China's Xi sends message of condolence to Japan over quakes


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If Xi Jinping was truly sincere about this he would have sent aid and assistance to Japan in the rescue efforts. Deeds sound louder and words. Humanitarian aid should transcend politics.

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In my opinion ( it's just my personal opinion) China is more genuine than the US about this.

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Thanks. Now, how about some aid?

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Im taking it at face value, thanks Xi. As for all the cries for aid how about Abe/Aso stop throwing billions down the toilet that would aid all of us here.

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A nice gesture. It would be really cool if people in China (civil society) organized charitable giving to something like Shelter Box.

That really goes a long way in helping and promoting friendly relations.

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China's Xi sends message of condolence to Japan over quakes

Decent of him

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That's good of Pres. Xi.

Now, how about those other opinions about Japan? Genuine too?

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Putting aside the usual rancor between the two countries, China’s President Xi Jinping has sent a message of condolence to Japan’s emperor over a series of earthquakes that hit Japan over the past few days.

VERY interesting that he sent the letter to the emperor and completely overstepped Abe.

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