China upset at name change of de facto Japan embassy in Taiwan


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China huffing and puffing again.

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Taiwan should have declared independence in the 1980s while China was still a bass-ackward, economic basket case. Instead, many in Taiwan chose, along with the rest of the democratic world, to invest heavily and reap quick benefits from China while empowering the CCP. Now the situation has gone from slightly to completely FUBAR. Hard to recognize a country that won't even decisively declare independence. The CCP have gone from occupying TIbet and keeping Taiwan under its thumb to creating islands in an attempt to substantiate laughable (and disturbing) claims.

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I hope they capitalize it to, "Japan-TAIWAN Exchange Association". Eat that Red China.

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Beijing has repeatedly urged Japan to show greater repentance for World War Two atrocities and the two sides have a festering territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

Every time the Chinese don't get what they,they feel the need to remind the world of what happened last century.

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@harajuku_press Taiwan in 1980s was still ruled by the Chinese nationalists, who retreated to Taiwan after the civil war and still had the dream of reclaiming mainland from the communists, however how ridiculous it sounds. These guys also crushed any attempts for independence by the local population without mercy. However for the decades they have been slowly dying out, as the self awareness is ever growing among younger generations, and the Taiwan and China relation is evolving from a family feud toward two strangers.

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The end game will be a Chinese takeover of Taiwan similar to Russia's takeover of the Crimea. Probably not soon at all though.

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Yep. The Nationalists blew it. They knew they would never get the mainland back so they sold Taiwan out decided to make money.

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Rather boring...

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Why bother when they don't keep it words! Look it Hong Kong now??? Taiwan you are independent! So be it!

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Japan never accepted the One China Principle, we only accepted the One China Policy in which if Taiwan abandons their ambition towards mainland China and declare themselves as an independent state of Taiwan, Japan has not broken any treaties with PRC in tying diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.

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"Beijing has repeatedly urged Japan to show greater repentance for World War Two...." China is MAD I tell you.....99.9% of people from WWII era are all dead. Repent...to who....and for what? Move on China!

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If there were a Japan-Scotland Exchange Association, or a Japan-California Exchange Association for example, you would not find the UK or US governments complaining or even raising an eyebrow. The proposed new name is more informative than the old one, and is silent as to whether Taiwan is a country or not. The most accurate and honest name would be 'Japanese Embassy' so Beijing should be happy that Japan is already deferring to it by not going that route.

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Taiwan has to be careful. Once upon a time Japan annexed Taiwan, as its possession. Search takeaway history.

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