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Japan, U.S. urge stable transition in N Korea


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Funny, but last night I was having a Christmas party and as my neighbors are South Korean, naturally I was keen to see what they had to say about the news of his death. They could barely care less. They certainly weren't worried about North Korean 'instability' and basically said that South Koreans aren't scared of the North, or concerned that things are going to go pear shaped any time soon. My Japanese wife was quite shocked because Japan's perception of NK is quite different obviously. These guys seem to just view their northern neighbors as a harmless lunatic asylum that doesn't really concern them. It was interesting.

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Goodbye and good riddance to KJI, hello to "who" or "what"?

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so who did China decide would succeed him?

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Japan can Urge all they want it all depends on what kind of person the new leader is

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Maybe it's a good time to apply international pressure for a democracy. It will be a great day if and when the people of North Korea had some say in who runs and manages their affairs.

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I have a feeling there won't be any free elections in N Korea in the coming year to elect a new leader.

Which would be better - 10-20 years of a Kim Jong-Un dictatorship, or a violent revolution to overthrow this sick dynasty?

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North Korea should just degrade and have Russia and China take the people in since they're such assertive supporters and puppeteers.

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"Japan, U.S. urge stable transition in N Korea", who is addressing this wishes to whom, I wonder? I am certain that Kim Jong un wishes nothing better than this. Does this mean that is what the West want?

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Japan and US wish "stable transltion" From tyrant dad to tyrant son?

I wish for a very unstable translation, ending with the removal of the Kim clan and their cronies.

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America has no 'say' whatsoever and whenever over the North Korean issue! This is definately an agenda between big brothers Hu Jintao and Putin! The DPRK is definately not Iraq or saddam, she dont have to pay any price after sinking the south Korean frigate, detonating nukes...etc.!

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So...sending some cookies or biscuits to North Korea will suspend the North Korean uranium enrichment program and the North Koreans will very gratitutes in return! How can you people blaming China being 'assertive' in asia with a stupid and naive lady in US state department!

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No matter what happens the populace is going to have to take the brunt of it.

No optimal solution there as far as I can see.

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What great diplomatic words they publicly say but really their meaning is: I wish this idiot Kim family and all their generals would simultaneously suffer severe heart attacks and just leave this earth and let the country transition into a normal country. But of course we all know that even if that did happen the transition would be rather confused and bloody but hey that's the price of getting rid of the cult of paranoia and a personality cult. Who knows what the next rainbow at the summit of their famous mountain will bring.

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Why don't Japan and the U.S. deploy their navy near North Korea right now? Just attack already!....Decades of standoff is going for too long...

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