China's new diplomats signal thaw with Japan, keeping U.S. at bay


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I think Xi needs a reality check.

Actually, its The U.S.-Japan Treaty keeping China at Bay...no offense but the B.S. coming from Xi's Communist Party is getting too deep...

Quick - someone throw that Man a Shovel!

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China really does not want to see this kind of confrontation with Japan

And yet their actions have been to the completely opposite end. China's duplicitousness is completely transparent and they are directly responsible for Japan now considering such measures as changing the constitution.

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whatever the experts say the fact is Japan needs both China and US !

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I have to agree with others that China's past history of talking out of both ends at the same time suggests that we need to see some definitive evidence before accepting this at face value. Like China pulling out of the East and South China Seas. No more Chinese para-military Maritime Surveillance Ships cruising around the Senkakus If not, either these words are the usual BS, or the power of the PLA is too great and the whole world needs to be concerned big time.

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“Rising nationalism in China is a big challenge for Chinese leaders,”...

And it's the Chinese leaders who stir up nationalism.

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"For instance, China imports around half of its oil from the Middle East, but it only plays a minor role in addressing crises like Syria or the on-going Israeli-Palestinian dispute."

This has always been their international policy. They never stick their neck out. About all they seem willing to do is use their U.N. veto power to foil Western countries.

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The new Chinese leadership team looks like a superior mix of technocrats and world savvy seasoned politicians. They have seen it all and will put small minded and manipulative people in their place. This elephant have long memory!

As usual China choose to do the wise thing and frustrate people who think China need to do things their way. China can choose to send out maritime patrol anytime she want but right now she just want to see if Japan will come around and put substance on the table instead of just wanting a meeting with China and S Korea with nothing to offer. Are you listening Abe?

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A fluent English-speaker, he firmly believes the United States should stay out of regional Asian affairs such as the South China Sea dispute.

He can believe all he wants but as long as there are security agreements between the USA and other Asian nations like Japan the US will always be a player.

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Aha, it appears we may be on the verge of another "Ni Hao!" charm offensive, with adorable pandas to be parachuted into Japan's zoos. But who's going to foot the bill for all the broken glass during last September's Chinese Kristallnacht?

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Trust the Chinese communist party at your peril. - Corrupt gangsters.

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@Tony Ew - Interesting assessment of the CCP leadership team. I'd go with clueless, ham-fisted hypocrites myself.

Outside of China, there's an entire planet of nations who don't desire the world to be how the CCP wants it to be. The amateurishness of CCP international diplomacy is a constant stream of comedy gold.

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“Rising nationalism in China is a big challenge for Chinese leaders,” said Wang Dong, an international relations professor at the elite Peking University

While I understand that governments come and go, the present leaders of China (if they really find the rising nationalism to be a problem for them) have only their predecessors to blame: for the nationalistic twist of Chinese history textbooks in the early 90s and for inciting their people to violence addressed to foreign countries every time they want to divert attention from their internal political and economic problems. The country is reaping what it sowed.

This said, I do hope that the new government will be more rational and less aggressive when it comes to dealing with China’s immediate neighbors.

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Japan has been humilated by China's repeat sorties naval and air power lecturings over the Diayoutai dispute since last sepeember! For many countries, it was already a 'war' but Japan has swallowed the bitter pills! If Japan was wise enough then she better dont kicks up any 'farce' anymore!

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The more pragmatic thinkers in the CCP can clearly see that inflaming Japanese sentiment will not benefit China in the long run. They see a future where the US will be either unwilling or unable to maintain its huge military presence in the region and see China returning to what they see as its rightful place as Asia's superpower with all the benefits it entails. Anti-Chinese sentiment is strongest in Japan and the Philippines and stoking nationalist fury against the former in particular may have short-term benefits for the CCP, but will be a major obstacle in realizing the future it envisions. Xi strikes me as a pragmatist, but I'm not sure how successful he'll be given the current anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan which China helped to create.

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This has always been their international policy. They never stick their neck out. About all they seem willing to do is use their U.N. veto power to foil Western countries.

Thanks to UN security council, Syria did not share the cruel fate as Irag. Irag was was never authorized by UN. Western interest in installing their puppets in oil rich region. During the Iran and Irag war, Saddam was a darling of west who was armed and supported.

Israel and Palestine conflict has nothing to do with UN or China. As far as Uncle Sam biased and pampered toward Israel, there will never be peace in middle east.

When I compare Israel and China, China has territory dispute with neighbors. However it has not used excessive force so far. Israel intimidated, butchered and grabbed the territory from neighbors. However it has never been bashed with single bad word from western media. It can be called as double standard.

If UN is manipulated by western nations, there is not anymore independent souvenir nations has left on that earth. It is finished.

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China has territory dispute with neighbors. However it has not used excessive force so far.

The people of Tibet, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Russia, etc. would beg to differ. I don't think that China (the civilian government, anyway) is necessarily looking for armed conflict to resolve this territorial dispute, but let's not pretend that China would never resort that.

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The people of Yeman, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. would beg to differ. I don't think that US(the civilian government, anyway) is necessarily looking for armed conflict to create the another chaotic mess of middle east in Asia, but let's not pretend that US would never resort that. It has two faces for frustration about the failure of military misadventure and desperate intension of selling unreliable military hardware. Even it has no confidence about using it.

At least PRC has moral high ground for has not butchered Children in the name of liberation from terrorists.




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Russia is a natural choice, as the two countries share many common points of view, such as over the crisis in Syria

Arab spring create more nightmares than sweet dreams. According IRAG unpleasant memory, there will be no UN security council resolution for another punching bag of Uncle Sam from middle east. Civilized world will not tolerate another fraudulent story of WMD and countless exaggeration.

Without Russia and China counter balance of wild west adventure of Uncle Sam, there will be no children left in Central and South Asia. No Japanese or Vietnamese or Taiwanese or Indian Children has been blown away as leaves by China. China may be oppressive and immature however it is not a murder of babies.


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It seems to me that the politburo is encouraging nationalism to deflect criticism against them.

Tony Ew, I like seeing your confidence and pride in China.

However, just to be clear, who are you calling small minded and manipulative? Who determines who is small minded and manipulative? And how will the Chinese government put those people identified as small minded and manipulative in their place????

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China needs diplomacy skills badly. There's only so much pragmatism can do for you.

Most of these statements seem to present the hope for a new path by China, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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This is not going to end well for either side

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Let's attack U.S together shall we! ^^

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Thaw? And the other article suggests that Japan and the US are getting ready for war? Big contradictions.

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The only one benefit from the conflict in the region would be US.

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The US has nothing to do with the aggressive and nationalistic acts of China. This is between Japan and China, dont confuse the issue with vague comments. Japan has acted responsibly, as a small nation on islands, any additional territory is key to national integrity and resources. This is a settled matter, Japan owns the islands. You can't just wave a magic wand and turn back time. So China needs to accept a defeat in their blanket policy of bullying which is aggression hidden behind a smoke screen of words. They are the ones who are aggresively attacking a Japanese territory with incursions, it is not the other way around. If China had bought the islands it would be the opposite but i didnt see the owners offering the islands for sale to China. That did not happen. No matter what nice words the new Foreign Minster may say, and that is a typical "new man on the job" gestures...the past months we have seen time and again China taking aggressive actions to try to taunt and harass and bully Japan. Lets us just call a spade a spade and keep reality clear. Japan has acted with commendable restraint and mature statesmanship, they are a responsible and senior member of the international community and respected world wide, China is a new player learning the new world order and they may be strong and large but they are immature in their actions. They cannot change the realty of the modern world partnership by just doing what they want, as they have with their seizures of Tibet and their border conflicts with India and Russia, and current attempts to claim new territory with a number of other Pacific nations.

In the end, deeds and keeping faith with international respect matters more than sweet words. I will wait to see if indeed the new leadership in China will act with true maturity or if this is just another continuation of old attempts to be the strongest bully in the Pacific.

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It becomes quite clear that China does not value long term friendship. It has switched or abandoned its friends when it is convenient or useful to do so. If you notice in any Chinese media, the $6 billion in ODA that Japan gave to China in the 1970's to build and moderize their infastructures, only the few communist goverment members knew at the time that Japan contributed greatly to rebuild primitive China, but they took the credit. In the 1970's and 80's, Chinese goverment never publicly told their citizens that Japan help rebuild their airports, cities and facilities. Only the negative propaganda news of Japan was told to their citizens.

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China is a new player learning the new world order and they may be strong and large but they are immature in their actions.

I agree China is immature and so undiplomatic for territory dispute. However old player US can not pretend as it is a Saintly responsible police for helping world order. According her Geo politic interest, It has destroyed livehoods and of many innocent people. There are endless cycle of violence and bloodsheds in the middle east. Arab spring is also another brain child of transforming medival middle east becoming western style. Vietnam, Afgan, Irag and other intervention are unpleasant tragedies.

When US pampered Israel bullying and buthering neighbors, it has been shielded as international condemination.

There is no justification about wiping out one terrorist required for slauthering hundreds of Childern.

Obama may be less exposed to negative publicity than Bush. He is another murderer of babies and poor and remote villiagers. Sadly US has not grown up since Vietnam war.

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