Chinese news agency urges Noda not to make relations worse


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It demanded Yoshihiko Noda, who was elected ruling party leader Monday, not visit a Tokyo shrine honoring Japanese war dead and said Tokyo must recognize China’s claim over Japanese-controlled islands known as Senkaku, or Diaoyutai in Chinese.

I can't wait to hear Noda Yoshihiko's response to this~ Hmmm.... O_o?

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No, noda can't afford doing that. On the contrary he will try to increase Japan's trade surplus with China. He will not visit...Tokyo shrine? Is it new shrine or refering to Yasukuni?

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the world is starting to really dislike china's attitude

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Is this a translation problem from Chinese to English? Their message from Beijin always sounds offensive and a sour grape. Why so? I guess they do not have a concept of POSITIVE writing in culture. Too bad.

Chinese news agency congratulates a Japan's New Prime Minister Noda to work together for better relations

This sounds a lot better and still hits a point, dont't you think?

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I'm pretty sure that Noda will left this issue to the next Premier, as it's have always been... Otsukaresama!

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Tension will depend on what job Maehara is given in return for his support on defeating Ozawa.

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China still has illusion of the 1950's regime on how they behave and make demands toward Japan and their neighboring countries. The impact of historical issues on Japan-China relations is not as great as it used to be, this is because there have not been any major incidents. The minor issues of Senkaku and other minor disputes will alway be there. Japan cannot afford to forget the fundamental fact that history remains a sensitive subject for many Chinese people. At the same time, it is important to to have joint efforts from Japan and China for better understanding and move forward. Maybe it won't happen.

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Get over yourself China. So self-righteous for a dictatorship.

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The Senkaku Islands have always belonged to the Ryukyuan Kingdom. I suggest Japan stay away from this problem and allow the Ryukyuans and China work it out. I feel they would share and Cina will go along with the Ryukyuans, but they might get themselves in trouble if Japan made a strong bid for these islands. I sure would like to be the emissary that handles this situation. Smooth is my middle name.

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Well the Governor of Okinawa went to Tokyo and told them to protest his islands from Chinese aggression. China will pretty much claim all land in this hemisphere as thiers or a vassal state when they think they can get away with it.

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But if China was U.S., does American goverment demand in a "harshly worded" to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or any latin countries not to make relations worse after the election of new president in their country? Why is China allowed to scold other countries and Japan accepts this? China should just stay out.

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Doesnt it make you want to utter some words of dissension when you read things like this. Some book teaches that is a bit sinful, of course China doesnt have that book so I guess we have to overlook their provocativeness. But ah what the heck, Im just glad somebody is decided to lead Japan, Im going to get back in the sack for a second or third round of some lovin'.

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China is just testing Noda.

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Everyone is waiting for Noda's first big slip-up...I feel it coming soon, very soon.

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As soon as Japan recognizes Nanking. Then I think things will be different with the Chinese. I mean come on. There's no word/mention of all of the attrocities from Tojo and his followers in student history books. Only Pearl Harbor..

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The entire world should demand an apology from China!! They are Enslaving their own people! Starving the poor North Koreans to death and selling us this crap about Japan should do?? Or not do?? Faku China Now!! Boycott China goods now!!

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What!!! This is the one thing J-PMs are typically GOOD AT, ticking off the Chinese.

China is merely trying to be a little preemptive

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China’s official news agency is warning the incoming Japanese prime minister not to ignore Beijing’s ‘core interests’ or seek to portray it as a threat to regional peace and stability

so whose threatening who? this is exactly the reason why china is portrayed as a threat!

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China has been preparing and waiting, waiting for the day when they can throw their weight around. Now the world will never hear the end of them. It's unfortunate but big brother US' current leader is licking China's feet now. Oh well. (Thanks Bill Clinton for starting it all.)

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So Poor China

Maehara lose ...

heheheeee ...

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China has been preparing and waiting, waiting for the day when they can throw their weight around.

Waiting for what? Noda to be prime minister?

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They (the chinese Communists)are Soooo loathesome. They are indeed a nasty group and I wouldn't give a plug nickle for one of them!Always playing the same WW2 card,Mr. Noda ,please , don't let them throw You off-trackJapan First!!

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The most important thing Noda can do is make a DECISION. Since there are no better options on the table. Increasing trade surplus with China isn't going to solve Japan's long term problems, and neither is ignoring China's influence. Both options have consequences. Make a DECISION and the Japanese will follow, right or wrong doesn't matter.

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@Nippon Nation

Make a DECISION and the Japanese will follow, right or wrong doesn't matter.


You mean the SHEEP will follow?! Of course. When the government says something our people MUST shut up and bend down...typical of our culture... Do you bend down often, Nippon Nation?

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I like how many people seem to think China is in the wrong here. This isn't a matter of the Chinese government throwing their weight around. This a matter between its and Japan's people.

Research something called "The Rape of Nanking".

The Japanese Government is like the people the claim the Holocaust didn't happen.

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are like / that claim

No edit button?


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The Chinese and Japanese have some great food. Why don't they sit down over a nice meal and hash things out.

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Japan is an American ally, China is always screwing around with Japan, with South Korea etc..using North Korea to make problems in Far East Asia, China has many, many angry people, not angry at Japan but the Chinese are pissed off that they have a few people getting filthy rich now in China and many many other Chinese keep living and dying like slaves, but Beijing knows how to make North Korea jump up and down, send a few ships near Okinawa, tell the Chinese that Okinawa etc..always was part of China, let them think that they are a powerful nation get them to start burning the Hinomaru etc..always a nice way to get your people all excited right?? Bill Clinton bombed Libya after Monica Lewinski gave him a blow job right?? Not too sure if the North Korean blowing the Chinese will make any head lines but we all know that CHINA must be controlled, just ask anybody from Africa and see what the Chinese are doing to their forests and natural resourses, sure I would want the Japanese government to apologize for the Nanking massacres etc..too but how about getting Emperor Mao to say gomenasai for all of the millions of Chinese he killed too??

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Of course China can tells whatever they considered as 'core interests' before Mr Noda sorn in...well that will be a long list of demands! Nobody knows how long mr Noda will seat in the PM office, maybe he will resigns like Mr Abe suddenly and leave the world in amazing. Thats why some bottom line has got to be spoken rather than wasting time over lecturing the rules or consulting those former PMs group! By the way please dont hate China's attitude,she was doing her job and why she has such strong attitude.....? Because China has 'rare earth'....didnt you guys forgotton?

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Noda should send all the Fukushima rice, peaches and seafood to Beijing as a token of Japanese esteem.

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That's kind of silly pleading with someone not to make relations worse, instead of congratulating him for the new leadership position, forcefully commie diplomacy...

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So much for Japan-China tensions!! In 1894~1895 there was first Sino-Japanese War back then it was Chiang Dynasty in China to take control over Korea.Japan won the war against China and Korea became Japanese colony after Japan also defeated Russia in 1904~1905 war..Japanese army had better fighting skills than anybody so turning Korea into a colony was a cinch..Korea should better watch out for any "spill-over effect" from tensions in Sino-Japan ties..As each day passes Japan and China are becoming more powerful and this concerns many Koreans.Korea isn't powerful enough to catch up with those Asian Giants so the best bet for Korea is to continue maintain Korea-U.S.A. alliance since 28,500 U.S. Army is in S Korea to protect it from any external countries not just from N Korea alone..

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With 'rare-earth' China can tells whatever she likes to remind the new Japanese PM. This man Mr Noda said those A class war crinminals were no criminals. There is something has got to be settle down first! By the way if Mr Noda seeking an answer from China about the motive of her aircraft carrier program is definately unwise for Japan's rare earth imports!

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When I lived in Japan in the 90s, they were whining about visits to Yasukuni Shrine. They're STILL whining about it, the little bee-yotches. But to the Japanese, it's not a "war criminals" shrine any more than is Arlington National Cemetery in the US. I'm sure many of the people interred at Arlington engaged in what could be considered war crimes. And if Japan had won WWII, Truman and the generals who ordered the firebombing of Tokyo, the camps for Japanese-American CITIZENS, and the bombing of Dresden would have been in the docket as war criminals.

China forcibly removes its people from enormous areas to dam rivers, forces abortion and sterilization on women who have "too many children," and is in large part responsible for the current world economic turmoil with its outrageously undervalued currency. They hold Tibet by force and are currently "ethnically cleansing" the region by moving in Chinese, and their entire western lands are non-Chinese. So China, shut it. I really wish there was a good way to boycott their cheap cr@p, but too many western countries were lured by cheap production and higher profits.

And one commenter is right--the Senkaku Islands have always been part of the Ryuku Kingdom (Chinese travelogues dating back to the 16th century acknowledge this fact), and since Ryuku is now basically Okinawa, Senkaku is Japanese. Japan had manufacturing facilities there (for bonito) more than 100 years ago. China only became interested when natural gas was discovered in the seabed around 20 years ago, and has only gotten noisy about it now that it's building up its navy. It's doing to the same thing to countries in southeast Asia. Look at China's military development: all of its weapons are designed to make it dangerous for US ships in the western Pacific (new aircraft, China's first-ever aircraft carrier, long-range missiles).

Japan needs to stop apologizing, stop even considering the demands of these vile hypocrites, and have the PM visit Yasukuni Jinja. It's a beautiful place, where the souls of many brave young men who believed they were fighting western imperialism are interred.

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I was reading the above in a Chinese newspaper, in English, on the way from Shanghai to Japan on a Chinese Eastern Airlines flight. It did not sound incoherent or poorly expressed. It seems to me that the Senkaku's are open to dispute. The newspaper had a piece by a Chinese professor explaining why he thought that islands were Chinese. He argued...

1) Legal is what is legal at the time, i.e. we judge whether an action is legal or not against the view of law at the time of the act, not retroactively using our view of law now.

2) These days ownership of islands is determined by 2.1) Discovery 2.2) Inhabitation/control - some form of ongoing contact with that which one has discovered. He argued that the Japanese claim to the islands is based upon retroactively applying the above view of ownership to the situation pertaining in the 19th century. I.e. that in the 19th century, China did not have much contact control or habitation of the islands, and Japan felt thus able to claim to have discovered them, as a terra nullis, and Japan has maintained control ever since.

The Chinese professor counter claims that at the time (2) was not seen by the Chinese at least, as a requirement for ownership. The Chinese new about the islands. They did not control them. And they did not think it was required that they should inhabit or control them in order to maintain ownership. I.e. their view of ownership did not require 2.2 at the time. They had no idea that, nor did they then think it fair that, somone would come and plant a flag on islands near to their country, islands which they knew of, and which which there are thousands of others, and then claim those islands for themselves. Claiming of unoccupied terra nullis was not a legal concept that the Chinese accepted at the time (I am not sure if they accept it now or not, but it does not matter if one accepts 1 above).

(The article did not mention the subsequent cessation of claim upon the islands by the Chinese, since it may not have included the Senkaku's and the Chinese feel it was made under duress anyway).

The issue of the Senkaku's seems very un clear cut. I hope that the Japanese do a lot of talking and compromising with the Chinese.

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This must be a joke. Japan is not aggressive towards China. It is the opposite. It is always China trying to tell Japan what it can and can't do. It is always China pitching a fit over one thing or another. LIke a barking dog that won't shut up. IT DOES keep bringing up the past. The only way japan and China will get past history is for China to put a muzzle over it's big mouth and for Japan to teach history and accept it as it is. But the only one picking a fight is CHINA. It has fights with all of its neighbors. China has no right shaking its finger at Prime MInister Noda. China is acting like a bully on a school yard. This is convenient for the Chinese leadership. Change the focus from the problems within China to making Japan the evil one. Japan doesn't shake its finger at China except for the build up of it military which it claims is for self-defense. Yeah, right. We really believe that one. And for copyright infringement. But everyone attacks China for that. But according to the Chinese that never happens. China really needs to look in the mirror.

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