China voices eagerness to contact 11 TPP member nations for entry


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China voices eagerness to contact 11 TPP member nations for entry

Taiwan will go ahead to join the TPP.

China should first compensate all damages around the world the covid has incurred.

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TPP is being lead by Japan.

U.S. Was supposed to be there, but they decided not to join under Trump.

China should be told to join the TPP as a requirement for Japan joining RCEP.

Joining TPP is another way to make sure they play by the rules, play nice with neighboring countries, play nice with Japan.

You want more influence over China, this is the way to do it. It goes both ways, China's influence will increase, but so will Japan's influence, including neighboring countries dealing with China.

Some people look at this deals as a benefit only to China... Wrong. It's a two way street.

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Make human rights achievement and democratic selection of ruling representatives a requirement for entry into the TPP. Wouldn't hurt to have a maximum military size, zero nukes, and limited military expenditure requirements too.

Illegal fishing, illegal land and water claims that are not internationally recognized can be used too.

All the things the WTO fails to use for membership, but should.

Don't be afraid to exclude the US from membership using these tools. Do what's right.

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Keep China far away from any possibility to further bully and control south east asia and the pacific.

if not stopped now we better start considering learning Mandarin as soon we will be forced too anyway

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Before they can be allowed to join they need to release the 2 canadians arbitrarily detained in China

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China wants to contact all 11 members of the TPP do they? Considering the Chinese ban on ministerial contact with Australian counterparts that will be impossible. China can not be trusted on trade.

Boycott China.

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How the Chinese plan to be the number one economy again.

Again and gain the article paints China white over red.

China releases Covid-19 upon the world and do not think for moment it was not done intentionally. There are already scientists and one particular scientist that readily admits being on the fore-front of it's development as a weapon. (biological)! A preponderance of evidence that there's biologically something different in G variant organisms,  D614G mutations are more contagious than their genetic predecessors first coming out of China.

In English. The virus adjust and adapts the largest genetic study of the virus to date in my state — involved more than 5,000 virus samples from Houston collected between March and July. The team classified the samples collected between March 5 and May 11 as part of the city's "first wave" of infections. In that group, the data showed, 82% contained the D614G mutation. But in the set of samples collected between the end of that first wave and July 7, the figure jumped to 99.9%.

This shows the G variant "out-competes the D variant." Genetically altered supporting claims.

Now China is eager to dump on the "America first" movement. Join some trading pact. Derived of 11 countries that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Xi Jinping has recently pledged to positively consider joining the free trade pact. Duh! Of course he did. So China can flood markets with the "Made in China goods" Leaving poor old Japan like dust in the wind. Boycott China. Hold the Chinese government directly responsible for entering a biological weapons and chemical race that is non-existent in the U.S. A As we do not develop such weapons' anymore. Not since the end of the cold war.

I say no more China!

The Chinese need to be held responsible for unleashing the COVID Holocaust of the modern times on to the world.

Accident or no accident. The Chinese virus originated in China. If an American virus got out and killed all these people, Everyone would be calling it the American Virus and demanding America pay up!

Do not welcome China into the fold of this 11 TPP!

No thanks China. I want to see China declare bankruptcy! They already did morally some centuries ago.

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Since Australia is a member, and their relation with China can't get any worse at this moment, they should play the bad cop and lay all terms to China. Taiwan, honkong issues should all on the table. Let's see how eager they are

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The bully wants in...

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Aly RustomNov. 24  12:47 pm JST

Before they can be allowed to join they need to release the 2 canadians arbitrarily detained in China

Why just the 2 Canadians?

"The facilities, where more than 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim minorities have been held over the last two years, are indoctrination camps aimed at stripping these peoples of their traditions, culture and language."


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