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China's 'comfort women' history buried as brothels fall


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Their cover story about Japanese-Chinese relationship issues is one thing, but in my opinion, the real reason is that if they play up and use this issue for political reasons, they will be seen as being hypocritical for not acknowledging their own human rights abuses.

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just clean them up and turn those comfort stations into museums

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At least keep one in the memory of the thousands of women who were enslaved there.

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the empty two-story building on Gong ping Road

Gong Ping Road is in Hong Kou in Shanghai. Here is a link to a report by the Japanese Consulate General of so-called "Japanese Concession" of Hong Kou in Shanghai in 1938 on Page 421. http://www.awf.or.jp/pdf/0051_1.pdf

It says that there were 11 brothels in Hong Kou of which 7 were for Japanese Navy, that there were 191 prostitutes, comprised of 171 ethnic Japanese and 20 ethnic Korean, in the brothels as of December 1938, increasing 73 from the previous year, and that in addition to them, there were 300 temporary prostitutes for the Japanese Army in the concession.

It also says that in the concession, there were countless number of Chinese unlicensed prostitutes, more than 150 Russian unlicensed prostitutes who fled from the Russian revolution, and about 150 Japanese unlicensed prostitutes, of whom most were ethnic Koreans.

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You can't bury history

By pulling down a building?

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Put up a statue

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No chance of China ever forgetting the comfort women issue so this article is a repeat of the same old stuff.

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