China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea


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Meanwhile the world waits to hear why China cheats, lies and steals about almost everything.

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@Camman80 - and the world will continue to wait, no doubt.

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The world is waiting to hear from China why they have built military bases on these artificial islands and refuses to recognize the ICA ruling.

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No surprise there, from the shameless war mongers and hypocrites themselves, China.

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She sounds quite anal.

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Japan had been stirring up trouble on the South China Sea issue of late, and China hoped it can play a constructive role in peace and stability, Hua said

That's hilarious

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I'd love for Japan to tell China it's for scientific purposes.

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“If it’s only a normal visit, going to several countries, and passing normally through the South China Sea, then we’ve got no objections..."

Thank you China for your permission.

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The ship is free to travel in international waters. Funny, China has to ask this question knowing fully well that it has ignored an international tribunal decision and unlawfully occupied and built military bases in some islands.

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Why should Japan tell China anything about why or where they are going to travel in legally established international waters?

KMA China.

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Japan can give some explanations, but only AFTER China explains why its warships passed near Japanese territorial waters.

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China is paranoia. It. neef won any war against Japan.

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They're showing the Chinese how mighty they are......

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It is not incumbent upon Japan to explain anything beyond their existing public statements. At least they announced it though I have yet to see any announcement of Chinese ships sailing through international waters near Japan (correct me if i am wrong, perhaps they published it in a little local paper in the Chinese hinterland? just like the Vogons!).

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none of their business unless the navel vessel is used for subversive reasons

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China has been sending larger and larger ships to patrol the seas around there. Such ships dwarf those of surrounding countries and bully them out of the way. Tried and tested tactics, so why would China bother to wait for anything? Japan will tread far more lightly and politely, I am willing to bet.

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