China's island-building faces scrutiny at Asia security talks


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Pressure? What pressure?

Some countries may raise the subject and express displeasure and insist that China should stop, etc., etc. And China will turn around and restate that this is their territory and there is nothing to discuss and people should stay out of their internal affairs. Basically, we are going to do what we want and we don't care what you think.

And then? Does anyone think anything more will happen beyond that? There may be protestations and statements, but all empty words without any teeth.

Like I said, pressure?? China is absolutely under no pressure! Like it or not.

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So celebrating the 70th leave of the Japanese empire by replicating it and antagonizing neighbors the same way?

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China is growing too bold and ambitious for it's own good.

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US have told world (by Iraqi war and Afghanistan war) that “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”

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ASEAN has grown increasingly impatient, but Beijing adamantly rejects criticism, claiming “indisputable” sovereignty over nearly all of the waterway, believed to hold important oil and gas reserves....

Provocative and totally unacceptable behavior by the Government of China, extensive and essentially offensive military capabilities are being established on the Spratly Islands. There is little doubt from independent analysis that the Government of China intends to declare air and seas exclusions zones to control access and so to impede freedom of navigation to major global maritime trading routes.

It is imperative that the strongest action be taken to include punitive economic and trade sanctions, with a formal declaration of military action if the Government of China fails to heed clear warnings. The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative spells out clearly what's at stake...

Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative


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"BEIJING: Bracketing India along with the US, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam as "threats" to China'a airspace, the PLA in a study has sought the broadening of its air surveillance and attack capabilities with high-speed cruise missiles and a new generation of bombers. "


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China is growing too bold and ambitious for it's own good.

No, they aren't. After a century of humiliation, they're reversing the tables. Getting the drop on all those other countries that clowned China in the past.

After an epic economic boom, it is only natural that their military/ drilling exploits in SCS and ECS become the norm?

China is growing too bold and ambitious for it's own good.

As if Abe and his weak cabinet (big-mouth hawks) here & there are going to do anything about it. Perhaps the JSDF should grow bold and ambitious too (for their own good) - they must start by eliminating those gay "video game recruitment Apps) . . . . Whoa, can't we see? Lots work to done already. Japan needs to face the music-big time!!

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Wc626, it's a good thing that your views don't represent all Chinese people. Just look at Taiwan and Hong Kong, Otherwise one would begin to wonder if General MacArthur was actually right when he advocated dropping A-bombs on 4 major Mainland Chinese cities during the Korean War. You knw, when Chinese troops entered the Korean Peninsula and killed UN troops from 17 countries.

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