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China worried by Japan arms exports ban revision


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If I had a pound for every time China has expressed "Concern" or "worry" or "anger" at something Japan has done in the last year I'd be a very wealthy guy.

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Oh, China, I know what you want, you want to scare with this all other countries from collaborating with Japan on military projects , and also to prevent Japan to sell their weapons .

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The world is worried about those heavy lift trucks that China sold North Korea, the ones they're parading their missiles on. They aren't worried about Japan. Isn't there a UN sanction on selling stuff like that North Korea, China? And aren't you a UNSC permanent member?

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China! Hey China! I am tired of you digging your nose into Japan's business! Ah typical China though... Claiming what isn't yours.... Getting involved with other peoples affairs.... I can't wait for the day your government gets blown off the planet.

Why does this modern earth put up with that regime? Can we free the Chinese people already?

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China - the sole supporter of that evil regime in North Korea, the one constantly threatening Japan, SK, the US - is worried about pacifist Japan's effect on regional stability. Japan, the only country in the region without an offensively-capable army.

Got it.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Japan had to address the concerns of its neighbors about the move.


Except N and S Korea and China, other neighbors are eager to switch purchasing from USA to Japan. Too bad China lost potential sales. S Korea will follow Japanese sale practice way later like they did with KIA, Hyundai, Samsung to be followed by copyright infringement from US Industries. Japan is winning. this competition. I thought USA will complain because weapon industry is only industry left in USA. Maybe sometime later, Japanese weapon makers will join in USA with other Japan Inc?

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China’s Foreign Ministry expressed concern on Tuesday about Japan’s drafting of new guidelines that would reverse a decades-old ban on weapons exports, saying it was a worrying part of Tokyo’s swing to the right.

When China stops exporting weapons then they will have a something to complain about.

But, as long as they are in the top 5 they need to mind their own business.

But, of course this is just more Communist China hypocritical propaganda.

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China is the biggest bully on Asia right now and always stands for "the pot calling the kettle black". But they're not totally wrong by worrying about Tokyo's swing to the right. With history revisions, change to the constitution and now the new NHK boss.

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"We hope that Japan can really learn the lessons of history, respect and face up to the legitimate and reasonable security concerns of its Asian neighbors and ... take real steps to promote regional peace and stability."

Japan is addressing the "legitimate and reasonable security concerns of its Asian neighbors", namely Vietnam, the Philippines and India, by revising its export ban on weapons. The better armed China's neighbors are, the more peaceful and stable the region will be. It's called the balance of power.

At the core of the balance of power theory is the idea that national security is enhanced when military capabilities are distributed so that no one state is strong enough to dominate all others.

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JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!! Abolish Article 9!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! You have some crazy people off to your west that shows signs of wanting you destroyed! Protect yourself and arm up and ready for anything China may try and throw at you! You have the right! When they do throw something at you , have something that much worse to throw back!!!!!!!

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Article 9 do not have to be abolished. Weapon sales is not like attacking other countries . Japan a;ready learned that Japan Inc. advancing to other countries does not need to waste Japanese young men. but just profitable. China can not catch up Japanese way of advancing technology? Japan is supposed to copy China, not China copy Japan. Just bark against whatever Japan do and win PR war against Japan, That is only recourse to China????

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