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China urges Japan to steer bilateral ties from strategic point of view


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Hush now CCP. Your time is needed elsewhere.

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Cant we all just get along?

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The foreign minister reiterated that the Taiwan question is "at the very core of China's core interests" and "a red line that must not be crossed" in China-U.S. relations.

Taiwan is a "core interest" of more than a few nations in the international community and it's continued independence and sovereignty is a red line that China must never cross. If the people of Taiwan ever choose to integrate with China, that is for them alone to decide.

If China attempts to use military force to invade and subjugate Taiwan, it will have crossed a red line and will be leading the region into a war that drags others further away in to defend Taiwan's freedom.

Japan is more than capable of determining how it wants to engage with China, and does not need China to make suggestions as if Japan was a child needing directions.

China needs to engage with everyone in the region as equals, including Taiwan, and give up its dreams of empire and the control of others.

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After the Japan's assault of many years on her neighbour in the nineteen thirties during which she conquered vast tracts of territory, why should her neighbour with the great and noble tradition of six millenia written history not urge Japan to be careful about future actions?

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It is better for Japan to have better relations with its great Chinese neighbor and future first place in the world economy..

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China is good at urging and directing but never admits responsibility to anything. I urge China to do something about the high numbers of Covid cases. Ok I expect to get rejected due to denial that there’s a problem

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Japan should heed China's warnings.

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Please, China, please do not relax your border restrictions. Please, Japan, please, toughen your entry requirements for people coming from places where there is a huge, new wave of the pandemic, like what might be happening in China.

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