Clinton faces balancing act with China over tensions

By Andrew Quinn

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Instead of just south china sea islands, the code of conduct should include kuril, dokto, and diaoyu.

A uniform standard for evaluating merits of competing claims.

Let S korea take over NK, just like the way W Germany takes over E Germany, in return Korea exit from US alliance, and US dismantle Chinese containment.

A wildest dream that will not happen.

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The so called 'South China sea code of conducts' has doomed in July's asean conferences in Cambodia's capital, no countries from asean does supports the illegetimated claims from Vietnam and the Philipines! By the way the garrison of 'Sansa' city has demonstrated an attack on the Chinese garrison is an attack to the entire China! There wasnt exist a city known as 'Sansa', in fact that means the Sparaty islands and Paracel islands!

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I think the secretary intends very clearly to underscore our continuing interest

Indeed, America's oil companies feels interest to 'STEAL' the oil from the south China sea as their cole interests and revenue by siding with ASEAN, she knows China dont need to work with them! Probably their jealousy of Chinese oil companies drilling oil in Africa

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I don't believe whatsoever Mrs Clinton every statements in her diplomacy. Mrs Clinton are far far away and can't par with British Margaret Thatcher in term of diplomacy.

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And Mrs Clinton can't par with Germany Angela Merkel.

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Mrs Clinton is far far away and can't par with British Margaret Thatcher in term of diplomacy.

Yeah, Thatcher was a brilliant diplomat. She negotiated the return of the Falkland Islands after the Argentinian invasion brilliantly, didn't she? Only cost nine hundred lives. Still, she got re-elected so it was all worth it, wasn't it?

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China is being a bully. Won't even let ASEAN discuss it within ASEAN. China doesn't even belong to ASEAN, and it's dictating them what they can't discuss?

"China Warns ASEAN Against Discussing South China Sea Tensions"


Malaysia, on the other hand, is wisely ignoring that:

"Malaysia urges ASEAN to unite over South China Sea"


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China is a theat to all of Asia. It is the one power most likely to start a war because of it's one party dictatorship, it's need to control the population, it's military and territorial expansion. Their 6th grade level diplomacy certainly doesn't help either. It is China fear of the United States that is keeping them from doing so, the proof- It has kept China's hands off of Taiwan for 63 years.

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