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China urges U.S. to respect its interests in Asia


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"“At the same time we hope the United States will respect China’s core interests and concerns.”"

Sorry China, but some of your "core interests" are in conflict with the best "core interests" of other countries and will not be respected. Nor will your bullying of neighbors in Asia be tolerated. As well as our not being complacent as you build your military power in Asia.

The region and world see you as a threat. Until you prove otherwise, get used to your interests being met with resistance when they are not in the best interests of others.

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Well said ^

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Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday China must enhance the ability of its military to win “local wars”...

Like Tiananmen Square...?

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China's interests is only interests of China. America's interests is interests of so many nations. Who should follow who?

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Bravo. tkoind2 said it all. China can stuff it. The problem with China is that they claim to have owned all of Asia for thousands of years and anything they want is a core intererst and anything that rubs the rest of the world the wrong way is an internal matter. Oh and if you criticize them, they claim you hurt their feelings. And they will harp on 70 year old history and point fingers while they step on all their neighbors toes, and build a war machine to fulfill their territorial agenda.

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Until China recognizes other nations sovereignty (this includes Taiwan and Mongolia), they have no business telling the US or anyone else to be "culturally sensitive". I think the "String of Pearls" policy will keep them from ever doing this.

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China thinks its adding to stability in the region? Puleeeeeze....

And they believe this garbage propaganda? No country in Asia trusts China.

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tkoind2 good post.

China's ambitious appetite is not bounded by reason. It reminds me of ambitious Russia gobbling up countries to sustain growth after WWII.

Aside from the faithful party leaders of China, the North Korean regime is probably the only other group that believed everything Jiabao said.

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China need to be more honest, transparent and responsible towards its neighbours. China, beware! no country in Asia trusts you. Stop bullying your neighbours. The whole world is aware of your evil designs and what you are doing in Tibet. You have good relations and nexus only with rogue and terrorist countries like Pakistan, North Kores etc. That shows what you are. Show us one good country whom you have good relations with? You need to have trust and good relations with India. Both India and China should complement each other.

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