Chinese military says it's seriously concerned by Japan-S Korea pact


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Of course the Chinese Foreign Ministry is right, such an agreement is bound to increase tension in the Korean peninsula. Of course supporting and allowing a quasi monarchy with paranoid delusions of grandeur to develop nuclear weapons and missile technology while threatening to destroy half the Korean peninsula can only reduce tension!

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China also knows that Japan pilots are test flying their new F-35's and will get two new global hawks soon. Also S korea too!

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China doers not want its Japan bashing mate now.

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I guess they will be a bit concerned about the purges and political-war crime trials, after the Communist Party of China is overthrown. The clock is ticking. The final day and hour of the tyrant is set, marked, unknown but certain.

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@Hachidori, good one.

Both JMil & KMil combined can't compete with CMil.

CGov is just a whiny child.

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I don't see why China is complaining, they still have their besties NK and Russia lol

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How about to make peace and make trade agreements? All people are diffident, but I love eating food from different regional countries.

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Yang Yujun said the move would add a new unsafe and unstable element to northeast Asia and smacked of a Cold War mentality.

and resolutely protect regional peace and stability,” he added,

Kettle calling pot black. China has been unsettling the area with its actions of island making and claiming areas belonging to other nations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry said the agreement would add to tension on the Korean peninsula.

If China would put fat boy over their knee and smack him and get him to behave, then the tensions would decrease.

Until they get him to behave, tension will only rise.

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Lol....this is early in the week, Comics; yeah ?

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China’s military expresses serious concern

Good! That's the whole point.

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" Why wasn't I invited to sit at the table? I want to be friends too! I am important too you know.Don't you see that I matter? I do matter. Right? Right? Somebody!"

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The world's smallest violin, chi-com leaders.

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Seriously concerned?

Good! The neighborhood is uniting against a bully.

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