Chinese Premier Li to attend student exchange event with Japan


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Good. Li is one of the first students to visit Japan, when he studied at Peking University, in such event back to long time ago. Scholar exchange program between Japan and China has at least 2000 years. The most famous one was Abe went to China in Tang Dynasty. He was a close friend of Chinese Emperor, and hired by the Emperor as a cabinet member, working in Vietnam, then a Chinese province.

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Good to see. Notice hardly anyone commenting on a positive note to China/Korea and Japan relations.

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Under normal conditions this would be nothing but good news. But China is a two faced dictatorship that smiles while slowly stabbing you. While encouraging better economic and trade relations and cultural exchange, the PLA is busy training to bomb US bases in Japan and elsewhere, while they pursue their propaganda war against Japan through their "civilian" institutions all over the world.



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