crude exports to Asian countries have increased after U.S. lifted a four-decade ban on shipments abroad. Including Canada, U.S. crude exports have doubled in the past two years. China and Japan are now regular importers of U.S. crude, with occasional purchases from South Korea, India and Singapore.

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US does not have anything to trade with Asian countries.

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make no mistake the US goal of trying to contain China will be all but over should an Asian FTA materialize, it would actually have the opposite effect in isolating the US.

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Dump being the operative word. china will then dump its surplus steel and other overproduced goods on its Asian neighbours.

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Japan is part of Asia. It makes sense to be part of an Asian trade alliance. This one could succeed, AS LONG AS negotiations are open and ALL benefit.

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